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How To Hide Earbuds At Work: 7 Amazing Hacks in 2022

We all like some privacy at work and enjoy staying in our own space.

We often turn into music, someone’s voice, or just silence, for that matter. But most offices don’t allow listening to something other than work for long.

So in this article, I’ll guide you through some easy tips and techniques on how to hide earbuds at work!

👀 A Quick Glance At The Hacks and Tips on How To Hide Earbuds At Work

A Quick Glance At The Hacks and Tips

Before I explain all the hacks in detail, you can look at this comparison table. This table will brief you about the easiness and doability of the ideas.

Don’t you worry about the precautions or how you will carry these tips out, as I’ve got it all covered in the table!

HacksEffectivenessEasinessPrecautionsIs it recommended in public forums?
Use invisible earbuds4/54.5/5Make sure you don’t make your ears properly visible for longYes! You can wear it anywhere but just mind the precaution.
Wear a hoodie at work4.5/55/5NoneDefinitely!
Put on ear muffs5/54/5Don’t wear it if it’s too hot as it might look suspicious.Yes, but most preferred in fall or winter.
Find some Headphones that look like a Bluetooth headset5/55/5Keep acting like you’re taking work-related calls to not make it obvious.Yes, you can use it in your workplace if it allows Bluetooth headsets.
Use a scarf4.5/54/5Make sure that the scarf is printed, dark in color, and the material is not transparent.Yes, but it might look suspicious if you wear it over your head in summers indoors.
Use your long hair or wear wigs3.5/54/5Ensure that you have less movement at work to keep your hair or wig in place.Yes, this is the most natural hack so you can use it anywhere!
Convince your boss5/53/5You just need to have an intelligent excuse.Of course! If you convince your boss of this, then there’s no issue.

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🔥 7 Best Hacks To Hide Earbuds At Workplace: The Easy Edition

🦻 Use Invisible Earbuds

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

Yes, you read it, write, and no, it’s not a typo. I’m talking about invisible earbuds. Now it’s not actually invisible, but it is small enough not to be visible much!

These days, many companies focus on the size, comfort, and visibility of wireless earphones.

Invisible earbuds are teeny tiny, designed to just fit right in your ears and not make it very clear that you are wearing them.

No, I’m not telling you not to listen to that important lecture for all your peers. I’m just telling you how you can do that.

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So you can use these invisible earbuds and make sure that they are connected to your device correctly, so you won’t have to take them out often. Just sit back, act natural, and relax if you have such small invisible earbuds!

🧙‍♂️ Wear A Hoodie At Work

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

Another great hack could be wearing baggy or roomy clothes like hoodies at work. You can easily hide devices like phones in the pocket and cover your ears using the hood.

Use your hair or a mask to keep the earbuds hidden well. You can also top the look with a hat if you’re in an open space.

These tips will help cover your ears and head region better. So no one can be certain if you have the earbuds in your ears or not.

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This method is probably the most common among students and office-goers to have calls or listen to music secretly.

It is because it is super easy to carry out and works well too! So you don’t have to worry about wearing anything extra or making too many efforts to hide those earbuds.

Interesting Fact: What’s even more interesting is that you can even use wired earphones if you wear baggy or loose clothes. You can have the wires run from inside your outfit.

🎧 Put On Some Ear Muffs

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

Earmuffs are just made to cover your ears! Isn’t that just the perfect option? But it usually seems familiar in the winter or fall.

As easy as it can get to hide your earbuds under your earmuffs, it may also look suspicious to your boss or colleagues in the summers.

But I have one solution to save yourself from that kind of suspicion. It might not seem very effective, but it works!

Here it goes:

You can turn the air conditioner on, wear light clothing, and then put your earmuffs on. The people around you would think that you’re feeling chilly.

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🅱 Find Some Headphones That Look Like A Bluetooth Headset

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

Now, this is one hack that I’d recommend for you to try. Even beginners who haven’t cheated in exams while on call can ace this one.

The only thing you’ll have to do to carry out this hack is to buy headphones that look like Bluetooth headsets. Yes, I’m talking about deceiving your colleagues and your boss!

You can find hundreds of headphones that look like Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets are usually allowed at workplaces for calls or other listening work.

The best part is that you don’t have to hide anything except for the app you’re using for listening to music, podcasts, or any other kind of audio.

It is recommended that you connect your laptop with headphones instead of your phone. It’s just to prevent any unintentional revelations of you listening to any audio in case you need to pass your phone to someone or someone takes it from you.

🎐 Use A Scarf

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

I like wearing scarves almost every day while going out! It is a popular technique to hide anything on or around your face, including earbuds.

You can wrap it around your face in a way that hides your ears. Don’t pick too light colors that make your earbuds even slightly visible.

Also, make sure that the scarf’s material is opaque enough to keep your ear region covered and not have any transparency.

I would suggest you wear printed scarves, or if it’s winter or fall, you can also go for mufflers!

People shouldn’t even be aware of any bulge that might appear around your ear region because of the earbuds.

If you’re not a big fan of scarves or mufflers, you can also go for caps that cover the ear region. But that would only look natural if it’s cold, so make sure you wear the accessories accordingly.

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👱‍♀️ Use Your Long Hair Or A Wig

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

This is the most natural way to suggest—the perks of having long hair. But even if you do not have long hair, you can use wigs of your own accord.

This hair or wig would naturally hide your ears and make it look unsuspicious. However, be careful with the activities you want to carry out while hiding your earbuds with your hair or wig.

If you know that you have a lot of movement activities at work that might not keep your hair or wig in place, you should reconsider using this hack.

Is there a way to avoid this issue?

Of course, there is! As they say, there’s a solution for everything. You can straighten your hair or use styling gel to keep your hair in place.

The advantage of using wigs is that it already is styled in a particular way, so make sure you use a style that covers your ears!

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👓 Convince Your Boss- Level: Tough

How To Hide Earbuds At Work

It is probably the most challenging hack you’ll find in this list of tricks to hide your earbuds at work. Convincing your boss to allow you to listen to music while working might sound intimidating.

But you know what? It just sounds impossible. In reality, it is a pretty simple job if you’re confident and bold enough to approach your boss for it!

One brilliant way to allow your boss to wear headphones is to tell them that you get a lot of outside noise while working.

You can probably use some co-worker’s name as the source of that noise, or maybe some work that’s going on around your office building.

Tell your boss that you are just using these headphones for noise cancellation, as they come with that feature. Emphasize this purpose, and your boss might allow you to wear those headphones.

➕ Additional Tips: Carry These Hacks Out With Professionalism

Additional Tips Carry These Hacks Out With Professionalism

  • 1. Keep The Sound Low

    Don’t let your neighbors hear what you’re actually doing! Keep the sound low enough for it not to reach anyone else’s ears.
  • 2. Decide Your Playlist Beforehand

    Make a playlist before you get to your workplace, so you don’t have to open your music app again and again. That might get you caught.
  • 3. Maintain A Passive Voice Posture

    Ensure that your posture is not too dancey or active. Keep sitting naturally, not to make it evident that you’re listening to some audio.
  • 4. Don’t Try To Hum Lyrics

    I know that you want to enjoy the song, but if you hum the lyrics, you might not get to the next song. It’s better to listen to the music than have it stopped.
  • 5. Pre-download Your Music

    Don’t stream songs or podcasts from the internet, as it might affect the whole act. Moreover, your IP Address might be caught on streaming sites during working hours if you’re using your company’s internet.

🧮 My Final Words on How To Hide Earbuds At Work…


Lastly, I would like to mention that this is a different kind of thrill, and I’m rooting for you to enjoy it!

Tell me in the comments which hack or tip worked out the best for you and helped you with learning about how to hide earbuds at work.

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