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Is a Gaming Headset Worth Buying?

Ans: A complete, well-built PC, and you are ready to step into the ideal gaming world. In this perfect setup, the sound is one thing you cannot compromise on.

Plenty of gaming headphones are available on the market, but in reality, their functionality is not much different from the conventional ones already on the market.

The only difference is the mic, and the surround sound feature, only if you go for high-end gaming headphones.

So if a budget restrains you, the conventional ones would be your optimal choice. But for serious gamers with deep pockets, it is better to go for those with all the features of a perfect gaming headset.

Which Is Good for Gaming: Earbuds or Headphones?

Ans: A simple straight answer to this question would be the earbuds. Now, there are plenty of reasons to pick those, including the pricing, features, and portability, of course.

For the amount you might be spending, a decent pair of earbuds, well-equipped with a mic and a better audio quality, would outweigh the headphones you might have bought instead.

Not to mention, those things are way easy to carry around. The only disadvantage to an earbud is that it might not shield you well from the surrounding noise unless you upgrade to a higher and more expensive range of earbuds.

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Two Headsets?

Ans: For what it’s worth, the in-ear headphones fail to provide much-needed noise cancellation.

Since background noises can always cause a hindrance to the players, they need to wear two headsets, one to hear their in-game teammates and the other to block out the unnecessary noise they might be picking up from their surroundings.

For this reason, players are often seen wearing over-head headsets on their in-ear ones whenever a LAN tournament takes place. They only go for the on-ear headsets in a controlled environment where the surrounding noise is nonexistent.

What Are Gaming Headsets Made Of?

Ans: There is no fixed equipment when it comes to the building of gaming headsets. Most of them are made of plastic, cheap plastic. The ones with metallic or wireframes are the ideal ones. Even the metallic framed headsets are primarily covered in plastic.

The padding over the ears and your skull portion is made of foam for better absorption of sweat and comfort, elegantly covered with real or synthetic leather, whatever fits the price bracket.

What Are the Best Brands for Gaming Headphones?

Ans: The market is full of brands promising great sound and audio quality headphones, but some brands like Razer, Logitech, HyperX, and Corsair have been in this field for too long, getting better with time.

These brands, familiar with the market for gaming headphones and the player requirements, have been delivering quality through their headsets.

Some popular headsets of these brands include the Logitech G335, Logitech G Pro X, HyperX Cloud II, and many more.

Wireless Gaming Headsets Are Better or Wired Ones?

Ans: The answer to this question is a rather critical one. While both have pros and cons, the pros of wired headsets outweigh their cons since pro gamers widely use them.

The main reason wired headsets are preferred to wireless ones is the delays and interferences observed in the wireless ones. Also, the wired ones are not battery-operated, taking the charging issue out of the way.

Despite all this, the wireless ones have their perks too. For one, the wires don’t tangle and disrupt your game and experience. But this alone doesn’t cover up for its long list of cons, thus making wired headphones the ideal pick.

Which Is the Best Budget Gaming Headset?

Ans: Although many brands have been introducing multiple headsets in the high-cost and moderate price range, some stand out compared to the rest. SteelSeries Arctis 1, HyperX Cloud Stinger, Razer Kraken X.

These headphones come in the budget-friendly range and are packed with some remarkable features that make them worth it all. These headphones are a complete package, from an excellent design to comfortable and sturdy build quality.

The audio quality of these headpieces is commendable.

Are the Extended Warranties on Gaming Headphones or the Expensive Headsets Worth It?

Ans: The short and simple answer to this would be yes. The logic behind this lies in the repair cost and the availability of parts for that particular headset.

Moreover, spending such a considerable amount on something would not hurt if a little more is spent on ensuring the same. Whereas, if they spend more on it in the later stages, it will hurt more. That is why extended warranties are worth it.

What to Look Out for in a Gaming Headset?

Ans: Whenever making a pick, build quality, comfort, and quality are the main preferences. Remember, you are looking for something good for your eyes and good for your ears and your pocket.

The higher the price does not mean the better it is. Sound quality and build quality should be considered properly since you would not want to waste your money on something unpleasant to hear or if it breaks too soon.

An added warranty is always a plus point. Some brands like Logitech and Razer offer up to 2 years of warranty on their gaming audio plugs.

Lastly, comfort in these things should be well accounted for. If you are going to use your earpieces for long durations, you must make sure whatever you are buying is comfortable and relaxing enough for your ears.

Should I Buy a Surround Sound Gaming Headset or Prefer One With Stereo Sound?

Ans: True surround sound gaming headsets have multiple drivers for different audio channels on either side of the ear pads. This allows you to hear the sound from different angles. This makes the sound look very directional.

You can quickly tell which direction the sound is coming from. This is a benefit for FPS players. In FPS games like Call of Duty, knowing the direction of the shot and the enemy’s footsteps is very important, so surround sound is an excellent way to take advantage of positional audio.

Most surround-sound headphones are designed for gamers. The best player-centric surround sound headphones on the market are Sennheiser’s PC373D and Razer’s Kraken Chroma 7.1. Both are great at creating positional audio that’s perfect for good gameplay.

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