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How To Clean Raycon Earbuds [The Complete Guide In 2022]  

If you are looking for a complete step guide on how to clean Raycon earbuds, then you are in the right place.  

You may clean your Raycon buds securely with a gentle wipe, towel, cotton ball, and an organic disinfectant like rubbing alcohol or undiluted cleaning vinegar. 

Sweep away any gunk, moisture, or old skin that may have become lodged in the microscopic gaps of the earphones with a wet towel. To access harder-to-reach gaps, you may require to utilize a cotton swab tip.

The Step-By-Step Process To Clean Raycon Earbuds With Rubbing Alcohol 

Step By Step Cleaning
Step By Step Cleaning

To begin, you will require:

First, perform your regular cleaning procedure by wiping the outside with a wet microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water to eliminate grime and dust.

The second step is to dab a little rubbing alcohol on either a q-tip and gently wipe it over the bottom of the earphone hole, paying particular attention to the sound cone.

You could also apply Isopropyl alcohol or anything else you have on hand. When you’re through, rub them away with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Routine/Daily Cleaning

Routine Daily Clean
Routine Daily Clean

First, verify that they are unconnected. The first thing you need to do is choose a clean microfiber to remove the grime. The second step is to carefully rub the base of the wireless earbuds with a bit of wet cloth in mild soapy water. 

To remove dust and grime from the surface of the earphones, rub them in a circular motion with a moist piece of soapy fabric. Please put them in their capsules to prevent them from acquiring more dust when you’re through.

How To Clean Raycon E25 Earbuds: Some Helpful Tips

  • If your Raycons’ have detachable silicon covers, remove them and clean them individually in soapy, warm water before allowing them to dry completely.
  • It’s best to clean your Raycon buds every couple of weeks to remove natural secretions, dust, debris, and bacteria that they may have picked up elsewhere.
  • When not in use, keep your pair of earbuds in a dry, contained location.

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 Things To Keep In Mind

1) Never immerse your Raycons’ in water or try to clean them with a flow of clean water. It will almost certainly ruin the circuitry within the in-ears.

2) If you hook in and operate your earphones before they’ve completely dried, there’s a slight risk of electrical shocks, mainly if any water has unintentionally made its way inside. 

3) As with any do-it-yourself cleaning approach, you may accidentally damage your favorite in-ears if you wash your Raycon buds at the house. You won’t benefit from a product warranty either in that case. 

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 Other Methods of Cleaning Raycon Earbuds

Other Methods For Cleaning
Other Methods For Cleaning

Soap and Water

It is the fastest and simplest method for cleaning your Raycon earbuds. Since they are water-resistant, using modest quantities of water and soap is acceptable.

  • Before you begin, shake your Raycon earbuds to remove any dust carefully. 
  • Clean your earbud hole using lukewarm soapy water, but don’t soak them in water or use too much soap. 
  • After washing, gently dry the earphones with a clean damp cloth and set them aside to dry. 
  • It would be best not to use them until they are completely dried.

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With this technique, you could take a toothbrush to wipe the debris out of the Raycon earphones. This procedure is effective for keeping your Raycon earphones clean. You must use a toothbrush with gentle bristles to avoid damaging or scratching the everyday earbuds.

  • Scrub the display carefully in a circular pattern with your toothbrush, and once the dust comes out, wipe the earphones with a towel or dry cloth. 
  • To preserve sound quality, continue this procedure weekly, but we also recommend thoroughly cleaning earphones occasionally.

Play-Doh or Blu-tack

We’ve all had at least one experience with play-doh. If you have a child or a sibling, wipe your Raycons’ with their play-doh.

  • Make a little ball out of a chunk of play-doh or blue tack. 
  • As you carefully press your earphones into the sphere you created, their sticky component will gather the debris and wax. 
  • Afterward, you can wash the area with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Repeat the process with the dry side of the cotton ball and allow it to dry.

It is a simple and enjoyable method for cleaning and maintaining your Raycon headphones.

Why You Should Clean Raycon Earbuds

Why Cleaning Is Important
Why Cleaning Is Important

Avoiding Ear Troubles

When we impede or shut off our ears, humidity and gunk in the earbuds accumulate, and with more excellent moisture comes the possibility of more ear infections, including bacterial or yeast problems inside your ear.

Second, many individuals work out with their Raycon everyday buds, and sweating increases the dampness in that area. So, post your run, you should remove your earbuds to allow the region to dry.

Earbuds’ Lifespan

Cleaning your Raycons’ or any pair of headphones protects you, extends the longevity of the earphones or ear headphones, and gives you the comfort of using a clean product.

Dust can accumulate on the surfaces of your earphones, causing the sound to seem different and more faraway, leading us to believe they are defective.

Personal Comfort

You don’t wish to listen to music with a filthy earpiece or dirty earbud. If your earbuds are unclean, you will not have a great experience if you listen to music or make phone calls. Cleaning your earphones keeps them in good condition, protects you from future harm, and improves your listening experience.

How To Clean Raycon Earbuds FAQs


Q.  Why is one of my Raycon earbuds quieter? 

A. Raycon earphones might become silent for a variety of reasons. The most typical reason will be that the level on your audio gadget is too low or that the charge on the Raycon headphones is running too low. Fortunately, any sound problems with your pair of Raycon earbuds should be simple to resolve. Typically, unclean earbuds are also the cause of only the left earbud or right earbud becoming quieter.

Q. What to do if my Raycons sound muffled? 

A. Here is a list of helpful solutions:
Try restarting or resetting your earbuds if you’re having problems hearing or if the sound is muffled. 
You can also experiment with altering the intensity on your attached device. 
Check that you’re clicking quickly enough; three quick hits on the right will raise the volume, whereas three quick hits on the left will reduce it.

Q. How often should you clean earbuds?

A. It would be best if you cleaned your earbuds every week. Before re-insertion, always examine your earphones to verify they are free of earwax and humidity.

Q. Do earbuds cause wax buildup?

A. Heat is retained in the ear canal if you use earphones, melting the earwax and leading it to deposit on or inside the earphones.

Q. Can you shower with Raycon everyday earbuds?

A. Raycon everyday buds are poolside friendly and workouts ready but can not be worn in a pool or showering. It produces distortion and collects dirt and filth to the tacky surface. Now is the moment to sanitize your earbuds.

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