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Why Are My Earbuds So Quiet? [7 Main Reasons With Solutions]

If you wonder. “Why my earbuds are so quiet,” You have come to the right place.

There are many reasons why your earbuds aren’t delivering the volume you always loved. They include ear wax build-up and low battery status. It’s also possible that your product’s software is not updated or hardware is broken.

Sound settings like Power Saving Mode, sound equalizer, or even Bluetooth network connections can cause earbuds to be silent. Here are all the reasons in detail with practical solutions:

Why Are My Earbuds So Quiet: Reason Comparison Table 

ProblemsHow common is the issue?How easy is it to fix?How to fix it?How much time is needed to fix it?
Connectivity Problems With EarbudsToo commonVery easyCheck the wires.1 minute
Volume turned too lowToo commonVery easyIncrease the volume.Few seconds
Incorrect audio settingsCommonEasyChange the audio configuration.1 minute
Earbuds running on Low battery CommonVery easyCharge the device.30-40 minutes
Audio Files Are CorruptedNot so commonEasyPlay another audio.2 minutes
Earbuds Are UncleanCommonEasyClean the buds.10 minutes
You have small ears/hearing impairment/wax in your earsNot so commonEasyChange the ear cushions and clean your ears.5-10 minutes

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🙉Why Are My Wireless Earbuds So Quiet?

Why Is The Volume So Low On My Earbuds

🔌Connectivity Issues With Earbuds

A poor connection is the primary common cause of wired headphones with low volume. This could be caused by a problem with the earphone jack or audio port, which is usually simple to correct.

Make sure your device’s audio jack is entirely plugged in as well as not misaligned. It can cause sound problems due to its loose connection. Wireless earbuds are all the latest craze, although they can sometimes be troublesome. 

 A wireless connection problem may be causing poor volume via your headphones. Other equipment, such as cellphones, routers, and microwaves, may cause interference. Try reconnecting your Bluetooth earbuds, but walk to a different area and remain close to the origin this time.

Using just a clean microfiber, clean the headphone jack and audio port on your earphones and devices. The quality of sound will be affected if any dust or wax obstructs the connection. To check if this helps, try using alternative earphones or earplugs with your phone.  

Your headphone jack may be broken if an alternative pair of headphones works perfectly. Headphone cables can also be damaged or destroyed, especially if they’re kept in a tight pocket like your jeans.

If this is the situation with your earphones and they are still under warranty, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service for assistance.

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🔈Volume Turned Too Low

If your earbuds’ power supply status isn’t deficient, another logical reason for your earbud to be silent is to verify your device’s sound quality. We’ve all experienced this problem, and it isn’t enjoyable when you don’t understand why your earbud is silent when the reason is as simple as turning up the volume on your gadget.

Suppose no audio comes out of your earphones after ensuring that all volume settings are turned on. In that case, it could be due to an operator error, such as getting them silenced or having another gadget set up to play music through its speakers rather than the headphone socket.

 If you’re using your gadget, whether it’s a computer or a phone, don’t turn the volume up because this might produce distortion in your earphones and make them less efficient at releasing sound than they could be. Instead, you could wish to turn down the volume on your gadget to avoid this.

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👎Incorrect Audio Settings

Incorrect Audio Settings

Incorrect audio parameters on your gadget might sometimes result in poor volume. This issue could be caused by an autonomously set profile or a technology bug that has to be addressed with an upgrade. It could be a security or accessibility feature.

 Improper audio settings are among the most common reasons your left earphone is lower than your other or why your earbuds remain too soft even when turned up to Max volume. If you connect your pair of headphones to a separate device and it works properly, you’ll need to fiddle with the settings on the original device.

When your device utilizes an audio equalization to automatically adjust the sound loudness and clarity, this function may decrease the sound volume level, making your earbuds quieter. 

To correct this:

1) Make sure the audio settings on your gadget are adjusted to the highest volume output.
2) Reset factory settings by deleting any old sound profiles or equalization settings.
3) Make sure your phone’s accessibility settings don’t have any audio restrictions.
4) Whether there are any accessible updates for your device’s software or drivers (computer), install them.

👇Earbuds Running On Low battery 

Regardless of a depleted battery, the audio volume of wireless earphones or earbuds may be poor. Just check your device’s battery indication to see if it requires charging to resolve this issue.

Whenever a battery is close to dying, some earbuds begin to show performance degradation slowly, as you can hear the music fade away. 

It’s also possible that the audio will be distorted. When the battery level in your earbuds goes low, say just under 10%, they will begin detaching from the device you’re using, owing to a lack of capability to link and converse wirelessly. Thus, you should notice that they’re quiet. 

If this is the case, connect your earbuds to a charging source and recharge them for a few minutes before utilizing them again. Before rechecking your earbuds, check your tiny portable charger is operating correctly.

To maximize hours of functionality, attach the earbuds to the recharging cord or if you have got a charging station, to the charging dock for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

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❌Audio Files Are Corrupted

Audio Files Are Corrupted

Although rare, it’s possible that the sound file is to blame for your headphones’ silence. This happens when the sound is captured or transcoded to be replayed at a very low intensity. It implies that no matter how loudly you turn up the volume on your gadget or headphones, it will remain reasonably quiet.

What I imply by a sound file is any form of an audio file you are attempting to play, whether it is an mp3 or another file format. Irrespective of the file format, if the audio is recorded at a low intensity, the outcome will be low.

We are trying to target the performance with which the sound in that folder has been documented and could perhaps be encrypted with a low intensity that will stay low primarily to you no matter how many volumes you increase.

This one should go without saying. It will be hard for your earphones to improve the audio quality if you aren’t obtaining decent quality sound from the origin, no matter how loud you adjust the volume.

Try switching to a separate app or webpage with higher-quality sound files if you’re viewing YouTube videos or merely listening to songs from a low-quality origin.

🧹Earbuds Are Unclean

Earwax or dust inside your earbuds can generate muffled audio, which could cause your earphones’ low volume. Cleansing them with freshwater and cotton swabs solves the problem quickly (Q-tips). If that doesn’t operate, rubbing alcohol could be used instead. 

Wipe the earpieces and the band thoroughly, particularly if you’re not the only one who uses them. Because you’ve been using your earphones for a long time, they’ve most likely become dirty, causing the speaker grid to become packed with wax. Hence, it will prevent the music from being generated precisely.

👂You Have Small Ears/Hearing Impairment/Wax In Your Ears

Hearing Impairment

If your earphones don’t fit adequately enough in your ears, you may have sound leaking. You will find it challenging to reach the maximum volume without feeling discomfort or agony.

It is made worse because smaller earbuds must completely fit your ear canal for the audio to be segregated and not seep out, and they occasionally fall out.

It’s hardly unexpected that our ears are differently formed since we are inherently asymmetrical organisms. The manner our earphones fit in our ear is affected by slight asymmetries in our outer ear shape. Using earbuds can result in differing audio quality or volume intensity for each ear. 

Wax in the inner ear can restrict sound transmission to the ear, lowering hearing volume and clarity. It can occur in one or even both ears. Note that wearing earbuds for an extended period will lead earwax to form.

Adjustable headphone ends or ear cushions that suit you well are one solution. However, they may also be the sort of headphones you’re using. If they do not have flexible ear cushions, there’s not much you can do about it. The last option would be to acquire a new pair with more size and shape versatility.

How To Increase Volume of Headphones In Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac?

How To Increase Volume of Headphones In Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac

On Android Smartphones

Press and hold the “volume increase” and “volume decrease” keys by clicking on the volume buttons of your Android gadget until the sound is at a proper volume.

Go to Settings > Sound & vibration if it doesn’t function to access your preferences and alter other audio parameters.

Utilizing the volume slider, change the level of your calls, messages, alarms, songs, and media.

On Apple Phones

Follow these instructions to adjust the sound balancing parameters on your iPhone’s earphones.
Accessibility can be found under Settings > General > Accessibility.

Alter the channel imbalance of your earphones by moving the knobs in the Hearing Panel.

On A Computer

Right-click the audio icon in the taskbar’s bottom right corner.
Select the Open Volume mixer option.
Customize your app’s earphone volume and sound output by utilizing the various sliders.

Take these instructions to modify your earphones’ master volume and sound balance.

1) Click Windows Key + S in the search field, then type “Sound.” Select Sound Options.
2) Change the Master level in the Sound Setting screen’s Output section.
3) Select Device properties, which may be accessed on the same screen, for audio balance.
4) Alter the sound balance of your earphones’ left and right speakers by adjusting the volume slider.

Practical Tips To Make Headphones Sound Louder

Practical Tips To Make Headphones Sound Louder

🔋Make Changes To The Device Settings

Your earbuds often sound quieter than usual since you are unaware that you have mistakenly switched the sound down or not correctly plugged them in. Check that your wireless headphones are fully charged and not in the power-saving mode if you’re using them.

Furthermore, many gadgets have volume controls to minimize hearing harm. You’ll have to set your phone’s output volume limit to the highest setting available in this situation.

There are various ways to modify the volume levels based on your device. However, I have already shown you how to change these parameters on Android, Apple devices, and Windows PCs.

🔉Make Use Of A Volume Boosting App

Utilizing a third-party program is one of the simplest methods to strengthen your earbud’s sound quality. If you have a smartphone, look through your Google play store for the finest apps to increase the volume.

Before installing any software, look at its rating and feedback. You won’t waste time downloading an app that doesn’t even operate this way.

Apps like AmpMe, Volume+ Pro, and Equalizer Fx are available for Apple devices. On the contrary, volume Control Plus and Ultimate Level Booster are the top prominent sound-boosting apps for Android devices.

🧼You Can Wipe Dirt Or Dust On Your Earphones Away

If your earbuds appear quieter than they were once, a simple cleaning may be all that is required to restore them to their normal state. The quantity of heat produced within your auditory canal increases when you wear earbuds. Wax and grease build up in the ear canal, clogging it.

If the grease or wax plugs the mesh screens, your headphones or pair of earbuds will lose sound. The earphones will become blocked over time if not cleaned regularly, resulting in a muted sound.

Cleansing your headphones is therefore required to get a good loud sound. Similarly, this answer may appear apparent to readers, but audiences may neglect it, leading to volume issues.

🦾Improved Audio and Music Apps

Improved Audio and Music Apps

Using volume-enhancing software is another option for making your earbuds louder. You will also have better equalization settings and a more significant volume limit with these applications, and you’ll be able to recognize the distinction between ordinary and enhanced audio settings.

 There are numerous sound and music apps accessible these days. Many of them are extremely useful and include equalization controls. It implies that you may tailor the audio to your tastes.

With the correct apps, you can also raise your loudness capabilities further than the conventional maximum. However, continue with caution if you’re utilizing third-party music players or apps.

🔊Invest In An Amplifier

Because headphones are similar to speakers, an amplifier may make headphones produce a loud sound. Even though most music devices include constructed amplifiers, these gadgets are rarely powerful enough to give enough voltage to the amplifiers.

As a result, you may need to use an additional amplifier in some cases.

 It is ideal when utilizing large over-ear headphones, notably those with an impedance greater than 300 ohms. On the contrary, in-ears will not benefit from amplifiers because they have low impedance and good loud sound is achievable.

Why Are My Earbuds So Quiet: Got More Questions?


Q. Do earbuds get quieter over time?

Audio imbalances can be caused by pairing troubles, impacting all wireless sound listening gadgets, notably Airpods and headsets!

Q. Why is my right earbud quieter than the left?

Your wireless earbuds may periodically disengage from your phone or audio devices, explaining why the right earpiece is softer than the left earbud.

Q. Do earbuds cause wax build-up?

Yes, they do create wax build-up.

Q. How often should I clean my earbuds?

Cleaning your pair of earbuds once a week should be plenty for regular use. If they’re your nighttime earbuds, you might be able to do it twice each week.

Q. What is the Ideal volume for earbuds?

As per professionals, the acceptable headphone intensity is 85 decibels or roughly 70% of your sound level.

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