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How To Find Lost Raycon Earbuds: Complete Guide 2023

Raycon earbuds are tiny, making them light and comfortable, but you can also lose them easily.

How to Find Lost Raycon Earbuds

There are a number of different solutions as to how to find lost Raycon earbuds. In this guide, we give you 8 low-tech and high-tech methods to find lost Raycon earbuds, including using your Bluetooth scanner application and sending loud music from your smartphone’s music app. Plus the good-old hunt and search, with special tips to help you narrow down the location right from the start.

8 Methods To Find Lost Raycon Earbuds

How To Find Lost Raycon Earbuds

I have been using Raycon water-resistant wireless earbuds for quite a long time, and I love them for their balanced sound quality, streamlined design, super battery life, smooth wireless listening, and the ability to fit with comfort.

If you have these buds, too, you need to know that Raycon doesn’t have any official application to track your buds. Many useless applications claim to help you track your Raycon buds.

Avoid them at all costs and instead follow these easy methods:

1. Low-Tech Methods

Firstly, I’ll talk about the 4 low-tech methods you can follow when you lose your Raycon buds. These methods are helpful when your Raycon earbuds are not connected to your phone:

Method 1 – Look in the most likely places

If you often leave your earbuds somewhere, whether in a friend’s room, on the dining table, or the couch, you need to check those places with the highest possibility of finding them.

Method 2 – Retrace your steps

I always try to retrace my steps to find out if I have left my earbuds where I don’t generally leave them. Believe me, this is a useful trick. You just need to be calm and concentrate on thinking about every possible place you have been to that day.

Method 3 – Ask friends and family

If you still can’t find them, ask your family and friends if they have seen your earbuds. They might have kept them in a safe place.

Method 4 – Unclutter so you can find things better

I always try to unclutter my home and office to ensure that everything is well-organized and tidy to help me find my earbuds easily.

BONUS TIP – Try to carry them in their charging case at all times, as this is easier to find if your Raycon earbuds go missing.

2. High-Tech Methods

Here are the 4 high-tech methods I found most effective:

MethodsHow EffectiveEasy to execute?The time needed to execute (Approx)
Bluetooth scanner apps (like Wunderfind)Very effectiveVery easy20 minutes
Send loud music from the smartphone’s music app (and walk around listening for it)Quite effectiveVery easy10 minutes
Using Bluetooth tracker [precautionary measure]Very effectiveVery easy5 minutes
Contact Raycon for a replacementVery effectiveEasy1-3 weeks (depending on postage)

Let’s talk about these four methods in detail:

Method 5 – Bluetooth Scanner Apps

How To Find Lost Raycon Earbuds

I have lost my Raycon earbuds many times, and he Bluetooth scanner applications have helped me find my earbuds easily. Bluetooth scanner applications like WunderFind can detect your lost Raycon earbuds.

You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download WunderFind on your smartphone.
  • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Open the Wunderfind app, and you will find a list of items or nearby Bluetooth devices with an estimated distance from your phone.
  • Now, find your earbud’s name in the list and click on its estimated distance.
  • A screen will open instructing you to move around. When you are closest to your earbuds, the signal strength shown on the screen will be 100%.

Method 6 – Send Loud Music From Smartphone’s Music App

Another easy way I follow whenever I lose my Raycon earbuds is to play loud music from the music app on my smartphone.

First, play some rock or metal music at its highest volume. Then you need to move around and listen out for the loud music from your lost earpiece. You can also turn on your earbud and try to listen to the beeping sound.

This method will work more effectively if your earbuds have adaptive noise cancellation, noise isolation, or active noise cancellation technologywhich is efficient for creating louder music by omitting external noise.

Method 7 – Using Bluetooth Tracker

How To Find Lost Raycon Earbuds

I have seen many friends who tend to lose their wireless earbuds, buying Bluetooth trackers. These trackers are not very expensive but are very effective.

These trackers can show the location of your wireless device after your smartphone pairs with a Bluetooth device.

You need to insert or attach the tracker to your Raycon earbuds and track them with an application from the manufacturer on your phone. Bluetooth trackers bring an enhanced feature to your earbuds.

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Method 8 – Contact Raycon for Replacement

If you still can’t find your Raycon earbuds, it’s probably the best time to contact the brand to apply for a replacement. You can ask them about your query regarding the replacement process through email at


Raycon doesn’t sell one single separate earbud – you always have to purchase a pair of Raycon earbuds. So if you are getting one single Raycon earbud from a local store, there is a high chance they will cheat you with a fake earbud. So, always try to avoid such types of shady shops or websites.

Check out our guide on how to clean your Raycon earbuds

FAQs – How To Find Lost Raycon Earbuds

Will Raycon replace lost earbuds?

Raycon will replace a lost earbud if the one-year limited warranty covers it. So you’ll need to check your warranty terms carefully.

Is there an app for Raycon earbuds?

There is no official application for Raycon earbuds using which users can track Raycon products. You need to visit their official website or email them if you face any issues.

Can you purchase one Raycon earbud?

Raycon unfortunately does not offer one single earbud to its customers. Just like any wired earbuds, Raycon earbuds also work in pairs, which means the right earbud needs its left earbud to work properly.

How much does Wunderfind cost?

Wunderkind charges approximately $3- $5 each time you use this app. It’s an effective Bluetooth scanner app to find your lost wireless devices.  

Why are my Raycon earbuds flashing red and blue?

Your Raycon earbuds will flash red and blue when you pair them to your smartphone.

The red and blue light starts flashing on one touch, pairing Raycon buds with the smartphone. The blue and red light on the right bud blinks alternatively, and then the red and blue light on the left bud goes out. It indicates that both of the buds are paired successfully.

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