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How To Charge Wireless Earbuds: 3 Easiest Ways In 2022

If you are looking for how to charge wireless earbuds, then you are in the right place.

There are three different ways to charge wireless headphones. The most frequent method is to use a USB cable. The second method is to use a charging case; it’s the most intriguing and effective method. The third alternative is to use a wireless charger.

For the USB cable, attach the miniature USB cord to your gadget, then to a desktop or a USB adapter to recharge your earplugs. Then you’ll have to relax and wait for your earphones to charge fully.

Let’s discuss all the ways in detail straight away then!

🔰 The Step-By-Step Guide on How To Charge Wireless Earbuds Using a USB Cable

The Step-By-Step Guide to Charge Wireless Earbuds Using a USB Cable

You can use a USB cord to charge your earphones. It would be best if you first placed the buds in the case before connecting the USB cable. Because cheaper earphones do not arrive with an adaptor, recharge the case using the USB connector on your desktop or PC.  

If your earbuds are inserted into the pod, they will be recharged. A mini USB cord is included with each pair of earphones. They can be mini USB or Type-C.

However, Type-C and micro USB ports are becoming increasingly scarce. It’s advisable not to use the adapter that comes with your mobile device or tablet. If you must use it, check the box’s maximum input capability before plugging it in. Then you’ll have to relax and wait for your earphones to charge fully.

Once your earphones’ battery level is full, how do you know? You can utilize one of two techniques:

  • Most earbuds have an LED light indicator on them that can help you determine the charging status of the earphones. Based on your headphones, possible configurations include red and blue, red and green. 

🔌 Can I Charge My Earbuds With My Phone Charger?

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds

“Maybe” is my response to this question. I mention this as there is nothing inherently wrong with charging your earphones with your mobile device charger. Nevertheless, it will only function if the earbuds and charger are appropriate. 

Apple products, for example, arrive with a USB-C port, which implies you can’t charge your Apple Earbuds using a standard USB Type-A cord. On the other hand, many other earphone manufacturers produce earphones that can be recharged via USB Type-A.  

It will be challenging to charge such earbuds with an iPhone charger. You can continue to enjoy the advantages of Bluetooth-enabled earphones as long as you recharge your earpiece battery safely and adequately. 

However, you can drive around while utilizing them because they are portable. Because they often come in various styles, sizes, and hues, you will seem sleek and chic.

You can have more direct and quicker contact thanks to high-fidelity networking. It would be best if you learned how to properly care for your headphones to last a long time.

👉 Step-By-Step Process To Charge Earbuds Wirelessly

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds

Wireless outlets are perhaps the most current method of recharging your Bluetooth buds available today. A wireless charger is now available on various models and Bluetooth goods, enabling you to recharge your headphones and their charging case. 

Whenever it comes to their iconic Apple AirPods and comparable goods, Apple is particularly keen on employing wireless charging features because it allows for charging without a cord standing in the way.

A Qi-Certified Rechargeable Mat is the most popular technique for devices to accomplish wireless charging. Place your charging port on the mat with the activity indicator pointing up, and the lid sealed. 

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Without using a connection, the wireless charging case will receive a continual flow of electricity. Once the battery has attained maximum charge, an indicator light will illuminate, indicating that you are ready to leave. 

A portable charger is ideal for those who misplace things frequently due to the absence of a portable attachment. You can set the mat in one spot because you don’t have to keep a record of a certain type of cord as in A-type or C-type.

This kind of charging is prevalent not just in Bluetooth earbuds but also in the charging of phones and other electronic devices. 

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds With Case 

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds

Ear Plugs now arrive with a recharging case that may be used as a transportable power bank style. If you travel regularly, consider purchasing earphones with a case charging capability. To start charging the case, follow the steps outlined above. 

Make sure the earphone case is fully charged before you begin your trip.

  • You may charge your earphones with a micro USB cord.
  • The indicator will turn on when the case has indeed been charged.
  • After that, you must insert the earplugs into the case. 

The case charging mechanism extends the battery life of the pair of earbuds. Based on the model, you can wear earphones for approximately 15 hours.

What if your case is cleared of all charges? 

One can use the power bank wheel to recharge your earphones if you have one with you. This is incredible. If you have bought earbuds with a charging feature but are unsure how to operate them properly, check the instructions or go to the company’s website.

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🎯 Key Factors That Affect Battery Life of Wireless Earbuds [And What Can You Do About It?]

Key Factors That Affect Battery Life of Wireless Earbuds [And What Can You Do About It?]

1️⃣ Rechargeable Batteries.

Although if your Bluetooth earphones don’t break immediately, their power supply will ultimately run out of power. This isn’t due to some nefarious business scheme. Rechargeable batteries all fade someday

It’s all about science!

Cells lose ability over time when a coating of crystalline growth coats the internal walls of the battery. This aging method enhances electrical resistance, resulting in a progressive battery discharge in the energy accessible in the batteries when ultimately charged.

2️⃣ Keep Your Earphones in Their Case.

Please do not leave them lying around. Maintain them in the case at all times because the earphones lose charge every moment they are out and battery status decreases. It also protects your earbuds from harm and loss by ensuring they are constantly recharged and ready to use.

3️⃣ Stop Messing About With the Casing.

Opening and shutting the case multiple times depletes not just the case’s sturdiness but also its charge. The earphones will try to connect with your cellphone or other connected devices each minute you open the case.

Tip: Grab a fidget spinner if you’re antsy and can’t take your hands off the clickety cover.

4️⃣ Use Only One Earpiece at a Time if Possible.

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds

Unless you’re an audiophile, it’s best to use only one earphone at a time and switch it out when it runs out of juice. You can limit your power usage and cumulative battery life in half while still listening to music until the case runs out of juice. 

While a mono audio stream might not have been your cup of tea, it considerably reduces the time you have to recharge your gadget, enhancing its long-term durability. You should only use one earpiece to minimize road risks if traveling or exercising.

5️⃣ Use the Original Charger if Possible.

Every cell has a set capacity, which is why designers provide an in-box charger. By giving the earbuds battery more power than is required, using a separate charger can harm the internal circuitry. So, if you’ve been utilizing an alternative charger, stop right now and acquire an original to minimize battery drain.

6️⃣ Clear Out the Case.

Ear wax or dirt particles can accumulate on the charging pads inside the case through ear canals, preventing the charging connectors from contacting the earphones.

A thorough cleanup with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol should suffice. Even if you don’t have any alcohol, use the wiping stick to scrub the charging pins. 

Additional Tips To Improve Battery Life of Wireless Earbuds

  • Always keep your devices at room temperature—never keep your earbuds in a warm or cold car, use them in a jacuzzi, or keep them outside. Lithium batteries won’t work well in extreme temperatures. 
  • Never keep your earphones or charging port plugged in for an extended time. Unplug the cord once they’re completely charged. 
  • While worn at 70% volume, generally, Bluetooth earbuds last better and give the best backup batteries. So, avoid listening to music at 90% or 100% intensity from now on. 
  • Make sure to switch off Bluetooth when you’ve finished using your Bluetooth earphones or headphones, so your battery charge doesn’t drain anymore. 
  • When recharging a battery, among the most frequent blunders is leaving it still attached to a power source for a while.

💡 How to Charge True Wireless Earbuds FAQs 

How To Charge Wireless Earbuds FAQs 

Q1. Why is my wireless earbuds’ battery draining so fast?

If one is draining quickly, the built-in battery may be malfunctioning, but before that, make sure to upgrade your Surface Earbuds, particularly the cover, and see if the problem persists.  

Q2. How do I know whether my wireless earbuds are charging? 

The LED light indicator on your Bluetooth gadget will generally turn green when it achieves an average battery level or maximum charge, although that can vary depending on the manufacturer and type. With the click of a button, specific Bluetooth earbuds additionally include an audio notification that will alert you of the actual charge level.

Q3. What to do if my wireless earbuds are not charging?

Dirt in the charging outlet can prevent the charging connection from working correctly.

Here’s how to clean the charging station on your earbuds:
1. Using rubbing alcohol, gently dampen the rag.
2. Clean the area surrounding the charging station and interior as much as possible.
3. To clean the last of the dirt within the port, utilize the pressurized air can to force it out.

Q4. Can you overcharge your earbuds (and is it harmful)?

Yes, according to some. You can overcharge your earpiece till its capacity decreases to 0%. Others believe that a recharged headset’s capacity decreases over time, even though it isn’t being worn.

Q5. How often should I charge wireless earbuds?

Looking at the user manual for the earbuds, you’ll notice that several of them have a maximum hearing time of 5 hours. The quick answer is that you must charge as needed. Based on the capacity, earplugs might last 1.5 to 3 hours after being removed from the case. The case might last up to 24 hours before needing to be recharged. As a result, you must charge your earphones for at least 24 hours.

How long do wireless earbuds take to charge

The charge time depends on the earbuds’ brand and battery capacity. Depending on various factors it can take 3-8 hours for earbuds to be fully charged.

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