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Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working [Simple and Advanced Fixes]

Jabra is among the most well-known sound device manufacturers. Their outstanding quality and durability make them pretty popular among consumers.

However, the primary issue many people face with Jabra Elite buds is its left earbud not working. It acts as a spoiler while attending essential conference calls.

Luckily, we have found both easy and advanced solutions to that. Here we go!

😍 Stupidly Simple Ways To Solve Jabra Elite 65T Left Earbud Not Working

Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

1️⃣ Ensure Your Left Earbud Is Close to Your Right Earbud and Turned On.

The L icon just on the Jabra Sound+ application will stay greyed out if the left earphone has refused to attach at this point. When you remove the Elite 65t earphones from the charging base, they seek and reconnect to the nearby paired device. 

If the left earbud does not promptly connect to your device, it may enter “sleep mode,” rendering it unreachable until it is switched back on. So, in this scenario, you first need to double-check that the left earbud is near the right one and that it is working.

2️⃣ Check Whether the Left Earbud Is Getting Charged or Not.

The left earpiece will sometimes stop operating because of a lack of charging. Verify whether your gadget is recharging while you are not using the left earphones. There would undoubtedly be a charge decrease. Now is the time to power up your left earbuds.

After recharging, your earphones will work wonderfully. If your earpiece is still not working after being charged, try recharging it again. It’s possible that the charging is insufficient. Keep recharging it till it’s fully charged. Then recheck if everything is in functioning order.

  • Make sure the Elite 65t recharging dock is charging the left earpiece.
  • The position of Magnets into the rubber base under each earphone gets dislodged, which is a typical flaw with the Jabra Elite earbud’s rubber lid. 
  • The simple rectangular magnets underneath each earbud detect that the earbuds are in position and provide the go-ahead for charge distribution.
  • Ensure the Jabra Elite 65t left earpiece is switched on and near your right earpiece! This piece of advice isn’t a hoax.

3️⃣ Verify the Position of the Magnets on the Left Earbud

Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

If the magnets are incorrectly placed, your left earbud problems will increase. So, if there is an issue, double-check where the magnets are.

As you double-check that the magnets are now in the right spot and are working correctly on both ends. Now try to restore them to their appropriate status if they’re not in the correct location.

What Happens?

As a result, your left earphones can operate correctly without any interruption. Check to see if the magnets in the earphone charging case are in good working order. For example, you should check whether the magnets are calibrated and whether the headset is charged.

4️⃣ Reinstall Sound+ App.

To ensure you have the most recent edition of the Jabra Sound+ software on your earbuds, remove the current application and go to Play Store or Apple to install the latest edition.

It’s not quite ground-breaking information, but you’d be amazed how often erasing the cache and clearing current configurations untangles problems.

5️⃣ Clean Your Left Earbud.

When earphones get dirty, and dust collects in the mesh, they stop working. The music volume can also drop to the point where we can’t hear anything. So clean your earbuds regularly and eliminate any accumulated dust or wax.

  • Take your Jabra Elite 65t earphones.
  • Lift the rubber lid, and two little magnets will appear.
  • Now, reposition them to clean them thoroughly if dirt or adhesive substance is stuck between them.

6️⃣ Cleaning Earbuds: A Few Pointers.

It would be best to handle your Jabra buds with caution, and better not to use any aggressive chemicals because they will destroy the earphones and create ear irritation.

Furthermore, these chemicals frequently induce skin sensitivities, leading to infectious infections and even impair our hearing if not addressed promptly.

🎯 Effective Solutions For Jabra Elite Active 65T Left Earbud Not Working Fix

Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

🎧 Soft-Reset Jabra Earbuds

The list of associated devices and all saved settings are cleared when the earphones are reset.


  • Step 1

    Remove both Jabra earbuds from their charging cases.
  • Step 2

    Press the Jabra key on the right and left earbuds for ten seconds until the LEDs glow purple.
  • Step 3

    Remove the Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds from the Bluetooth option in your mobile device or device’s preferences.
  • Step 4

    Now, you can again pair your earbuds with your device.

To see if a firmware upgrade is available, go to the manufacturer’s website.

If you start the Sound+ app and then go to the About > View Technical Info submenu, you can see if you have the current updated firmware.

🧹 Hard-Reset Jabra Elite Earbuds

A hard reset should only be used as a last alternative, but it can fix a variety of issues, notably Jabra Elites that aren’t recharging. One can follow this step-by-step guide for resetting:

  • Make sure the right earpiece is recharged and switched on.
  • You’ll have to pull the earpiece out of the charging dock if it’s currently in there.
  • For approximately 10 seconds, click and retain the Multi-function key on the right earphone till the LED momentarily glows purple light. Remember that the LED will glow red color light before it glows purple.
  • The earphones have been reconfigured with new settings of earbuds. When the LED turns green light, it means it’s switched on, and when it turns blue light, it means pairing mode is activated.
  • Before re-pairing, the earphones with your mobile device, ensure to erase the previous pairing from the Bluetooth option. The user manual for your mobile device contains guidelines and connection instructions.

Check for the Latest Firmware Update

If your earphones are connected to your phone, a notification will show when the latest update is ready when you access Jabra Sound+. A golden glow will also pulsate around the Discover icon.

Follow these procedures to update your firmware:

  • Ensure your earphones are connected to your phone.
  • Click the Discover option in Jabra Sound+.
  • To begin the updating process, click update Now.
  • Press Agree to the licensing conditions after the installation is complete to allow the upgrade.
  • To finish the upgrade, place the earphones in the charging dock.
  • To guarantee a proper and seamless upgrade, attach the charging port to a power source.
  • To upgrade the gadget, obey the onscreen directions. The recharging case’s LED flashes purple light, indicating that this could require 15 minutes.
  • Probably wait 10 seconds just after the purple Indicator has stopped blinking before releasing the charging port. If the LED persists in glowing after fifteen minutes, access and shut the charging case’s lid.

💡 Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working FAQs

1. How to check the Jabra Elite 65t battery?

“Battery low” is immediately announced in the headphones when the earbud battery status hits 5%. You can hear the battery level by pressing the Multifunction key. When the leftover chat time is around 5 hours and the spare music time is roughly 7 hours, “battery medium” is notified.

2. How can you turn on your left earbud Jabra?

Turning on the left Jabra Elite 65t earbud is simple. Please turn off the earphones by placing them in the proper charging case or switch them on by removing them from the charging dock. You may also use the multifunction key to engage them by tapping and holding it until the LED lights are red or green.

3. Why is my jabra elite 65t left earbud not working flashing red?

If your Jabra elite earbud’s left or right earpiece lights red, it implies your wireless earbuds Jabra elite 65t have short battery life and will soon die.

4. Can you use just the left earbud Jabra Elite 75t?

Since the left earpiece only links to the right earpiece and not to the mobile device, you can’t use it by itself. Just the right earpiece is directly connected to the smartphone.

5. How many devices can Jabra Elite 65t connect to?

Due to Bluetooth multiple access, the Jabra Elite 65t will link to 8 devices. Shifting between them is effortless as a result of this. You may pair the earphones with up to 8 gadgets and be linked to two of them at any given moment.

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