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Logitech Z313 Review: An Attractive Speaker For Music Fans

Today we will dive deep into a detailed Logitech Z313 review and learn why it is an amazing choice.

This is because Logitech speakers have proven themselves worth it in terms of audio quality, simple setup, and affordable price range.

We will also compare it with its competitors. So let’s get started:

Logitech Z313 Review#1

Z313 Speaker SystemGreat Specs

  • Balanced acoustics: The speaker delivers balanced audio to sound clear and natural.
  • Deep bass: The subwoofer produces a powerful and deep bass. The drivers the speaker uses are perfect.
  • Easy setup: The setup of the speaker system is really simple. There is no trouble due to configurations and stuff.
  • Wired control pod: The wired control pod comes in handy. It allows changing volume levels quickly. It also has a headphone jack.
  • Active crossover: The speaker uses different amplifier sections to enhance audio.
  • Affordable: Logitech Z313 speakers are popular majorly because of their price. Logitech has managed to have a low-budget speaker system with great sound.
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Alternative Product: Logitech Z323 System

Logitech Z313 Review

The Challenger

It is slightly more expensive than the Z313 speaker system. With 30 watts of power, it has a little better sound quality than Z313 speakers.

It offers two connectivity options; one is the 3.5 mm input, and the other is the RCA connector. It has dual drivers for omnidirectional acoustics. It offers rich bass and a balanced sound. The subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers are both well-designed and compact.

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Z313 vs Z323 Product Comparison

Logitech Z323 is a speaker system from Logitech with a slightly higher price. Z323 has more to offer but will also cost more than Z313. Now, let’s compare the two of them:

Firstly, Z323 speakers offer more power. They offer the power of 30 watts, while the Z313 offers 25 watts. Honestly, this doesn’t produce a noticeable difference.

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Coming to the input options, Z313 only offers a 3.5 mm input. On the other hand, Z323 speakers offer 3.5 mm as well as RCA connectors. This slightly adds up to the compatibility of the Z323 speakers. Both of them don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity.

About the convenience:

Z313 speakers are more convenient to use. It’s because Z323 does not offer a control pod. Z323 speakers have volume control and a headphone jack on one of the speakers.

Both of them offer great sound quality and also hold value for money. But, Logitech Z313 has more popularity, and the reason is simple.

Z323 speakers are slightly more expensive than Z313 speakers, but the added cost is not worth it. Z313 speakers offer a control pod, whereas Z323 does not. This makes the difference pretty clear.

Here Logitech Z313 speakers have an edge over Z323 speakers.

Logitech Z313 Review: A Glimpse

Logitech Z313 (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

For those of you in a haste or looking for a quick glance into the product, here you go. Logitech Z313 is a great budget speaker system. It offers big at a very reasonable price.

The system delivers great bass from its subwoofer. The subwoofer is compactly designed to deliver balanced acoustics without losing its rich sound.

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It is very easy to set up; you just need to plug in any device via a 3.5 mm input located on its subwoofer. It has a wired control pod that gives easy access to its controls. Not only that, but the wired control pad also offers you a headphone jack.

It’s a full-range speaker system, which means that it can deliver great audio at almost all frequencies.

Many speakers out there at this price can not deliver decent audio. But, Logitech Z313 is different as it delivers great audio considering the price at which it comes.

If you doubt in your mind about a full-range speaker at such a price rate, you can erase the doubt and rest easy. Logitech has delivered what it claims about this speaker.

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Balanced Acoustics The speaker delivers balanced audio so that it sounds clear and natural.
Deep Bass The subwoofer produces a powerful and deep bass. The drivers the speaker uses are really good.
Easy SetupThe setup of the speaker system is really simple. There is no trouble due to configurations and stuff.
Wired Control PodThe wired control pod comes in handy. It allows changing volume levels quickly. It also has a headphone jack.
Active CrossoverThe speaker uses different amplifier sections to enhance audio.
AffordableLogitech Z313 speakers are popular majorly because of their price. Logitech has managed to have a low-budget speaker system with great sound.

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What Comes In The Package?

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

  • 2 Satellite Speakers
  • 1 Subwoofer
  • 1 Control Pod
  • User Documentation
  • Required Cables

Z313 Speaker System

The Z313 is not just claiming but can deliver rich and clean audio at all frequencies. The highs, midrange, and lows are all delivered with a good balance and deep bass notes.

Interested In The Product? Here’s A Brief Analysis

Full Range Speaker System

The Logitech Z313 speaker system delivers a full range of audio with balanced acoustics. A full-range speaker can produce quality sound at almost all frequencies.

You might have heard about speakers with a limited range of sound. The thing with them is that they can produce clean sound only at certain frequencies. There is sound distortion when they deliver frequencies outside of the limited range.

The Z313 is not just claiming but can deliver rich and clean audio at all frequencies. The highs, midrange, and lows are all delivered with a good balance and deep bass notes.

Simplest Setup

The speaker system is just so simple to set up. There is no hassle in using them.

All you need to do is connect the satellite speakers to the subwoofer and connect any device via the 3.5mm input on the back of the subwoofer. Then just plug the system into a wall socket.

You are then all set to trace down enemies in games, escape this world by listening to music or get a full cinematic experience while watching movies!

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Easy Controls: The Control Pod

The control pod that comes with the speaker system has a power switch and volume control on it.

You might be wondering if it would be better if there were more control options like bass level controls, etc. But, do not forget the price at which it comes. At this price, it’s common for speakers to have a few controls only.

Active Crossover

The reason why these inexpensive speakers can deliver rich quality sound is that they use the active crossover.

An active crossover is generally found inexpensive speakers, it is a way to enhance the sound quality of the speaker.

It uses different amplifier sections for the satellite speakers. The subwoofer has a larger amplifier.

This improves sound quality and gives richness to the audio. The audio system can then provide deeper bass and clearer highs and lows.

High Compatibility

The Logitech Z313 is wired speakers, there is no Bluetooth connectivity here. So, things like the configuration of the device and stuff don’t matter here.

Don’t try to complicate things by considering which Operating System (OS) your device has or whether a sound card will be needed.

All there is to it is that the device to be connected has a headphone output. Just plug the subwoofer into the system, and you are all set!

Nowadays, most devices, including smartphones, MP3 players, Televisions, and Gaming consoles, have a headphone jack. All of them will work with the speaker.

Amazing Clarity

The speaker uses 25 watts of power, which indirectly leads to louder and clearer sounds. You can feel the energized sound at a high volume and enjoy the detailed and balanced sound.

The active crossover also adds up to its clarity and energized audio.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System: Brilliant Performance

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Superb Sound Quality

When it comes to a speaker, sound quality is of utmost importance. The sole reason for buying a speaker is to have a great listening experience.

Logitech Z313 surely delivers amazing sound at a low price. The sound is rich and balanced with deep bass.

The bass is not too good, but it still is deep enough to satisfy. When it comes to clarity, I am really satisfied. It’s not the clearest sound, but it is up to the mark that you can understand the dialogue when watching a movie.

The thing to praise the most is that Logitech managed to manufacture a full-range speaker at a low price. You will like that the audio does not feel distorted at different frequencies.

With 25 watts of power and active crossover technology, there is no need to worry about its clarity. The sound is clear enough to understand music lyrics and movie dialogues.

The sound is rich no matter what you hear, whether pop music or classical music. Even if you hear instrumental music, the sound will be realistic.

The speaker’s sound is better than expected considering the price and quality. Logitech has done an amazing job on the product.

Sturdy Built Quality

For a speaker, the build is super important too. What good is a product if it cannot last for long?

The speaker is built without compromise. The materials used are durable and strong. These speakers will provide you with service for a long time.

Well Designed

The speakers are of a compact and beautiful design. They look as good as some expensive speakers, and the size is also not big.

They will fit in tight spaces, so you do not need to worry about having a small place to keep them. The design will not get ruined for years as they have a great finish.

About The Components


The subwoofer of the Logitech Z313 is responsible for its deep and clean bass. The subwoofer is bigger than the satellites, but it’s still compact. It has a good frequency response and delivers a good bass level that is not boomy.

Satellite Speakers

Even though the 2 satellite speakers are small, they deliver big. They are small but compact enough to deliver great sound and amazing stereo imaging.

Control Pod

The control pod included in the package has a power button and volume control dial. The pod looks simple but not shabby. The pod also has a headphone jack on it.

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Logitech Z313: Gaming Performance

As the love for games is spreading, you might be here to look for a budget speaker that is good for gaming. Well, look no further.

The Z313 speaker system is not recommended for gaming in particular, but it surely is up for it.

The thing about gaming is that a major part of its essence lies in its sound. For example, shooting games are not fun if you cannot hear the gunfire. Similarly, fighting games are no fun if you can’t feel the blow with its sound as it hits the opponent.

Talking about the gaming performance of Z313, I would not say that it’s brilliant or something. But it surely is good.

The speakers have decent bass and clear audio, which is good enough for you to enjoy some combat in action games.

Talking about shooting games, the ability to locate enemies is what you might look for in a speaker. Z313 is not the best at it, but it is alright.

It will be good enough to hear footsteps and locate the enemies, but the accuracy and precision are not great. Pinpointing is not something you will be able to do, rough estimation will be the limit here.

But it is fine if you ask me, as other speakers at this price cannot offer brilliance too. I played shooting games with it and did not feel it holding me back. As long as you are playing just for enjoyment, it will suffice.

Coming back to the bass again, it is good for enjoying action games, but you will feel that it is not deep enough to enjoy to the fullest.

Still, considering the price into the equation, it offers a lot. From personal experience, I enjoyed playing action games a lot with this speaker. I can certainly say that it will not disappoint you.

So, Logitech Z313 is up to the mark for gaming as long as it is for enjoyment only. It is not for tournament-level gaming.

Wired Speaker
Wired Speaker

Should You Buy Wired Speakers?

This is a very important question. A wireless speaker system is surely better than a wired speaker system. Still, you won’t be at a disadvantage if the speaker fulfills your needs.

Well, the first thing is sure that it restricts the movement of the connected device. For example, if you connected your mobile to the speakers and are watching a movie, you will surely feel limited freedom of movement.

Another thing is that if you would like to play music and sit far from the speakers for whatever reason, you could not. This is because you would have to change the music for which you have to be near the device.

Well, I have said all there is to it. You can see that a wireless speaker is more convenient to use. Still, it may be possible that you don’t find having a wire troublesome.

Moreover, a Bluetooth connection also has a range. Even with a Bluetooth speaker, you have to be nearby. So, if wires do not pose much of a hassle, you should surely check out the Z313 speaker system.

Z313 Laudable Features

Compact Design

If you see the speakers, they are well-made and compact. They can fit into tight spaces, which gives you more set-up options.

Even if they are small, they surely deliver amazing sounds. The very first moment I heard them, I was super impressed.

The subwoofer offers powerful and clean bass for its size. The satellite speakers are also perfect. They will surely let you have an exciting experience.

Handy Control Pod

The wired control pod comes in very handy. When you want to crank up the music volume, you find the control in your hand.

It also lets you dial down the volume quickly in case the sound is too loud. It’s convenient to be able to change the volume instantly.

Not just this, the built-in headphone jack on the control pod lets you have a private music session. Mostly low-budget speakers lack inconvenience, but not Logitech Z313.

Super Easy Setup

The setup does not involve any hassle of configurations and sound cards and stuff. All you need to do is plug in a subwoofer to a socket, attach satellites to the subwoofer, and connect a device via 3.5mm input.

This takes less than a minute. This easy setup makes the speaker pretty convenient to use.

What People Complaint About

  • No Bluetooth connectivity: There are reviews about the product where people mention that there are many speakers with Bluetooth that they can buy at the same price. I surely agree, but do not forget that Z313 speakers deliver better audio than most speakers at this price.
  • No way to change bass level: I agree that there is no way to modify bass levels with Z313 speakers. I know that they can not offer everything considering their price, but there are way too few controls provided.
  • Full-range sound is not perfect: Logitech made a low-budget product offering great audio at most frequencies. But there is room for improvement here. You can hear distorted sounds at higher volumes. Still, it is not that much to worry about.

Z313: Pros and Cons


  • Clear audio
  • Fairly deep bass
  • Rich sound
  • Active crossover
  • Simple setup
  • Control pod
  • Affordable


  • No control for the bass level
  • No Bluetooth

Top Pick

logitech z313

Technical Specifications

  • Total Watt (RMS): 25 W
  • Satellite speakers: 2 x 5 W
  • Subwoofer: 15 W
  • Controls: Power button and volume control on the control pod
  • 3.5 mm input: 1
  • Headphone jack: 1
  • Configuration: 2.1
  • Weight: 480 g – total for two satellite speakers
  • Dimensions of Satellite: Height: 146.2 mm, Width: 89.4 mm, Depth: 81 mm
  • Dimensions of Subwoofer: Height: 228.4 mm, Width: 150 mm, Depth: 220 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg                                           

Warranty: 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Right Choice
Can I Buy Z313?

Is Logitech Z313 The Right Choice?

Well, this is a question only you can answer. Logitech Z313 is a wired full-range speaker system. It surely holds value for its price, but at the same time, if it cannot fulfill your needs, then it has no use for you.

The Z313 speakers offer a balanced sound with deep bass at most frequencies. The speaker system is well-built to offer service to you for years to come.

It is also good for gaming, as long as we are not talking professionally. It gives exciting experiences, whether music, a movie, or a game.

The speaker has no Bluetooth, so it has only a 3.5mm input. This means that you can only use it wired. This will restrict the device’s movement.

If you are okay with having a wired connection, then the Z313 speaker is surely worth considering. Personally speaking, it is surprising to find such great speakers at a low budget price. I could not find a better speaker at the same price.

Logitech Z313

The Z313 speakers offer a balanced sound with deep bass at most frequencies. The speaker system is well-built to offer service to you for years to come.

Logitech Z313 Review: FAQs

Is there a user manual included in the package?

Yes, there is a user manual inside the box. Although, you might not need it as they are super easy to set up.

How good is the Logitech Z313 speaker’s driver?

Z313 speakers have full-range 2-inch metal drivers with a rubber surround. They are good at such a price.

Do they come with a warranty?

Yes, the Z313 speakers come with a 2-year limited hardware warranty.

How To connect the speakers to a Television or Monitor?

Just plug in the cable from the subwoofer to the headphone jack on the TV. The jack generally is located at the back of the TV.

In The End, All We Can Say Is…

Logitech Z313 is a remarkable speaker system for its price. Logitech held to its reputation for creating brilliant products. It is surprising to find such a speaker at an affordable price.

The speaker offers great clarity and richness in its sound. They have great drivers and use the active crossover to deliver quality sound. The speakers offer a full range of sound, which means they offer great sound with minimum distortion at almost every frequency.

The bass is also deep and powerful, many cheap speakers offer boomy bass, but Z313 does not.
25 watts of power is also enough for different setups. The headphone jack on the control pod lets you have private listening.

The built quality is also great, the speakers will last long. They are beautifully designed to fit the background well.

Before buying, keep in mind that they do not have Bluetooth. You can only use them via 3.5 mm input.

I can confidently say that they are worth buying. They are affordable, offer big, and are a product of Logitech!

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