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JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90: Which Is More Powerful?

When it comes to party speakers, JBL and Sony are the obvious choices.

Their world-class products with bass-heavy sound can set your boring party on fire!

But who offers better sonic performance?

You will find this in our epic JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90 comparison below:

Which is Better in JBL Partybox 300 vs Sony XB90?

JBL Party Box 300 Bluetooth Speaker #1

JBL Party Box 300 Bluetooth Speaker Party Beast

  • It shakes your walls with louder sound thanks to its stereo sound response and bass boost mode buttons.
  • Its control settings help you master volume on the top, along with a Power Button and Music Play or Pause button.
  • You get an awesome LED Light feature with three modes: Meter, Pulse, and Party.
  • You get a larger battery with a 10400 mAh capacity that offers up to 18 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge.
  • It’s best for a Karaoke party with its DJ-like sound quality with an instrument and mic input along with the 45Hz-20kHz frequency response range.
Check PriceFull Review>>>
Sony GTK-XB90 Powered Bluetooth Speaker#2

Sony GTK-XB90 Powered Bluetooth SpeakerPunchy Bass

  • This is one of the loudest speakers on the planet thanks to its punchy loud sound, which can get up to 90dB at full volume.
  • You get a list of easy settings for volume control, a Power Button for adjustment, Music Play/ or Pause button, and Extra Bass features.
  • Its Infinity Mirror reflects lights to lift your spirits for the whole night!
  • You get 16h at volume level on a single charge with the stamina button to work in outdoor mode even at a low charge.
  • If this is not enough, you will enjoy supreme sound quality with TrueAudio+ and DSEE to enhance your audio connection. There is also a companion app with several sounds and party light buttons.
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Here is my quick assessment:

The JBL party speaker is popular for its amazing bass-heavy sound.

The Sony Bluetooth Party speaker offers high-tech features with a companion app for more functions. Its sonic performance is what makes party-goers go crazy.

But which of the two audio devices wins your choice?

Also Read:

We will reveal compare the two product specs in detail to find out.

JBL likes to reveal the pro features of its speakers, but Sony likes to keep things secret. So, you need to test Sony speakers yourself to determine whether it’s worth your money.

But you don’t have to go through all of that. We have figured them out already.

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin our Bluetooth speaker review comparison.

JBL Partybox 300 Review: Is it the Best Party Speaker?

jbl partybox 300 vs sony xb90

Quick Specs

  • JBL Partybox 300 is well-known for its sonic performance and immersive louder sound.
  • You can put this JBL karaoke speaker horizontally or vertically as it has a rubber feet cushion on 3 sides.
  • Best for audiophiles who love the room-shaking stereo mode with the dedicated track buttons.
  • Mids and highs are clear and clean for a balanced sound. You will face no distortion in sound, even at a high volume.
  • You get a total of 18 hours of battery life on a single charge thanks to its large 10400 mAh capacity.
  • Advanced features include multipoint pairing for up to 2 JBL Party box speakers.

Party Box 300 JBL Review: Detailed Specs

Design and Build Quality

jbl 300
JBL 300 [Credit: Dev Thakkar, Product Tester]

This battery-powered outdoor speaker comes with a meshed metal grille and a plastic body with a rugged design. You can place the speaker vertically or horizontally as per your need. This is possible due to its rubber feet on 3 sides.

You can handle and control the speaker with a power button for volume control, LCD, play or pause music, and bass boost mode. These buttons are placed at the top of the speaker for your convenience.

Three LED light buttons and music playback controls are in this JBL Party box 300: Meter, Pulse, and Party mode. Find your best mode and rock the party like a pro!

In terms of design, it’s largely acceptable. You get a plastic body that is well-built, durable for long use and feels solid.

However, remember that JBL Partybox 300 is not waterproof, so don’t plan your parties near the water with this!

Audio Quality and Performance

JBL Party box 300 Audio Quality
It’s all bass!

Its power input is its bass-boost outdoor mode buttons with a frequency response range between 45Hz — 20kHz at max loudness. The speaker body has a passive bass radiator to adjust the EQ settings or speaker loudness.

Its audio input allows an amazing karaoke mode with continuous power. The party speaker has instrument input and a microphone to help you gain control over the karaoke function.

Here you get some detailed audio performance specs:

You can play the battery-powered speaker at max volume without suffering any distortion in its balanced sound quality. Its mids and highs are clear and clean for the best quality, louder sound.

Now, what does its decibel meter say?

Its max volume reaches up to 126dB, close to 63 decibels.

Overall, whether it is indoor mode or outdoor party, this JBL speaker’s sonic performance never leaves you disappointed.

However, its soundstage performance is pretty mediocre. The output is not natural or wide as the soundstage is narrow and directional.

Connectivity Options

Party box 300 Connectivity
Bluetooth and more!

The JBL Partybox 300 has a USB input for a stable connection with your smartphone device and other JBL speakers. This USB feature enables JBL to score over Sony in this epic comparison.

You can pair up to 2 JBL speakers, which work best when you want to switch between devices easily. However, the performance may not be good for watching movies on your smart TV or phone due to latency issues.

Its connection versatility options range from analog inputs to Bluetooth-enabled devices to audio jack, Aux, RCA input, and 1/4-inch mic and guitar input.

Its USB jack input supports WMA, MP3, and WAV music files.

Amazing Battery Features

JBL Battery Features
Don’t Miss These!

Party Box 300 has a larger rechargeable battery with a huge 10400 mAh capacity. It takes only 5 hours for a full charge. Once charged, the extended battery runs up to 18 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge at a moderate volume level of 60-70% volume.

Use the LED battery status indicator through the lights above the power button to check the live battery status.

But beware! This JBL speaker takes a while to charge, so make sure it’s 100% loaded before the party begins!


This JBL Speaker is tall and heavy, which makes it less portable. It’s better not to use the speaker in multiple locations or use it frequently.

Talking about its positives, this JBL Speaker has a handle to make it easy to carry. Plus, it can work without a wired power source.

Additional Features

JBL Party Speakers Additional Features
There’s a lot more to delight!

Its advanced settings include control and adjust buttons on the right and left panels that can set your mood up!

Party box JBL speakers are known for their dazzling party light feature in their stereo mode. JBL Party box 300 has 3 in-built modes for party atmosphere: Meter, Pulse, and of course, the Party Mode.

There is also a bass-boost button to create the chest-thumping effect and enhance bass punch in louder sound output.

Its pairing button allows connection to up to 2 JBL karaoke speakers using the True Wireless Studio feature. The JBL Music Companion App can be used to adjust EQ settings.

This makes it worth its price range.

Who Is JBL PartyBox 300 For?

It’s ideal for musicians thanks to its guitar amps and brilliant microphone.

Again, its balanced mid-range reproduces lead instruments and vocals clearly.

It can get very loud with an 18.3-hour-long battery life, making it ideal for indoor mode or outdoor parties. However, it is water, dust, or impact-resistant, so use it carefully outside your house.

You can use them to watch your favorite movies and YouTube videos. You will not feel the deep rumble in action-packed scenes as its output lacks low bass, and your real-world experience may vary regarding latency.

But the sound quality at max loudness can seal your deal.

Along with this, you can also stream your favorite podcasts or music from Amazon Music from your Bluetooth device (like phone or tablet) wirelessly to the bar, and it supports multi-device pairing.

I love listening to podcasts on the move, on the train, or as I do household chores. But this speaker is very big for such an experience. Again, it’s not compatible with Wi-Fi either.

Overall, you can enjoy multiple uses of these speakers but with limitations.

JBL PartyBox 300 Pros and Cons: Is the JBL Bluetooth Speaker Good?

Partybox 300 Pros and Cons
Here Is The Truth!


  • Bass-powered, balanced audio performance with stereo sound output makes it ideal for DJ music indoors or outdoors.
  • Its larger rechargeable battery has a 10400 mAh capacity and can run up to 18 hours of Continuous Playtime at moderate volume on a single charge.
  • Use its LED Battery Status to check your battery percentage during its performance in the day.
  • Equipped with mic and instrument power input for your amazing karaoke party
  • You get an Advanced Speaker with three Built-In LED Light features
  • Power Button for easy volume control, playback adjustments, and its overall sonic performance to justify its price.


  • No Near Field Communication Feature.
  • Not suitable to carry during travel as a portable party speaker.
  • No JBL Connect Feature

Best Bang For Your Buck!

Even the most critical customer review praises its bass and really loud sound and gives it 3 out of 5 stars. That’s the sound and performance you expect from JBL Party Box 300. Plus, you get a powerful 18 hours battery on a single charge for all bass lovers and party freaks.

Your FAQs Answered: Is The JBL Partybox 300 worth it?

Can You Connect JBL Party Box 300 To Other Speakers?

Sadly, PartyBox 300 doesn’t have the JBL Connect feature.

But it does have the True Wireless Stereo Option.

You can use them to connect 2 Partybox 300 Speakers by simultaneously holding down the BT button on both speakers for 5 seconds.

How Long Does JBL Party box 300 Last?

This JBL speaker does take a while to charge.

But once it does, you can expect the extended battery to last for close to 24h of playtime at a moderate volume level, which in one word, is amazing.

The best part?

You can play the speaker while it’s on a charge thanks to its AC cable.

Use the LED battery status indicator through the lights above the power button to monitor its battery life during its usage during the day.

Which Is Better, JBL Party Box 300 or Partybox 100?

Partybox 100 vs 300

This might surprise you, but the real winner is JBL Partybox 100.

There are plenty of reasons for this:

Firstly, it’s more portable and better built, thanks to its smaller size.

Its soundstage performance is also better than the Partybox 100 counterpart. This is added with a more balanced sound profile for quality neutral music listening.

But Partybox 300 has a longer battery life. It also suffers from less compression at maximum volume.

How Do I Reset My JBL Party box 300?

Follow this step-by-step process:

1) Press and hold the Power Button to turn the device on.

2) You must press and hold the Play/Pause and Volume+ buttons together for 10 seconds.

3) If the device turns off, turn it on by pressing the Power Button again.

4) And you are all set! Your JBL 300 speaker has been reset.

How Loud Is JBL Partybox 300?

Is JBL Speaker loud enough

Short Answer: Yes, Partybox 300 is suitable for your favorite loud parties thanks to its loud decibel meter.

It can simply blast music with a crazy bass response at very high volumes.

Plus, you get an instrument input and a microphone to amplify.

Or you can use it as karaoke to have a good time with your friends.

How Long Does It Take To Charge JBL Party box 300?

I said earlier that JBL Speaker does take a while to charge.

Here is what I meant in exact terms:

The Bluetooth speaker takes a total of 5 hours for a complete charge.

You get a whole house of connections for 3.5 mm aux, RCA input, and USB connections on the input panel at the back of the speaker for charging purposes.

And yes, once it gets charged, you enjoy an amazing 24h of playtime. Get it charged and enjoy the beats 😉

Is JBL Partybox 300 Waterproof?

I have an interesting answer for you:

JBL is decently built for outdoor use with an 18.3-hour battery life on a single charge and loud sound.

But it is not waterproof or even dust or impact resistant.

So, use it outside with caution!

Sony GTK-XB90 Review: Is it the Best Outdoor Speaker?

Sony Loud Speakers

jbl partybox 300 vs sony xb90

GTK-XB90 Quick Specs

  • The GTK-XB90 has a larger woofer than its JBL counterpart, with a deeper, punchier, bass-heavy sound for pop music.
  • Sony offers better speaker control settings than JBL. It features a Stamina Button for Outdoor mode when the battery is low.
  • This portable party speaker is best for jazz lovers (in outdoor mode) as it offers Clear Audio+ for balanced sound quality and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) for sonic performance and louder sound.
  • The sound in the XB90 can get around 90dB loud for thumping stereo sound.
  • Sony’s pairing button allows multipoint pairing for up to 10 Sony Speakers, unlike the 2 pairing limits in JBL for more powerful sound at parties.
  • This Sony Outdoor Speaker has a decent battery capacity which offers up to 16h at volume level on a single charge.

GTK-XB90 Sony Review: Detailed Specs

Design and Build Quality

Sony GTK-XB90
Sony GTK-XB90 [Credits: Dev Thakkar, Product Tester at Swing Vertigo]

In terms of design, this high-tech Sony Bluetooth speaker has a mesh metal grille with a textured hard plastic body. Rugged design, as you would say.

The GTK-XB90 is ideal for EDM parties or large get-togethers.

The case design of the XB90 is a sealed bass cabinet, and there is a good reason for that. Sony knows parties are better enjoyed outdoors, and a ported design will allow all the dirt and debris to get inside the case.

You will get power input panels containing a power button for volume control, party light, Extra Bass, and answer a call with buttons at the top of the speaker. There are buttons to adjust Wireless Party Chain as well.

The face of the speaker is covered in a metal mesh grille. Its drivers consist of:

  • 3 Tweeters (2.36-inch) with one set on top, one on the left, and one on the bottom
  • 2 Woofers (7.09-inch) positioned over and under the speaker body

The lights of this speaker are fully programmable and can go through phase transitions from blue to green to purple. You can also set the lights to adjust in response to the music automatically.

Cool, isn’t it?

Then, of course, there is the Music Play or Pause Button. Its Stamina mode button can save your day while you are using the speaker outdoors when the battery is low.

Overall, you get better controls to adjust features in the Sony GTK-XB90 for a supreme sonic performance.

Audio Quality and Performance

Sony XB90 Sound performance
Just what the party ordered!

The Sony speaker has a slightly larger woofer with the bass, which is undoubtedly deep and punchy compared to JBL!

It is one of the loudest speakers, with a decibel meter measuring close to 126dB of volume, making it perfect for blasting rock music. It’s 90 decibels, to be exact.

Here are some of its detailed audio performance specs:

  • The extended frequency range gives the party freaks a chance to dance to the tunes of pop music!
  • The Bluetooth-enabled devices support mic audio input. It offers DSEE for stereo output and ClearAudio+ for balanced sound quality and sonic performance.
  • Overall, these speakers are meant for party music, not audiophile listening. This is mainly because the soundstage is very narrow, and the instrument separation is not great at all!

Connectivity Options

Sony Connectivity Options
Let’s Find out!

The Sony Bluetooth speaker has a micro USB port, in-built microphone, audio jack analog inputs, and RCA input for its connection versatility options.

Use the pairing button to connect to a whopping 10 Sony speakers simultaneously!

Its LDAC Bluetooth feature ensures you get the best sound on a wireless connection.

Again, on the top, you get an NFC (Near-Field Communication) logo so you can pair it with your Android phone quickly and easily. You can also pair it with the standard Bluetooth menu on your mobile device.

Amazing Battery Features

The Sony GTK-XB90 has a powerful battery capacity that offers music playtime of up to 16 hours at moderate volume (60-70% volume) with a stamina button feature for extended battery usage for up to 5 hours.


Unlike the JBL speakers, Sony XB90 is an amazing, self-contained portable speaker.

So you can easily do it frequently and place the speaker in multiple positions to get the best experience. They are fully Bluetooth-enabled, as you already know; pairing any BT device with a playlist is very easy.

Plus, the bottom and the right of the speaker have 4 rubber feet which help you to lay the speaker down sideways. Easy hold on the top and a button so you can carry the speaker with one or both hands.

Additional Features

Sony XB90 additional features
This will set your deal

The advanced features of this Sony Speaker include a mobile app for adjusting extra bass and applying DJ effects, adding to its sonic performance.

There is also an Infinity Mirror to reflect lights in a way that electrifies the whole party atmosphere.

You can also adjust EQ settings and mix frequencies in these popular music genres:

  • Hip-Hop
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Salsa
  • Flat
  • Electronic Dance Music, and many more.

Music lovers get some advanced settings in the form of standard SPP with Android phones or use iAP over Bluetooth if you have an iPhone. The speaker’s lights are programmable by two different apps: Fiestable and Sony Music Center.

There are no real accessories with GTK-XB90, as everything comes built-in. However, you get the following:

  • Three manuals (instructional, operating, and quick set-up)
  • A/C Power Cord

Who Is GTK-XB90 For?

Short Answer: For Parties, indoors and outdoors.

These loudspeakers are for you if you love throwing amazing parties in your backyard. This Sony Speaker is for you if you want to decorate your living room and have frequent get-togethers with light rap music over drinks.

It is built for networking and portability with other devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

It’s easy to set up and easily sync with other devices. You can watch your favorite movies, play your favorite podcasts or connect to 8 Sony Speakers for an epic party altogether!

Plus, this advanced speaker gives you some nice touch controls on the right and left panels.

However, its battery is not as strong as the JBL one. Customers call its DJ App to be made for kids.

Again, like the JBL Speaker, Sony GTK-XB90 is not waterproof.

So it is better not to use it for rainy parties and keep it away from jello wrestling rings and slip-n-slide.

Sony GTK-XB90 Pros and Cons: Is the Sony Speaker Good?

Sony XB90 Pros and Cons
Here’s the Complete Picture!


  • App and power button to apply DJ effects to the sound and adjust extra bass for a balanced sound quality from your mobile device.
  • Offers DSEE and TrueAudio+ for sonic performance and louder sound close to 126dB volume.
  • The Stamina button feature to play music in outdoor mode when the built-in battery is low.
  • Perfect Bluetooth speaker for stereo mode with an infinity mirror to reflect lights to last the party night!
  • It offers a hassle-free wireless connection to make it worth its price range.


  • No Waterproof or Splash-proof.Design.
  • No micro USB port for better connectivity versatility.

Loudest Speaker From Sony!

You get all you want for great parties; deep bass with a loud sound. Again, the speaker is not too heavy to carry, and you can charge them quickly. Plus, you get flashy lights that look cool in the dark!

Your FAQs Answered: Is Sony GTK-XB90 worth it?

How Loud Is Sony GTK-XB90 Bluetooth Speaker?

Sony XB90 is one of the loudest speakers available right now.

At its maximum volume, it hovers around the low to mid-90s range.

Tweeters are large, sharp, and clear. The bass is extremely punchy and deep, with extra bass-setting thumps.

Its loud sound helps you to do one simple thing: Party hard.

How Do I Turn Off The Lights On My Sony GTK XB90?

Short Answer: Use The Lighting Button.

Although it is pretty obvious, here is how to do it:

Turn on the system to see the (power) indicator lighting up in green.

Holding the lighting button for more than 3 seconds causes the lights to turn on/off.

For more details, check out this Sony Help Guide.

Why Does My Sony GTK Speaker Keep Turning Off?

The answer: Because of its automatic power-off function.

This battery-saving feature turns off your device after 15 minutes of inactivity only when the audio input level is low.

To stop this auto turn-off, turn up the volume on your playback device (iPod, Walkman, etc.) and on your portable speaker.

How Do I Reset My GTK XB90?

To do this while it is being powered by a built-in battery, you need to:

Push and hold the RESET button until the Power Indicator turns off.

And remember:

The function, volume, and EXTRA BASS settings may differ after resetting.

But your pairing information is not deleted.

How Do I Connect My GTK XB90 With My Phone?

As said earlier, you can connect GTK XB90 with up to 8 Smartphones connected with Bluetooth.

But before I begin the step-by-step procedure, make sure you place your phone within 1 m of the speaker.

Your portable party speaker should be sufficiently charged before the pairing. Also, stop playback on your phone to avoid a sudden loud output from the XB90.

Now, you are all set. Here are the steps to follow:

1) Turn on your Speaker.

2) Press and hold the BT Pairing Button until the Bluetooth indicator flashes quickly in white, and you hear the beeps from your speaker.

3) Perform the pairing task on your phone to detect the Sony Speaker.

(If a passkey is required, enter “0000”)

4) Finally, make the Bluetooth connection from your phone. When done, your Sony speaker’s Bluetooth indicator stays lit.

How Many Watts Are There On GTK-XB90?

Remember I told you about the wattage rating in my buyer guide above?

The more wattage, the louder the sound, subject to other ratings.

And this Sony Party Speaker is 470 watts, making it the loudest Speaker ever made by Sony.

This makes it your go-to choice for outdoor parties.

How To Select Your Best Bluetooth Speaker: 7 Points To Look For Epic Parties

Party Speakers Buying Guide
Party Speakers Buying Guide

Before we declare our winner in the Sony xb90 vs JBL Partybox 300, it will be important for us to know what exactly to look for while buying a party speaker.

This is because if our priorities are clear, we can find those audio devices that electrify the atmosphere with their ecstatic sound.

Again, since we are investing our hard-earned money, we want our Bluetooth party speaker to serve other purposes, like watching movies or podcasting.

I don’t want you to believe that only price judges the quality of your device. Here are the features to look for:

#1: Is It Good For Indoor Use?

Indoor Use Of Bluetooth Speakers
Here’s what you need to know

Indoor parties are those small get-togethers you can have with your friends. Snacks and drinks with your favorite pop music running in the background. Best ingredients for a perfect evening, isn’t it?

But for that to happen, you need to:

Say a big NO to the towering speakers. They overkill your small events and sabotage small social talks with your friends.


Instead, go for a low-wattage speaker that occupies just a little space in the corner of your room so that your sweet party continues to be pleasant.

But hey, what is wattage?

#2: Your Deal With The Speaker’s Wattage

Speaker’s Wattage
Let’s set the records straight!

To put it in simple terms:

The wattage rating of your speaker tells you how loud the sound can get. The general rule suggests that a 1-watt can fill 1 square meter of indoor space.

Now, I know what you will say. Get a party speaker with the highest wattage rating for a blasting sound.

It’s not as simple as the advertisers claim.

Look for other ratings like RMS to know how loud sound your speaker can play on a single stretch without overheating or damaging itself in some other way.

There is never 1 single rating to judge the quality of anything that exists: whether devices or people.

#3: What About My Outdoor Party?

Speakers For Outdoor Parties
Break The Walls!

Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about your backyard adventure and all the fun it comes with.

In the end, everyone cannot be a nerd like me! Just opposite what I said about indoors, look for speakers with the highest rating for all the outdoor fun.

This is because the open space absorbs the sound vibrations, and you fail to hear your favorite DJ songs in the very loud way you want to hear.

Here is the deal:

Choose your Speaker with a high RMS for the best outdoor performance.

#4: Where Is All The Battery Gone?

Check For Battery Issues In Your Bluetooth Speaker
No Battery, no music!

No matter whatever electronic device you choose, this question keeps on haunting us.

So, let’s address this question as our priority.

Firstly, you need to decide where to use your Bluetooth speaker on any normal day: indoors or outdoors.

More outdoor usage will use more battery capacity.

Next, are you planning to buy your own speaker for occasional parties or everyday affairs?

What would be your volume level on each usage?

If you are planning to buy speakers for heavy outdoor usage, use portable speakers with rechargeable batteries.

And don’t forget to check its total battery life on a single charge.

(Or else you spend an additional cost to buy a power bank)

Pro Tip: Don’t just check the details the manufacturer provides. Try to look for verified customer feedback to get the real battery life of your speaker on a single charge.

#5: No Wires, Please!

Wireless Speakers Are The Best!
Wireless Speakers Are The Best!

This seems to be the mood of every next-gen music lover. Wireless seems to be the new trend in electronics.

Also, without the wireless feature, operating a speaker can be difficult. I mean, who likes to interrupt a friendly chit-chat in between to adjust the volume or lights?

The truth is:

Wireless features in your Bluetooth speaker make playing music much easier. So, keep this in mind while buying your next one.

#6: Love The Pair?

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers Are Great!
Yes, we do!

You have planned a big party and have decided to play the same music in different rooms.

Who fulfills your task?

The pairing feature of your Bluetooth speaker. So, check how many speakers you can pair with the party speaker you want to buy.

#7: Say No To Water, Dust, and Shocks!

Go For Waterproof Speakers!
Pool Parties Here, I Come!

The pool party fans know very well what I mean. Your backyard party was in full swing when one drizzle stopped it altogether.

Irritating, isn’t it?

Hence, it is better to choose a waterproof speaker rated as splash-resistant. Again, dust can also cause problems on outdoor outings.

So make sure your speaker can handle dust well. Finally, checking for a shockproof rating guarantees that some accidental falls don’t spoil your fun time with friends!

Along with these checkpoints, you retro party freaks will like to see whether the Bluetooth speaker offers AM/FM features for their favorite radio programs.

OK, now you know how to scan among multiple manufacturers to know what you need for your perfect speaker.

So, let’s find out our winner in this JBL vs Sony speaker comparison:

Sony XB90 vs JBL Partybox 300: Which Is Best Overall?

Who Wins In JBL vs Sony Comparison
This was a close fight, indeed!

To answer this question, let’s examine the pros and cons of JBL and Sony speakers side-by-side.

JBL Party box 300’s built-in battery offers 18 hours of usage on a single charge, whereas Sony XB90 has a battery capacity to run for 16 hours on a single charge. However, the Sony speaker has a stamina button feature for its outdoor mode usage at a low charge.

JBL has LED battery status to keep your usage in check.

JBL speaker has a USB port to connect other devices, whereas Sony GTK-XB90 doesn’t have a USB-Input feature. On the other hand, the Sony speaker has an NFC feature which the JBL speaker doesn’t have.

Sony Speakers are one of the best-sounding speakers available on the planet, both for indoor mode and outdoor usage.

Its dedicated track buttons offer great customization and the sonic performance we all love.

I prefer the JBL Party box 300 as a better Bluetooth speaker for its thumping louder sound and bass-boosted output. However, the final choice is yours, Sony, whose balanced sound output isn’t far behind!

Here I end my extensive comparison between Sony and JBL loudspeakers.

Now, I am heading over to you.

Which one will you choose?

Is it the option I suggest or the portable party speaker GTK-XB90?

Do tell me in the comments below.

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