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Best IEM Under 100: 13 Unbeatable Choices🔥

We have rounded up the best IEM under 100 in this article. This will help you narrow down the IEM that’s right for you.

Yes, you are in the right place if you are searching for a budget IEM. A well-built IEM doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find a lot of choices around.

So let’s get started.

🏆Best IEM Under 100: Our Top Choices

Shure SE215- K#1

Shure SE215- K

  • Attractive design with gold-plated MMCX.
  • Strong build with a reinforced durable cable.
  • Good and comfortable sound sleeves.
  • Easy to use and very lightweight.
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KZ AS10#2


  • It contains five balanced armatures.
  • Comfortable look and feel.
  • Professional and functional in-ear design.
  • 3D printing technology.
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MEE Audio M6 Pro#3

MEE Audio M6 Pro

  • Attractive design with a sweat-resistant feature.
  • Comes with a good and safe carrying case.
  • Long, flexible memory wire along with ear hooks.
  • Good noise cancellation.
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Sennheiser IE 40 Pro#4

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

  • Good quality sound.
  • Comfortable for a long duration.
  • Properly designed ear hook.
  • Minimal acoustic stress.
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1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphone#5

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphone

  • Attractive design with comfortable ergonomics.
  • Well-balanced and separate dynamic driver.
  • It comes with Intelligent control technology.
  • Strong, lengthy, and durable wire.
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  • It comes with a 12-month limited warranty.
  • Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Hybrid Driver of 10 mm.
  • High-quality cable.
  • The mirror-polished metal shell gives an outstanding look.
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  • Comfortable in-ear experience.
  • Thin and sleek design.
  • Well-balanced sound quality.
  • Detachable cable.
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FiiO F9#8

FiiO F9

  • Mic and remote compatibility with Android software.
  • 28 ohms with 106 dB sensitivity.
  • A triple-driver monitor hybrid system.
  • Detachable cable.
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KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor#9

KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor

  • Ergonomic and aggressive design.
  • PE compound tuning feature.
  • 5BA+ 1DD Hybrid system.
  • Comfortable and long-lasting.
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Final Audio E2000#10

Final Audio E2000

  • Thin and sleek wire.
  • Good audio quality.
  • It comes with high-definition sound supporting a 6.4 mm dynamic driver.
  • Minimalistic inspired design.
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  • It comes with wireless charging.
  • Certified with IPX7 waterproof technology.
  • Good battery backup with 10+70 hours of playtime.
  • Good quality audio.
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FiiO FA1#12

FiiO FA1

  • Purely detachable MMCX.
  • Long-lasting and good build quality.
  • Comfortable for long hours of usage.
  • Well-balanced sound.
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CCA C10#13


  • 3.5 mm detachable cable.
  • Good noise cancellation.
  • Durable shell made of zinc alloy.
  • High Resolution with 4BA 1DD HiFi.
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Table Of Contents

A Quick Sneak-Peek Of Our Review Results of 13 Best Budget IEMs!

ProductSound QualityBuild and DesingBass BoostComfortAdded Features
Shure SE215-K9/1010/109/1010/108/10
KZ AS109/1010/1010/1010/108/10
MEE Audio M6 Pro8/109/109/109/109/10
Sennheiser IE 40 Pro10/109/109/109/109/10
1MORE Triple Driver9/109/109/1010/108/10
BLON BL039/1010/1010/1010/108/10
Linsoul TIN Audio T210/109/1010/109/109/10
FiiO F99/108/1010/108/109/10
KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor10/109/109/109/108/10
Final Audio E20008/109/109/1010/109/10
Lypertek Tevi TWS9/1010/1010/109/1010/10
FiiO FA19/108/1010/108/109/10
CCA C108/109/1010/108/1010/10

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Detailed Reviews of Top 13 Budget IEMs In 2023 [Updated]

Now, let’s head over to the detailed reviews of hand-picked choices.

Is Shure SE215-K Any Good?


  • Good sound quality.
  • Attractive design and build quality.
  • Comfortable wear.


  • Unbalanced sound

The SE215 still is one of the most comfortable IEMs that do an excellent job isolating sound. They are thinner, and when they are in your ear, they sit deep, so you can also lay your head on the side of a pillow, and it does not feel uncomfortable.

Looking at the SE215, most people now consider them outdated and overpriced. Because there are many other options on the market for cheaper, many Chinese IEMs have much better sound quality.

Which can be found for even half the price of the SE215; they do sound much better in certain areas.

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These are still probably the most comfortable than other earphones. Because they are so lightweight and thin now, from experience, they are also durable and can take a pretty big beating. The body itself is strong. It’s made of some kind of plastic, but the part that tends to break the easiest is the nozzle.

They still have that warm dark bass emphasize sound with the treble rolled off. It’s enjoyable and easy to listen to, and its never fatiguing sound stage is still narrow. If you’re considering buying the SE215 nowadays, it depends on your tastes and what you’re purchasing it for.

You get a solid Bluetooth cable and a comfortable and isolating pair of earphones with a mediocre but smooth sound. Most importantly, you get quick customer service, which is pretty favorable.

Shure SE215- K: Design and Build Quality

  • It comes with a 1.2m cable instead of the 1.6m cable on the standard edition.
  • You still get detachable durable cables; you still get extreme noise isolation.
  • The adverse profile fits a high-quality thick cable.
  • The SE215’s design is that the earphone’s nozzle is relatively thin, and it’s made out of plastic which could be a potential weak spot for the design.

Shure SE215- K: Sound Quality

Shure SE215- K Sound Quality
Shure SE215- K Sound Quality

The SE215 is very strong and promising in terms of noise isolation, especially for a dynamic driver earphone. Because it is such a completely sealed design, it blocks much external noise.

In terms of sound, the SE215 is a love-it-or-hate-it in-ear earphone. The sound is vibrant, very smooth, and even a bit sleepy. So the highs are pretty rolled off on the SE215, but overall it’s not a muffled-sounding earphone.

There’s still quite a ton of richness and detail in the vocals. It’s just very much an earphone that’s tailored towards a warmer or a darker sound.

Why KZ AS10 Is Such A Big Deal?


  • Perfect for daily use.
  • Good treble.
  • Accurate audio.


  • Quality issues with the wire.

They’ll be easy to pick up and start listening to because the bass is so punchy and rich, and expressive. But at the same time, you don’t lose details in the mid and highs.

If you’re an audiophile and have been browsing many forums, you’ve probably heard of this brand; they’re based in Shenzhen, China. They’ve been around for the past few years and are widely celebrated for making excellent sounds on your monitors.

Ten balanced armature drivers mean there are 5 per your phone; that’s much more than any other pair.

This makes sense with more different drivers; you’re technically able to create a more expressive sound. So maybe one is dedicated to the bass, so it should be loud and punchy, while another is dedicated to mids and another to highs. So you can have an excellent articulated and detailed sound.

They also come with a detachable cable, which is excellent because if Fry breaks, you can still replace it and continue using the earphones. There are tips for connecting to the earphones, and they also have a bendable wire that fits over the outside of your ears.

These are very lightweight, and the dimensions aren’t any more significant than regular pairs of IEM.

The bass is just so punchy and rich and expressive, but at the same time, you don’t lose details in the mids and highs. The trouble as well, So everything is just overly clear. Bass, in particular, so classically speaking, the IEM is an audiophile-grade type of earphone.

These are the flagship models for KZ; they’re still not expensive compared to more well-established brands. I mean, seventy bucks for something innovative in its driver setup; it’s still worthwhile.

KZ AS10: Design and Build Quality

These don’t come with memory foam or compiled tips by default, you can always use your own, however, and they also come with a detachable cable.  These also have a bendable wire that fits over the pinna of your ears.

The design of this IEM is average looking as far as the shape is concerned, made out of acrylic plastic, a teardrop shape to them.

 Their trance texture is cool; you can see the KZ logo and the printed PCB underneath.

They are very lightweight, and the dimensions aren’t any more significant than regular pairs of IEM.

KZ AS10: Sound Quality

KZ AS10 Sound Quality
KZ AS10 Sound Quality

It has different types of drivers, Which lets you technically sound more expressive. Perhaps one of these is dedicated to the bass, so it should be loud and punchy, while the other driver is dedicated to the mids, the other to the highs. So you will get an excellent clear and detailed sound due to this.

So everything is just highly articulated. The bass, so classically speaking, this IEM is an audiophile-grade earphone.

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Why Should You Buy MEE Audio M6 Pro?


  • Good noise cancellation.
  • Minimalistic and attractive design.
  • Good electronic music output.


  • Fiddly over-ear bits.

The m6 competes just elegantly and represents a solid bang for the buck.

These in-ear monitor-style buds arrive very well accessorized. Not only do you get different-sized ear tips, but you also get different styles of tips to try and guarantee the best possible fit, including some foam options you should be able to achieve comfort and a high degree of passive noise reduction.

The M6 featured detachable cables, and you get a simple studio cable and a microphone cable for your phone in the box, alongside a hard case to keep all your accessories stored safely.

The cables are well-shielded with memory hooks over each ear. The construction on a product like this is built for slightly different considerations than maximum consumer gear, but this kind of build benefits folks.

Those who aren’t professional musicians from studio used to the stage pros are hard on their gear, health and comfort are critical, and when something breaks, you should fix or replace it.

Their single driver buds pay a lot of attention to the mids while keeping the bass warm. The M6 lands on the generous side; there’s some low-end Eq bump, but not at the expense of mids; they’re not trying to be harshly accurate.

There is careful consideration of the whole soundscape balance being single drivers. A single driver is tasked within the low mids and upper bass. It prevents a lot of audio from getting harsh.

Suppose you’re looking for a warm even-handed sound profile, especially for acoustic and live sets, while also capable of driving some electronica and hip-hop.

MEE Audio M6 Pro: Design and Build Quality

  • These in-ear monitor-style buds come very well accessorized.
  • There are also different styles of tips to help you try and guarantee the best possible fit, some of which are included in the foam option.
  • The M6 featured detachable cables, and you get a simple studio cable and a microphone cable.
  • This will enable you to achieve a high level of comfort and passive noise reduction.
  • Cables are well protected with memory hooks.

MEE Audio M6 Pro: Sound Quality

M6 lands on the liberal side; It has some low-end Eq bumps but not at the cost of the mids; They don’t try to be rigorously accurate.; they are juicier.

You can say there is careful consideration of the entire soundscape balance being single drivers.
Overall the sound is pretty darn good.

What’s So Special About Sennheiser IE 40 Pro?


  • Comfortable.
  • Good build quality.
  • Accurate frequencies.


  • Less bass.

This monitor is aimed at professionals with a relatively neutral-looking sound signature and a fairly utilitarian build.

This monitor is aimed at professionals with a relatively neutral-looking sound signature and a fairly utilitarian build.

It’s a reasonably good-looking earphone, and it’s cool to see just how far you can go with something; this simple, it’s not the best build quality-wise; these are probably about on par with like $50.

It fits well, is secure, creates decent isolation, and it’s not fussy to fit.

Unlike a braided cable, it comes with a reasonably basic rubber or silicone cable.

This has a relatively flat sound signature; the bass is elevated with a flat sound signature.

If you like a fine thumpy bass, you’ll like it here, and it doesn’t sound especially Bumi or anything like that; it’s well done, and the mid-range is quiet and flat.

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro: Design and Build Quality

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro Design
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

  • It’s a fairly good-looking earphone.
  • It fits snugly and is secure; it makes excellent isolation, and it’s not too fussy to fit. The cable it comes with is a relatively basic rubber or silicone cable.
  • It has zero memory right when you coil this thing up and uncoil it; it lies perfectly flat.
  • The connector is exemplary; it does allow the earphones to swivel.

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro: Sound Quality

  • It has a relatively flat sound signature; The bass is quite high with a flat sound signature.
  • The mid-range is not sunken or missing. It is very present and flat.
  • The treble doesn’t sound spik.

Does 1MORE IEM Match Your Expectation?


  • Clear vocals.
  • Good bass effect.
  • Hybrid IEM


  • Poor soundstage.

Overall, such a pleasant, warm, enjoyable experience, and for this kind of price, I think it will be challenging to find something similar at this price point.

Three drivers are two balanced armature drivers in a separate dynamic driver to deliver an extremely accurate listening experience. Nothing gives those drivers a frequency response from 20 to 40,000 Hertz or a sensitivity of 99 decibels and any 32 impedance.

The earpieces are made from an aluminum or aluminum alloy with a nice sandblasted textured surface and silver. If you finish something a little bit different, rose gold as well.

They’ve incorporated a MEMS microphone that helps eliminate crosstalk and background static. They’re the world’s first THX-certified headphones that haven’t undergone rigorous techniques to ensure they reached the highest audio standards headphone market.

The headphones themselves have a lovely and minimal kind of milled body design, definitely looking delightful, and the sun-blasted finish adds a little extra touch and texture.

The cable and the triple drivers are Kevlar fiber, increasing the durability and tensile strength of its simple 3.5-millimeter connection. In the end, there’s no branding on that as well; it’s just fine and plain.

Regarding the soundstage they offer, it was a delightful experience to tell where each thing is coming from. The bass is pleasant, precise, and punchy for someone like a one-trick pony and Polaris.

Overall, such a pleasant, warm, enjoyable experience, and for this kind of price, I think it will be challenging to find something; that is the best bang for a buck at this price point.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphone: Design and Build quality

  • Its earpieces are made of an aluminum or aluminum alloy with a fine sandblasted textured surface.
  • Its cable and triple driver are made of Kevlar fiber that increases the durability and even tensile strength that goes to its 3.5-millimeter connection.
  • The cables are coated with rubber and get a little tangled.
  • They included foam tips that give a good seal in the ear canal.
  • These include a MEMS microphone that helps eliminate crosstalk and stabilizes the background.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphone: Sound Quality

  • You’ve got three drivers with two balanced armature drivers in a separate dynamic driver to deliver an extremely accurate listening experience.
  • The drivers give a frequency response from 20 to 40,000 Hertz and a sensitivity of 99 decibels and any 32 impedance.
  • They give great detail in separation; the bass is enjoyable, precise, and punchy for someone like a one-trick pony and Polaris.
  • The vocals are very clear and warm.

Why BLON BL03 Is A Hidden Gem?


  • Lightweight.
  • Good build quality.
  • Precise trebles.


  • Mediocre sound isolation

In terms of the response, it’s a fast response, so maybe for string instruments or some acoustic tracks, this shines. Overall, It’s best in the $50 range.

You get an amicable case in the package, especially for that price range, and it’s like a recycled material kind of case.

The design, especially in that price range, doesn’t look like a $30 design, so you have an all-metal build and also like the chromed design.

It’s also a removable cable, and it’s a two-pin connector. In terms of comfort, these are comfortable.

There’s some isolation; this is below average; this doesn’t seal well because you know light suction in the ear; it doesn’t go inside your ear that much. It’s like sitting on top of the air, so it doesn’t isolate that well. So if you’re looking for isolation, maybe this is not for you.

It’s moderately neutral-sounding; it still has some lightness or musicality because there’s a lot of punch here in the BL03.

The cymbals sound full, not thin, and have micro detail; overall, it’s also not super bright sounding. For those who like clarity in their life, this may be lacking for you; this is not the strength of the blow.

In terms of the response, it’s a fast response, so maybe for string instruments or some acoustic tracks, this shines.

BLON BL03: Design and Build Quality

BLON BL03 Design
BLON BL03 Design

  • The cable is detachable and has a glossy finish. It has additional soft tips, which is very nice.
  • It has plastic for an L plug at the top with a BLON logo and an organizer. In terms of comfort, these are comfortable.

BLON BL03: Sound Quality

  • You’re not going to be blocking out a ton of sound, so definitely not a very noise-isolating in-ear monitor.
  • It’s fairly neutral and smooth sounding, providing some warm ear and recessed highs.
  • It has a relatively neutral sound; it has some lightness or musicality as it has a lot of punch, vocals are delightful.

Why Linsoul Tin Audio T2 Steals Your “Soul”?


  • Decent sound quality.
  • Good build quality.
  • Adequate staging efficiency.


  • Poor treble.

Despite the price, it is a great-sounding earphone that provides great value.

It is made in the PRC, which is the People’s Republic of China. The cable it comes with is approximately four-foot lengths; it’s kind of an excellent braided style. Frankly, this is fancy for a $40 earphone and terminates in a little 3.5-millimeter jack.

They’re made out of all-metal housing. It’s moderately neutral, right with the mids present, you know it’s I wouldn’t say it’s a bright earphone, but the highs are favorable. The highs are sharp without being grating or shrill.

Talking about mids, it has outstanding sound quality that is very sharp and punchy. So, you know the vocals, and your music will sound great. It is a great-sounding earphone with great value, even despite the price.

LINSOUL TIN Audio T2: Design and Build Quality

The build quality is quite delicate; they’re made of all-metal housing. All-metal housing comes with a quiet cable.

The cable it comes with is approximately four-foot lengths; it’s kind of an excellent braided style.

LINSOUL TIN Audio T2: Sound Quality

  • It’s relatively neutral, right with the mids quite present.
  • The highs in it are very reasonable. The highs are very sharp, not grating or sharp.
  • These don’t have that emphasized bass, but there is very satisfactory quality, very sharp, and very punchy.
  • You will love the vocals and music in this.

Why FiiO F9 Is On Our List?


  • Satisfying comfort.
  • Definitive amount of bass and vocals.
  • Optimal sound and build quality.


  • Poor isolation of sound.

I would say that the sound is worth a hundred dollars and not anything more; it is passable in all areas without being problematic in any particular area. It doesn’t have any significant concerns.

It’s got portability, discretion, build quality, and sound quality locked down at a reasonable price. It’s got all the significant components one would want from an IEM without being too expensive.

It’s a bunch of small things that add up to an overall impressive package; portability on this device is easy.

In the box, you get a hard plastic carry case and six sets of ear tips of varying sizes, none of which are foam.

I think a small groove design on the outside is subtle and adds a decent texture and a pleasing look to the device without being wholly overstated.

FiiO F9 Design & Build Quality :

FiiO F9 Design
FiiO F9 Design

  • You will get a hard plastic carry case with six sets of ear tips of different sizes.
  • It has a slight notch design on the outside which is subtle and gives a decent look to the device without exaggerating a proper texture.
  • It’s a metal housing; it’s robust, so the build quality is impressive, right? The accessories are exceptional. The balance cable is an excellent addition.
  • The actual silicone tip is made of metal and does not bend or flex. It is significant compared to the ear canal, which is maybe on the smaller side. This is going to be uncomfortable.

FiiO F9 Sound Quality :

  • The treble response is reasonably satisfactory in terms of its output, delivery, texture, and detail.
  • The sound is slightly sibling, but all the other treble ranges, all the different singing frequencies, are suitable.

Why Do Drummers Love KZ ZSX IEM?


  • Works well with equalizers, Dolby, and THC.
  • Good microphone quality.
  • Highly professionally built.


  • Issues with vocals.

ZSX is very well-rounded; it’s excellent. Overall it sounds like a cliche to say that, but it is perfect and well-balanced.

It looks a lot more sophisticated in shape and has a brushed metal finish. It’s available in different colors as well since it’s well-built.

Its metal look is actually plastic with a brushed aluminum finish. You get 14 drivers, seven drivers per chamber, and a single dynamic driver with six balanced armatures on each chamber.

The bass on the ZSX is immaculate; It is not sloppy, and the ZSX is elegant in its presentation and very clean.

The treble is one of the strong points of the ZSX. The treble is very clean; there is an outstanding sparkle in the treble detail and sound separation.

KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor Design & Build Quality :

  • It looks like a metal body but is plastic which seems to have a brushed aluminum finish.
  • It has a total of 14 drivers, seven drivers per chamber, and on each compartment, you have a single dynamic driver coupled with six balanced armatures.
  • This looks a lot more sophisticated.

KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor Sound Quality :

KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor Sound Quality
KZ ZSX In-Ear Monitor Sound Quality

  • Its audio output is very well-rounded, and it’s terrific overall. It sounds like a clichĂ© to say that, but it is excellent and well-balanced.
  • The bass on this is immaculate, very tight, and reasonably punchy, but it’s also not precisely sloppy or anything like that. it’s elegant and tidy in its presentation.
  • They are fortunate and clean, and you get quite a lot of detail order out of the myths and the mids.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Lypertek Tevi?


  • Well-functioning buttons.
  • Certified IPX7
  • Decent battery backup.


  • Heating issues with the charging case.

The audio experience is decent for its price range.

It is made of plastic with a chrome accent on the front.; now, for the price that they’re offering this, it’s magnificent.

The plastic’s very generic; it doesn’t feel cheap; there’s quick charging 15 minutes charging gives you 2 hours of playback. Its microphones can turn on and pump out your environmental noise for safety and awareness.

The TEVI does an outstanding job of keeping everything intact without distortion and exaggerated frequencies. It has bass-heavy tracks and is too light for pop music.

LYPERTEK TEVI TWS Design & Build Quality

  • They are made of plastic with a chrome accent on the front-facing side.
  • This has a minimalist look and style, and the plastic is also very generic but doesn’t feel cheap.
  • The microphones can turn on and pump in your environmental noises for safety and awareness; it’s great for running.


  • The TEVI does an outstanding job of keeping everything intact without distortion and exaggerated frequencies.
  • It’s very light for bass-heavy tracks and pop music. There is a bit more fidelity and resolution in the mid-range.

Is Final Audio E2000 Your Final Choice?


  • Good build quality.
  • Apt for daily usage.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • No functional buttons.

The sound is pleasant and balanced, with an enjoyable bass bump, mids, and good highs. The E2000 is an excellent in-ear monitor for around $45.

This is a single dynamic driver in a tiny aluminum housing.,aluminum housing 1.2-meter cable, a non-replaceable cable.

This is worth pointing out, okay, so most of the other in-ear monitors to even similar prices have had replaceable wires.

Its metal housing is stainless steel instead of aluminum, giving it cool shiny steel that almost looks like chrome. This is a favorable monitor, especially for its price of around $45.

Final Audio E2000 Sound Quality

They have elevated bass and, generally, reasonably sparkly highs. The overall quality of the sound of the E2000 is satisfactory.

Final Audio E2000 Design & Build Quality :

  • The one thing that stands out that’s very different in the metal housing is stainless steel rather than aluminum, giving it a cool, glossy steel, almost chrome look.
  • It has a 1.2m cable, which is a non-replaceable cable.
  • They have a dynamic driver.

Is FiiO FA1 Really That Impressive?


  • Apt for professional usage.
  • Attractive design.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • No microphone.

It’s a single balanced armature driver in-ear monitor for under $100.

These don’t have a microphone. Some in-ear monitors have microphones for taking calls, but this is intended just for the audio experience. It’s not really for phone calls; it doesn’t have buttons, and it doesn’t have a ton of functions.

This is extremely clear as the sound signature is leaning towards the high in the mids; the bass itself doesn’t get emphasized. It does have that tight, quick punch to it, but for the most part, you’re going to feel.

These are intended for you to hear every little sound as far as vocals go; it sounds like you’re in the booth with the artists as far as acoustic guitars, you can listen to them hitting the strings, and you hear every little subtle sound.

Fiio FA1 Design & Build Quality :

  • The build is excellent; the comfort is fantastic.
  • You get a lot of different silicone ear tips.
  • The cable looks like a hanging cable that gets tangled easily.

Fiio FA1 Sound Quality :

It doesn’t take a lot to drive these, but their main focus seems to be clarity; this is extremely clear as far as the sound signature is leaning towards the high in the mids.

If you like music that is more instrument or vocal-driven, then Sean thinks that people who listen to you like hip-hop and pop and a lot more modern music will feel like the bass is lacking.

 It’s meant to hear every little sound as far as the vocals go. It’s like you’re in the booth with the cast.

The high in the mids, the bass itself doesn’t get emphasized.

Does CCA C10 Have Anything Significant To Offer?


  • Long-lasting.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Easy to carry and use on the go.


  • Poor vocals

For 30 bucks, this thing is doing quite a bit right if you want many drivers and you just really want to max out the amount of bass.

This is an air monitor from the company CCA. You’re getting four balanced armature drivers and one dynamic for that thumping bass, and frankly, that’s a lot to pack into a single ear, and especially that’s a lot to pack in for a $30 earphone.

If you want many drivers for the money, quite a few if you want a fair earphone for the money, it’s not a bad option.

There is some decent treble energy, slightly sibilant but not too much, and there’s more emphasis on the bass in the mid-bass, especially if you’re not into mid-bass.

It’s a bit booming, a little bit mid-bass. The instrument generally does a good job.

It’s just a cleaner sound that still has gotten an excellent sub-bass thump and cleaner treble.

The C10 punches hard across the entire EQ range. The low bass is thick; there’s a lot of Rumble. It’s not floppy. It’s not out of control, but I wish attacks on kick drums were just a touch sharper; this bass likes to roll in sustain; it doesn’t have that fast punch.

CCA C10 Design & Build Quality:

  • This has a typical brown cable.
  • It has a more rounded edge; it is more blocky, which is fantastic.

CCA C10 Sound Quality :

  • It sounds decent, which is the thing that I think stands out for me the most.
  • The C10 is the soundstage, and the instrument separation is pretty solid.
  • In the C10, you get clear vocal tremors, and that tight buzz in guitar distortion has delightful effects. The highs are clear and present.
  • They never fail on aggressively mixed tracks.

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Conclusion: What’s best for you?

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are generally used by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles to listen to music or hear a unique mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performances or recording studio mixing.

Audiophiles use In-ear monitors for both personal and commercial use. You should go through the specs of the IEMs very well so you can buy the best Iem under 100 dollars.

You can easily buy the best iem for yourself with the help of this list. All the IEMs in this list are of the best quality and provide excellent service. So choose the best Iem according to your requirement.

Best Budget IEM FAQs

Can you use in-ear monitors as earphones?

Yes, you can use in-ear monitors as earphones. But there will be a slight difference in the sound quality compared to regular earphones.

Do in-ear monitors protect hearing?

Yes, they will protect your ears from unwanted sounds. And will only deliver sounds with suitable frequencies.

Do you need an amp for IEMs?

No, you don’t.

How long can IEM last?

It depends on the usage; a good pair of IEMs can last three years if treated reasonably.

How do I keep IEMs clean?

You can clean your IEMs by using a microfiber cloth and a bit of alcohol with it.

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Best Iem under 100

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  1. IEMs are my favorite music listening device and I love the way you have shortlisted your recommendations to suit my budget needs. Your site is small but quite impressive. Continue doing the good work you do!

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