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Beats Solo Pro VS Studio 3: We Have A Winner!

You already know that Beats headphones are good. But what if you want the best choice from Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 comparison?

Well, the answer is not easy. And you may have been confused reading unrelated articles on the web.

Now you don’t have to worry! Your search ends here as we will provide a detailed comparison with popular FAQs so that you can find your best choice.

Let’s get started:

🤔Which is Better in Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 Comparison?

 Beats Solo Pro #1

Beats Solo Pro Portable ANC Wireless Headphones

  • High-Performance wireless ANC Bluetooth headphones
  • Transparency feature to help you stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Features Apple H1 headphone chip and Class I BT technology.
  • Users can find Android and iOS as their compatible devices.
  • The modern design with Apple’s proprietary cable Lightning cable takes 2 hours for a complete charge.
Check Price Full Review >>
Beats Studio 3 #2

Beats Studio 3 Fast Charging

  • Real-time audio calibration for the premium listening experience in all soundstages.
  • Allows up to 22 Hours of Battery Life on a single charge.
  • Fast Fuel 10-minute charging
  • In-built microphone to attend and manage calls hands-free.
  • It provides excellent background noise canceling ability making it ideal for use during gym or sports.
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🔎Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3: Who is worth the money?

Beats Studio3 vs Solo Pro are both models of the same headphone brand: Beats. Beats, which is owned by Apple Inc., is a reputed international brand of audio devices and is acclaimed by buyers and critics worldwide for its royal lightweight design, brilliant sound quality, sound profiles, and extended user comfort even during long usage.

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They come in a healthy price range, but they have established and grown a loyal customer base thanks to their awesome features.

Beats wireless headphones are a little expensive compared to their competitors, Sennheiser or Sony.

However, there is a reason for that.

Beats Headphones deliver ambient sound, and they specialize in Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) features.

Satisfied customers find themselves transported to a musical paradise with their pair of Beats wireless headphones.

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Another aspect where Apple-owned Beats over-ears ‘beat’ the rest is a strong battery capacity. They can fully support your marathon music sessions with ecstatic feelings and design.

Now, let’s explore the features of Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio 3 and analyze which version will provide the best value for its buyers.

Why not select your best beats overear here?

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📽️Before We Begin, Check Out This Video:

Beats Solo Pro VS Studio 3
Beats Studio3 vs Solo Pro

Beats On-Ear Headphones

solo pro vs studio 3

🕵️‍♀️Solo Pro Quick Specs

  • High-Performance portable ANC headphones for teens that effectively block environmental noise for a true audiophile experience!
  • This pair of headphones are equipped with transparency mode to help you stay aware of your surroundings while listening to your favorite playlists!
  • Easily compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones to attend phone calls and offer a true acoustic experience to all next-gen users.

🤨The Truth About Beats Solo Pro: Is It Good?

Solo Pro
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Beats Solo Pro feels fantastic with its lightweight design.

It satisfies your 2-hour comfort testing so that you can easily wear these pairs of headphones.

Its ANC feature works just like magic. Beats Pro cuts off background noise like it never existed.

The sound and microphone quality of Solo Pro Beats is simply amazing.

Here are some of the Solo Pro specs for your best choice:

Top Pick

Solo Pro Beats Wireless

🙂Solo Pro Key Features:

  • Works with real-time audio calibration to help its audiophile users efficiently block external noises for superior performance in all frequency ranges.
  • Its transparency feature naturally filters in more ambient noise in all sound stages so that users can receive high-quality volume from their surroundings.
  • This pair of headphones features Apple H1 Headphone Chip and Class 1 Bluetooth technology for wireless connection so that users can enjoy an extended range and face fewer dropouts.
  • Its powerful batteries allow up to 22 hours of playback time and 40 hours of standby time with Active Noise Cancellation and transparency turned off on a single charge.
  • Beats Pro offers 10-minute Fast Fuel Charging so you can easily use them during long travels to get the music going.
  • Features Auto On/Off feature when you fold and unfold this set of premium wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  • Powered by an advanced acoustic platform and noise-canceling feature to enable its audiophile users to immerse in their favorite playlists.

📦Solo Pro: What’s In The Box?

  • Beats Solo Pro Headphones
  • Carrying Soft Case
  • USB-A to Lightning Charging Cable
  • Manuals

🧐Who are Beats Solo Pro For?

Well, if you want to beat the noise and tune into deep neutral listening, Solo Pro is simply your go-to choice.

They have a fairly balanced sound profile and deliver sounds quite consistently.

So select your favorite playlist and immerse yourself for a nice evening!

They are good for office and commuting use also as they have a great ANC feature and a long continuous battery life.

Plus, you can use them for sports and fitness use although their fit is not comfortable for everyone.

But they are not designed for gaming so consider checking out our non-gaming headphone choices for a better gaming experience.

Again, they are not great for making phone calls either, as their mic performance is very poor.

There is only one plus point here: The great ANC which isolates you from a good deal of noise like:

a) Bus Engines

b) Rumble of Plane

c) Background Conversations

Solo Pro’s on-ear design isn’t great for natural and wide soundstages either. This makes you feel that the entire sound is played from one side of the headphones rather than from all sides.

🙅‍♂️What The Customers Complain About in Solo Pro …

Solo Pro has got 4.7/5 customer ratings on Amazon, so you need to put in some effort to get customer complaints, but here they are:

1) Doesn’t fit very well for large heads

2) They are more inclined toward Apple users (hence the H1 chip), so they may not be very good for Android users.

3) Soft case

4) A Bit more pricey

Okay, so now we can sketch a complete picture of this product.

😯Beats Headphones Pros and Cons: How long do Beats Solo Pro last?

Solo Pro
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo


  • Great Audio Quality and Punchy Bass in loud volumes.
  • Sweat-Resistant for awesome music refreshments during exhaustive gym sessions.
  • Good Fit on your head for easy and efficient use during travel.
  • Nice Apple-specific benefits with Hands-Free Siri that gives additional volume control, easy pairing with Apple devices, and excellent microphone quality.
  • Responsive Music Control to Pause/Play/Siri.
  • Solid Noise Cancellation feature in all frequency ranges and soundstages.


  • Carrying Case is underwhelming.
  • Ear irritation issues during marathon music sessions.

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💡Here’s All Common FAQs on Solo Pro Solved!

How do you control Beats Solo Pro Headphones?

Control Button For Beats Headphones

Solo Pro offers simple one-button access to adjust and control and an easy-to-use power button.

You need to use the “b” button on the right earcup to control the Solo Pro wireless audio playback.

Press the “b” button once to play or pause the audio. To skip to the next music track, press the button twice.

Press the ‘B’ button twice and hold on to the second press to scan forward through a song track.

Press the “b” button three times to skip backward a song item from the playlist.

How do you turn on noise cancellation on Beats Solo Pro?

Turn on Noise Cancellation

Open the Beats mobile app for android and display the Solo Pro device screen.

Tap to turn noise cancellation on or off for initial testing as per your need.

Can I wear my Beats Solo Pro in the rain?

Can I wear Beats in the rain

Yes. This pair of Beats over-ear headphones is designed to handle heavy rain and sweat.

But use them in wet environments with due precaution.

How long does it take to fully charge Beats Solo Pro?

Solo Pro Battery Charging Time

The quick 10-minute charge allows the wireless headphone device to three hours of music playback, but its batteries take 1 hour 45 minutes for a full charge.

You can charge your Beats headphones with a USB-A lightning cable in the box or via Apple’s proprietary lightning cable with iPhones.

Can you talk on the phone with Beats Solo Pro?

talk on the phone with Beats Solo Pro

If you are connected to your phone via Bluetooth feature, you can easily answer calls, decline them, and even make phone calls with Solo Pro wireless headphones.

Can Beats Solo Pro Connect To Multiple Devices?

Can Beats Solo Pro Connect To Multiple Devices

Yes, you can pair multiple Bluetooth devices with Solo Pro headphones.

But you can pair one device at a time.

Beats Studio Wireless

solo pro vs studio 3

🧪Studio 3 Review

  • Purely Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation Headphones effectively block external noise from surroundings.
  • Preserves a premium music experience with real-time audio calibration.
  • Features robust and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for fast and efficient charging, which lasts longer for marathon music sessions.

🤩The Truth About Beats Studio 3: Why It’s Better?

Studio 3
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Studio 3 Beats delivers volume, which is best for hip-hop music, EDM, and rap songs.

You will feel these pair of headphones are super-comfortable to wear, and it challenges Solo Pro in this Beats Studio3 vs Solo pro comparison.

Its earpads feel like a feather on your ears. The connectivity options of Studio 3 are well above the ordinary.

You can easily manage and attend calls, as its microphone quality is amazing.

Its intuitive and smart Bluetooth feature ensures easy pairing across devices across a 30-foot distance.

Let’s review some key specs of Studio 3 here:

Top Pick

Beats Studio 3 Headphones

🔑Studio 3 Key Features

  • It presents an incredible music experience in terms of range, clarity, and emotion across frequency ranges with expert audio calibration and an effective ANC feature to block noise in loud environments.
  • Offers up to 22 Hours of Battery Life on a single charge, enabling full-featured wireless playback throughout the day for a complete audiophile experience!
  • Features Apple W1 Chip for Class I Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with an efficient battery for an acoustic music experience!
  • It features a built-in microphone and multifunction on-ear controls to help its users attend and manage calls, play their favorite songs and playlists, and activate well-known voice assistants like ‘Siri’.
  • Enables Fast Fuel 10-minute charging to deliver 22 Hours of Music Playtime when the battery is low with the help of powerful lithium-ion batteries.

📦Studio 3: What’s In The Box?

  • Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones
  • Audio Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • Manual

🧐Who Is Studio 3 For?

They are that great for neutral listening like Solo Pro, and that’s for plenty of reasons:

1) More bass and mids in the sound profile. This makes the sound quality slightly muddier.

2) Poor Soundstage largely due to their closed design.

3) Audio Reproduction is inconsistent

However, the audio reproduction does adapt to each listener with a sufficiently balanced sound profile for satisfactory performance.

Its noise-canceling is very strong, making it decent for office or commuting use.

That is because of their decent noise isolation and leakage performance. Plus, you get 23 hours of continuous battery life which can easily equal 2 of your workdays.

Again, they are sufficiently stable and comfortable to exercise with.

The best part?

They are amazingly wireless and have a pretty wide range, so you can leave your mobile device on the bench while you jog or have a fixed BT source.

Unlike Solo Pro, you can even use Studio 3 for wired gaming, which can mean a lot to passionate gamers.

Their padded ear cups and lightweight frame help you play for long sessions without any discomfort.

You can easily hear the footsteps of your enemies in FPS games with ease as the sound profile leans towards more bass.

However, note 2 things before you start planning your weekend gaming:

Studio 3 works only on PS4 and PC. Xbox users can only receive audio which may be a little disheartening.

Just like Solo Pro, its mic performance is pretty mediocre.

🤮What The Customers Complain About in Studio 3…

It has 4.6 customer ratings on Amazon. Let’s have a look at some of the customer complaints:

1) Customer Support Service hasn’t been very helpful

2) Not the build quality you expect from an expensive headphone like Studio 3

3) Breaks repeatedly after 1-2 years of normal use

4) Battery Issues

😨Pros and Cons of Beats: Do Beats Studio 3 break easily?

Studio 3
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo


  • Amazing Looking Premium Headphones with purely adaptive ANC and noise isolation.
  • 10-minute fast charging to suit the busy needs of next-gen audiophile users.
  • Great Bose signature sound quality with superb Bluetooth range for wireless connectivity.
  • These pairs of headphones provide great comfort to your head, even during marathon music sessions.
  • Its lithium-ion batteries last up to a whopping 22 hours with a noise-cancellation feature.


  • Durability concerns during long usage were reported.
  • Heating Issue reported during marathon music sessions.

💡Here’s All Common FAQs on Studio 3 Solved!

How do I adjust the bass on my Beats Studio 3?

adjust the bass on my Beats Studio 3

You can adjust the bass of your Studio 3 wireless using your Windows computer.

After displaying the Studio 3 device on the screen, you need to select “Speakers,” followed by the Enhancements tab at the top of the window.

This setting will help you add more boom and less treble to the sound volume.

Don’t forget to tap on the Bass Booster option for more testing in the list of EQ settings.

Can you use Studio 3 Wireless for gaming?

Can you use Studio 3 Wireless for gaming

Studio 3 wireless headphone has the excellent noise-canceling capability.

It is best suited for use during gym or sports.

But it is not up to the mark when it comes to gaming. Beats Studio 3 is not a gaming headset.

How long does Beats Studio 3 Battery Last?

Studio 3 Battery Time

Studio 3 offers 22 hours of battery along with 40 hours of Music Playback when the noise-canceling feature is turned off.

Added this with the long-term comfort it promises, and you get an excellent pair of wireless headphones.

How do you put Beats Studio 3 in pairing mode?

_Beats Studio 3 in pairing mode

Hold the power button on the right ear-cup for 3 seconds until the LED blinks. Next, select Studio 3 in the Bluetooth menu on your device for BT pairing.

Can you track Beats Studio 3 Wireless?

tracking Beats Studio 3

Apple-owned Beats over-ear headphones don’t have a GPS. However, you can track your Studio 3 wireless headset using any one of the two methods:

a) Use Bluetooth Scan Apps to track your Beats Headphones
b) Play the powerful audio to the maximum to find them.

Does Beats Studio 3 Have Noise Cancelling?

Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling

Yes, of course.

Studio 3 offers active noise cancellation, so forget all those annoying external sounds and let only the music come into your ears!

But if you are listening from your quiet living room or library and don’t want noise cancellation, you can turn the NC feature off.

For that, you need to use the Beats Companion App.

😉And Now, The Results of Beats Solo Pro vs Beats Solo 3

Solo pro and studio pro (2)
Solo pro and studio pro [Credit: Dev Thakkar, Product Tester at Swing Vertigo]

As you can understand from reading the detailed specs enumerated above, both the beats headphones are of premium quality and are laced with amazing and relevant features for all next-gen audiophile users.

Both of them provide a tangle-free experience, effectively block external noise, and are compatible with various high-demand digital devices.

So, if you are not a fan of closed fights and don’t bother with detailed inspection when it comes to favorite music, I suggest you buy both the headphones in beats solo pro vs studio 3 for the gym.

They promise incredible value for your money and guarantee you to transient the battles of day-to-day life for truly blissful marathon music sessions.

They can also serve as a good gift for your music lover friend or relative on his birthday or special occasion! Make your purchase and enjoy the true meaning of music now!

Solo Pro Is The Winner!

For all those who love detailed inspection, my vote goes to Beats Solo Pro Headphones. They are sweat-resistant, provide auto-on/off features when you fold or unfold them, and are easy to carry for travel as well.

Such features are difficult to find in Beats Studio 3 Headphones.

Moreover, Beats Solo Pro headphones are very much in demand and have good supply stock to match the buyer’s needs.

But I would again say it was really a tough choice. Both versions of Beats Headphones match industry standards for pure adaptive ANC headphones and are backed by satisfied customers and critical ratings for their prestigious position.

Solo 3’s improved design offers blissful comfort to its users. Plus, its efficient noise-canceling microphone quality is very helpful for deep listening.

Its utility features include a detachable mic, a straight plug, an in-line control panel along with 3.5-mm wired connector. The battery life of Studio 3 is impressive as well.

So, good luck with your headphone choice!

🙂What Do You Think Of Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 Comparison?

Final Words on Solo Pro vs Studio 3
Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 Headphones

Beats is an internationally acclaimed brand from Apple, and all versions of its premium headphones make their mark and deserve to be purchased.

If you want us to make a more detailed inspection of branded headphones versions, kindly let us know in the comments below. You can also share what you think of our present article.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives.

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