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How To Charge Beats Headphones Without Charger: 3 Simple Methods

Beats headphones are one of the most popular headphones on the market. But what happens when you need to charge your headphones but don’t have a charger?

You can quickly charge your headphones without your charger using a power bank, PC, or any other USB Cable or USB adapter available.

In this article, I’ll answer how to charge your Beats headphones without a charger in 3 simple yet effective ways to make your music life much easier. Here we go!

How to Charge Wireless Earplugs Without Charger In 3 Easy Ways

As an audiophile and an admirer of immersive music, I am a big fan of Beats headphones for their excellent beats, sound quality, and comfortable earbuds. As a result, I have used several Beats headphones- mostly quality wireless Bluetooth headphones of Beats.

Most of the latest models of Beats headphones are now wireless. They come with a charger, but if you don’t have any, you don’t need to worry about its charging.

There are some other genuine and safe methods of charging these headsets that I have tried before. Therefore, I have made a comparison table of the 3 best alternative charging methods for Beats headphones without a charger.

MethodsHow Easy to UseHow Much EffectiveSteps In Brief
Use a USB CableQuite easyVery effectiveConnect the USB port to your headset at one end and another end to the charging device or power source.
Use Your PCQuite easyQuite effectiveConnect the data cable to your PC at one end and plug the other end into the headset.
Use a Power BankVery easy.Very effectiveConnect a USB port to the headset and plug another end into the power bank.

🔌Use A USB Cable

Using a USB Cable

I often use USB cables for charging my Beats headphones. It is easy and effective. If you lost your headphone charger or didn’t have the charger with you, you can use this method without any doubt.

But before I tell you the steps, ensure you have the right USB data cable compatible with your headset. Now, let’s discuss the steps!

  • Firstly, connect the USB data cable to its USB charger or any other charging device with a USB port like a tab, laptop, computer, or wall charger.
  • After that, take the other end of the cable and plug it into your headset’s charging port.
  • After connecting the USB port to your Beats headset, look if the LED indicator of your headset is blinking or not. The indicator blinks while charging.

However, the latest wireless beats headset models have additional USB charging cables. If you don’t have the charger of your headset with you or the charger is lost, in that case, these USB charging cables are very useful.

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🖥Use Your PC

Using PC to charge headphones

Yes, you can use your PC to charge your Beats headphones. In addition, a PC with even a 20% to 25% battery level can generate energy for other electronic devices.

I use this method to charge my Beats headphones; believe me; it won’t damage your headset or PC.

  • Like the previous method, you will need a USB cable or power adapter again. First, connect the cable to your headphone.
  • Then, connect the other part of the cable to your headphones.


Don’t forget to check whether the USB data cable is compatible with your PC and beats headset. Always ensure that your PC has more than 20% of the charge backup and isn’t in the power-saving mode. In this case, you may first give a quick 10-minute charge to your PC first and then charge your headset.

However, it will take more time to charge your Beats headphones if you keep using them while charging. So instead, use your headset once the battery charge is full.

🔋Use A Power Bank

Using a Power Bank

Power banks charge electronic devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and headsets. I use this method quite often to charge my beat headset, and according to me, this is the easiest and safest method to charge a beat headphone.

For charging your beat headset with a power bank, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  • Firstly, connect the USB data cable to the port on the beat headset.
  • Take the other end of the port and connect it to the beats headset.
  • Turn on the power bank by pressing the power button on the power bank for almost 2 seconds. The indicator light on the power bank will be on until your headset is fully charged.
  • Disconnect the charger cable from your headset once the indicator light on the power bank turns off.

📱Can You Use an iPhone Charger to Charge Beats? [What About Other Chargers?]

IPhone charger for beats?

Yes, if you have an iPhone charger, you can easily charge your Beats headset. I have used my iPhone charger to charge my Beats headset, and it works well.

Apple smartphones have several types of chargers, and not every type of iPhone charger (Chargers with lightning connector) is compatible with Beats headsets. For example, most of the old models of iPhones use a lightning cable for charging, which is incompatible with Beats headsets.

But most iPhone chargers now have type C USB charging plugs, which are compatible with the Beats wireless earphones.

So, if you have type-C iPhone chargers, you don’t need to worry about charging your Beats headset. Just use the charger just like you use the Beat headphone charger.

You can still charge your Beats headphones if you don’t have an iPhone charger. You just need to have a USB-C charger for any phone.

I recommend using the original chargers of the iPhone with USB-C charging ports and USB-C cable to charge your Beats headphones as it charges your Beats headset faster. However, if you don’t have an iPhone charger, other chargers will work and won’t damage your headset.

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How To Charge Beats Headphones Without Charger FAQs

[1] How’s the Battery Life of the Beats Headphones?

The battery life of the Beats headphones is great. There are several models of Beats headphones, all of which have at least 24 hours of battery life on a single charge. According to Apple support, the Beats Studio buds have 24 hours of battery life or audio playback when used with their charging case.

[2] How Do I Know When My Beats Need to be Charged?

When the LED light on the front of your beat’s charging case turns red, it signals that the battery comes down to less than 40% of the charge percentage. So put your Beats earbud into the wireless charging case or wireless charger as soon as possible to get hours of playback.

[3] What Does The Red Light on Beats Mean?

The charging case of the Beats Studio Buds has a LED light (charge indicator) that indicates green and red colors. The green light indicates the battery is full or sufficient to use. But the light turns red, indicating that the Bluetooth earbuds need to be charged.

[4] How Do You Check if Beats Are Updated?

When you pair your beats headsets with your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, the beats headset will automatically update. Always ensure that you are equipped with iPadOS or iOS and one of the following products of Beats:

1) Solo Pro
2) Powerbeats
3) Beats Studio3 Wireless
4) Powerbeats3 Wireless
5) Beats Solo3 Wireless
6) BeatsX
7) Beats Fit Pro
8) Beats Flex
9) Beats Studio Buds

[5] How Do You Reset Beats Wireless Headphones?

If you want to reset your Beats wireless earbuds or headphones, follow these simple steps:

1) Hold the volume down button and the power button on the Beat headset for 15 seconds.
2) When the LED indicator on the headset flashes, release those buttons. Your Beats headset is now reset, and you can set it up with your device once again. 

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