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Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off: Here’s What we Found [2023]

I found that the main reason why my JBL speakers keep turning off is a firmware option that turns them off automatically.

In some circumstances, the wire linking the loudspeaker to the amplifier may have been cut inside and is not apparent to the naked eye. Another reason could be a circuit board failure when moisture builds up within the speaker.

Let’s dive deep into all the reasons with practical solutions!

 ⭐ Why Does My Jbl Speaker Keep Turning Off While Playing Music: Cheat Sheet

ProblemHow common is the issue?How easy is it to fix?Time taken
Auto turn-off featureVery commonVery easy2- 3 minutes
Broken charging cable/portCommonEasy4- 5 minutes
Built-In Circuits Shutting DownUncommonNot so easy9- 10 minutes
Low BatteryVery commonVery easy4 – 5 hours
Flawed Charging LogicUncommonNot so easy 3- 4 minutes

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1️⃣ Auto turn-off feature

Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off

JBL speakers offer an automated turn-off function after 10 to 15 minutes of inactivity. It will shut off if you leave your speaker on without switching it off. 

This function may be unpleasant if you utilize your loudspeaker as a PC speaker. To fix this, you’ll need to turn off the auto-off option. Because this is a feature you can’t get rid of, you can maintain your speaker on all the time by setting it to broadcast audio at a very low intensity.  

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If you follow this approach, you’re likely to preserve your loudspeaker with minimal disruption.

2️⃣ Broken charging cable/port

A damaged cable or a broken charging port can also prevent your speaker from charging, causing the battery to drain out suddenly.  

To fix this issue, try various charging cables. The charging terminal is most likely to blame if a new battery cable does not address the issue. Repairing a broken charge port can be difficult and costly. Thankfully, you may find a step-by-step tutorial to assist you on the internet.  

To prevent this issue from arising in the first place, use JBL wireless solutions. No wires, so no tension of broken cables. Cool, isn’t it? 

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3️⃣ Built-In Circuits Shutting Down

A malfunctioning battery issue or faulty circuit board could keep your JBL speaker from turning on. Some JBL versions make it simpler to repair or get a replacement battery manually, while others make it more difficult. 

These circuits are intended to safeguard the amplifier against damage in the event of a short circuit. As a result, when components get hot within the speaker, the circuits close down whatever produces heat, resulting in the speaker turning off. 


Examine how the faulty cable is linked when you unscrew the speaker. A wayward wire may be the source of the issue, so ensure the wires aren’t in touch with anything else other than the frame to which they belong. 

If you require a battery replacement, you must likely locate one for your specific model online; make sure you don’t harm your device while doing so.

4️⃣ Low Battery

Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off

Your JBL speaker’s battery capacity depends on your volume. For instance, when the volume is set to 70%, the JBL Go 2 has a battery power of 6 hours and 40 mins. The charge would last 3 hours 30 minutes if you listen to music 85%. 

Listening to music at such high volumes harms your hearing and your speaker’s battery. As you might have guessed, the solution to this is to listen to moderate volumes and keep your speakers fully charged before using them for at least 3 hours which is the minimum charge time.  

The magic unfolds when your JBL speaker is correctly recharged and it stops turning off.

5️⃣ Flawed Charging Logic

Turn your logic mode on because it will come in handy. In some cases, one’s JBL speaker’s charge may appear lower than it is. If that’s the case, you’ll need to reset your Bluetooth speaker completely to get the charging logic to work again.  

  • Press the “Volume Low” and “Bluetooth” keys together for roughly five minutes until the speaker goes off.
  • To resume the speaker after it has been turned off, push the power button for 20 seconds.  

You can also let the power drain and then replenish your speaker afresh. The JBL speaker should be capable of playing audio without interruption after being recharged.

🤔 How Can I Stop My JBL Speaker From Turning Off

Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off

JBL is among the oldest sound system manufacturers. They produce excellent speakers at an affordable price. It only happens in rare instances that your speaker may have difficulties, and even then, you can quickly resolve the problems with the assistance of the above method.

If it doesn’t work, your speaker is most likely experiencing the following problems.

💿 Try Resetting

If turning on your JBL speaker doesn’t solve the problem, you can reset the speaker to factory settings. This will clear all the data from the speaker, restoring it to its original state.  

On the other hand, resetting the speaker alone is not a brilliant idea because the speaker might fail to connect with the previously connected device that it had previously linked with after the reset.  

If the speaker continually turns off despite a good battery connection, it’s most likely a glitch that you may fix with a simple reset. You can resolve problems with your speaker’s software by resetting it.  

To return your speaker to factory settings, find the model you use and follow the steps below:

  • JBL Go: For around five seconds, click and hold the Volume Down button and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously. The gadget will power down after a factory reset.
  • JBL Xtreme: Press and hold the Volume Up (+) and Play keys simultaneously for around five seconds. After the reset, the gadget will turn off.
  • JBL Link: For around 15 seconds, press the mute button to turn the device off. Your reset will be completed.
  • JBL Charge: When the speaker is turned on, press and hold the Volume Up (+) and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. The light all-around keys will turn on, but the speaker will remain on. After the procedure, you must turn it off.
  • JBL Clip: Press and hold the power button and play/pause button simultaneously for around 30 seconds while the speaker is on. After a simple reset, the gadget should turn off.

Update Firmware

Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off

Follow this step-by-step process:


  • 1. Find the JBL Connect+ Application on your smartphone.

    We found ours on our Apple iPad Air just on the fourth home page.
  • 2. Run the JBL Connect+ JBL Connect Plus Application.

    When you initially launch the app, it takes a few moments to display several cool animations. It locates your JBL Xtreme speaker and displays its status panel.
  • 3. The Orange Circled Exclamation Point should be tapped.

    This screen provides information about the firmware update that is presently accessible. Our situation indicates that we require this update to use JBL Connect+ on our Xtreme speaker.
  • 4. To proceed with the JBL Xtreme Firmware Update, swipe towards the left to see the next significant notice page.

    This page cautions us that this specific speaker firmware upgrade cannot be reversed and that the JBL Xtreme’s software update is irreversible once completed. The speaker will no longer be able to link with some other Xtreme Bluetooth speakers that are operating on the previous firmware version following this update, according to the company.
  • 5. To go to the next significant notice page, swipe towards the left.

    The JBL Xtreme firmware update confirmation prompt screen appears again after the left flick. This prompt reminds us that when the upgrade is complete, we won’t be able to restore to the previous firmware version.
  • 6. Tap the install Key.

    The Upgrade Speaker screen appears when you press the INSTALL key. If we haven’t already accomplished so, this page instructs us to link our Xtreme speaker to AC power.
  • 7.  Link the JBL Xtreme to AC Power if Not Done Already to Continue with JBL Xtreme Firmware Upgrade.

    In the preliminary firmware updating procedures above, we used the power adapter and wire to attach our Xtreme to an AC outlet.
  • 8. Click the OK button on the Update Speaker Display.

    Then, return to the JBL Connect+ application and click the OK button on your mobile device. The JBL Xtreme software upgrade starts with your smartphone downloading the suitable software file from the internet and sending it to the speaker via Bluetooth.

📞 Talk to a Professional

Did our advice help you with your JBL speaker? If this is not the case, you may need to take the speaker to a JBL Service Center

Apart from providing the most significant expertise for your speaker, the service is also reasonably priced. You might not have to pay for a service if your speakers are still under warranty.

💡 Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off: More Questions

Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off

1. Why does my JBL speaker keep turning on and off?

There are three possible explanations for this. If the problem is caused by poor connectivity issues or malfunctioning the charging cord, switching to a different battery cable and testing if the battery gauge accepts charge will remedy the problem. 

Another cause of your loudspeaker turning off is a bad battery which has lost its ability to retain a charge. This problem can also be caused by a software bug, which can be resolved by performing a complete factory reset on the speaker.

2. Why is my JBL speaker crackling?

Falling or damaging the speaker might destroy the diaphragm, resulting in a buzzing or crackling sound. This problem can be solved by totally replacing the speakers.

3. What My JBL Speaker Doesn’t Turn On?

Your battery life might be a problem if your JBL speaker doesn’t switch on. The speaker’s cell may have died. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to buy a new one.

4. How do you fix a JBL speaker that won’t charge?

Several things can cause this, but a faulty battery or charging cable is the most frequent. It’s more of a software issue than a physical issue when your phone won’t charge.

5. Are JBL Speakers Worth It?

Regardless of the differences, speakers like JBL GO are decent entry-level Bluetooth music devices with good quality that are well worth the money. If you’re searching for a satisfactory Bluetooth speaker that you can easily carry anywhere, it’s well worth the money.

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