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Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting: Here’s The Truth [2023]

 If you have been asking, “Why do my beats keep disconnecting” but can’t find helpful answers on the web, then this guide is for you. 

 I have gone down the rabbit hole and found that the main reasons behind your beats not pairing include Bluetooth interference, firmware not being updated, and multiple devices being paired simultaneously. 

 Want to know more reasons and their practical troubleshooting? Here you go!

Why Do My Beats Keep Disconnecting: Summary Table

ProblemHow common is the issue?How easy is it to fix?Time taken
Firmware is not updated8/108/106-7 minutes
Multiple Device Pairing7/108/103-4 minutes
Outside the range9/109/102-3 minutes
Wired connections become loose8/109/102-3 minutes
Bluetooth interference9/109/102-3 minutes

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💹Reasons In Detail With Practical Troubleshooting

Reasons In Detail With Practical Troubleshooting

The Firmware Is Not Updated

Bluetooth gadgets may fail to connect when an update is required. Usually, when Apple announces a new iOS or iPadOS, one’s Beats headset is instantly updated with one’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Because Apple does not offer an upgrade notes page that notifies you about the most recent Beats firmware, you will have to conduct an online search of your firmware edition to determine if it is indeed a software issue. 

The beats headsets can not be forced to keep updating. Download and configure the Beats Updater software if you’ve not already [It’s officially retired, so new versions aren’t available]. This helpful app is necessary for seeing if your firmware is updated.

To utilize it, you must be running the most recent iOS or iPadOS, but you can access this software and verify for firmware updates.

If you want to verify the most recent iOS or iPadOS upgrades, go to Settings > General > Software Upgrade, then lastly, Download and Install any new updates.

🤝Multiple Device Pairing

Multiple Device Pairing

Wi-Fi operates on the same frequency as Bluetooth, so WIFI-enabled gadgets can cause disruption. Wireless phones, as well as regular household appliances, can cause disruptions.

Because both Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth headsets use the identical 2.4 GHz band to transmit data to gadgets, wireless headsets impact Wi-Fi. Consequently, the signals sent by both equipment overlap, resulting in the sound ceasing to play.

So, if you realize any intervention, try to eliminate any physical objects that may be holding back signal passage initially. You could move out of the way containing these obstructive components.

Using many Bluetooth devices in a narrow area can also create chaos because the gadgets compete for bandwidth.

To Prevent Glare:

  • Restrict the number of engaged wireless gadgets in your neighborhood.
  • Remove any headwear or cases from the device, as they may interact with transmitting.
  • Re-establish the pairing linkage if interference continues. 

Wireless routers can move on to a new, least densely populated Wi-Fi stream whenever there is intervention. You can modify your wireless interface by heading into the control center or relaunching your solid connection.

Additionally, connecting your earplugs to only one gadget at a time can decrease the incidence of Bluetooth connection disagreements. You’ll also want to make sure you’re in the spectrum of the Bluetooth connection. 

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🤚Outside The Range

Frequent interruptions due to range are also most common in low-cost headsets, but even high-end models are not immune. There is no method to know which ones will function better unless you try them yourself.

The audio will stop if you move too far aside from your device. Keep in mind that walls will reduce Bluetooth range. It makes much more sense to link headsets with something tiny enough to fit in a pocket, such as a cell phone or iPod touch. 

However, signal decay does occur mainly if there are various wireless connection issues in the immediate area. Furthermore, the greater the distance traveled, the more charge is devoured, which depletes the power supply quicker.

The best solution is to maintain the mobile device near you when using the Bluetooth function.

🔌Wired Connections Become Loose 

Loose Connection

It may appear to be common sense, but it is something that many of us, including myself, are accused of neglecting. Beats Flex is essentially wired or wireless headsets, and anything with wires may break over a moment.

If you find a section in the cord that twists or bends, the wire may likely have cracked. The solution could be as simple as reducing the cable slightly, but there could be shaped fittings that make this problematic.

Headsets typically become loose due to one of the headphone pieces shifting stances and top nut softening. To correct this, stiffen and lock the alteration to remain in place. 

When this happens, your earbuds may show frequent disconnects or even switch on. Examine all the electrical elements for any signs of damage.

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📱Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth interference can start to cause stuttering, audio skips, and even frequent disconnects of your wireless headsets. When all you wish to do is hear songs or watch a movie, it can be inconvenient.

This issue is especially problematic when doing anything important, such as ringing into a job call or mid-commute coursework. It has the potential to disrupt your efficiency.

Bluetooth interference can occur for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, it is sometimes the result of a combination of factors. Wi-Fi connections, for example, can intersect with Bluetooth & cause disruption. 

Simply being just next to a working microwave can result in connection failure. Fluorescent lighting suffers from a similar issue. Another possibility is that the range is limited. Furthermore, it may expose your gadget to bugs that developers have already addressed.

If Bluetooth intervention interferes with your daily operations, here are a few solutions.

  • Verify for interference after turning off a gadget. If there is still intervention, restart the device and proceed to the next device.
  • Third-party applications, such as Bluetooth Smart Detector, enable you to inspect the wireless connection preferences in your location to see if there is any connectivity issues.
  • After you’ve completed the preceding step, you must be allowed to identify the gadget causing the intervention. If at all possible, turn off power button this gadget when Bluetooth is emphasized.
  • Maintain the two gadgets close around each other to get the great majority out of your headsets. 
  • Maintain a direct line of glimpse between the audio origin and your Bluetooth devices to ensure a stronger connection.
  • Resetting your headsets every quarter or so, or whenever you experience problems, aids in the resolution of connectivity issues.

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What To Do If None Of Those Mentioned Above Solutions Works?

None Of The Above Methods Work

 Reset It

Here’s how to re-establish them:

  • Access the Bluetooth Settings screen on one’s Bluetooth-enabled gadget and select Bluetooth.
  • Click Forget This Device after selecting the I symbol next to one’s Beats headset. You must then click Confirm.
  • Come back to one’s Beats carrying case. Place the earplugs securely and put the lid back open.
  • Hold off the System toggle on the border of the case till the LED light begins flashing red and white, indicating that the reset was effective.
  • Reconnect these devices as you did in the prior troubleshooting technique.


  • Install the updater from the Beats By Dre Automatic Update website. You will need to download it, then obey the simple directions for your firmware update in your wireless headphones.
  • After that, go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and delete the old Beats Studio affiliation.
  • Switch on your recently updated headphones and wait for them to appear in the Bluetooth segment of your phone’s Other Devices. Choose your Beats Studio & have fun.

 Contact Apple Support

 If you cannot fix your Bluetooth connection quality problems and are left wondering “Why else do my Beats keep unplugging from my iPhone?” consult Apple Support

A technologist can help users get to the bottom of an issue, whether communicating with someone digitally or bringing your gadget to an Apple Store.

🧐Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do the lights on Beats Wireless mean?

A. If the indicator is white, the consumer has approximately 12 hours of remaining power supply performance. If the indicator turns red, much less than an hour of power supply life remains.

Q. Why are my Beats randomly turning off?

A. Everything from dirty earbuds to the requirement for a software update can provoke an interruption in your device’s operation.

Q. How do I check my Beats firmware?

A. Install the Beats app for Android devices first from the Play Store to see firmware update on an Android phone.

Q. How to fix no audio in Beats headphones?

A. The best answer is to put off the power button and then re-enable Bluetooth on your mobile. If that doesn’t work, unpair the Beats headsets and reconnect them.

Q. How far can Beats stay connected?

A. They have a range of about 300 feet but also remain connected for around 45 feet across walls and doors.

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