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Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Is Not Working: 6 Smart Solutions

If your Vizio soundbar Bluetooth pairing is not working, try resetting it or using a few simple tactics. Whenever the settings only on the soundbar for the input device are changed, Bluetooth connectivity issues occur.  

It can also occur if you make a mistake while linking the two devices. When there are no hardware issues on either side, users will be able to align the Vizio soundbar with any Bluetooth gadget after following these instructions. 

When none of the suggested options work and you’re still having Bluetooth pairing problems, your only choice is to reboot your Vizio soundbar. Any temporary issues with settings will be resolved by resetting the device, and you will be able to align your soundbar if necessary by following the procedures mentioned. 

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😁How to Pair Vizio Soundbar: Easy Fixes

Easy Fixes To Bluetooth Not Pairing Problem

Restart Both Systems

A temporary issue on the Vizio soundbar or the input device (phone, tablet, PC, laptop, television, or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices) can sometimes create pairing issues. Reboot the source device and the Vizio soundbar, then try the soundbar in pairing mode.

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🔃Reboot Your Vizio Soundbar As Well As Your Mobile Phone Or Tablet

If the Vizio soundbar analog connection fails, restore all the parameters on both systems. Pairing both gadgets to a power source usually compels them to verify with each other and reset any incorrect settings. It’s also helpful if the other solutions listed above don’t work.

Remove Any Other Wireless Devices You May Have

Check to see if any other wireless gadgets are working. Some of these may cause problems when it comes to partnering. To prevent this, couple the devices while moving away from them. You may have to move your device if it is blocking.

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🖥Problems With PC Pairing

Problems With PC Pairing
Problems With PC Pairing

You might have to install specific drivers to associate your PC with a Vizio soundbar through Bluetooth. Although most PCs can connect, this is an important consideration when connecting with a computer. Use Google search to find drivers. When coupling Vizio Sound Bars, this is an unusual occurrence.

🤐Pair Again After Forgetting/Unpairing

You may be able to view your Vizio soundbar in the Bluetooth option on your input device, but you will be unable to transmit audio to it. A scratch causes it, thus disconnecting the soundbar from the source device and reconnecting it. You must turn it off as well as then on Bluetooth on the source device after forgetting.

📴Pairing Mode Should Be Enabled

Any device will not detect your soundbar unless you activate the pairing button. There is a connecting mode just on the middle-top portion of the Vizio soundbar. Tap and retain the pairing button till the LED glows twice if the soundbar is on. The soundbar is in active mode if it flashes twice, and you can reconnect via Bluetooth.

🎯Vizio Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Is Not Working: Detailed Troubleshoot

Detailed Troubleshoot
Detailed Troubleshoot

🤝Previously Paired Devices

Examine the list of previously paired gadgets on your smartphone if you’re trying to connect your Vizio soundbar using a smartphone. The smartphone may reach its limit and be unable to add any additional devices.

Eliminate some equipment from the menu of devices that have already been paired before attempting to get the network connection for the Vizio soundbar.

💹Updated Sound Bar Equipment

If your Vizio soundbar ceases functioning with other gadgets, you may be able to resolve the common issue by upgrading your soundbar. Look for updated Vizio soundbar firmware versions or fixes that can assist with Bluetooth pairing. The firmware update may identify a fault, which can be resolved to allow pairing to resume.


It is a simple fix. Push down the main button on the bottom of the soundbar for around 10 seconds to restore it. Take these steps to accomplish this:

  • Set the Vizio soundbar off.
  • Disconnect the power connection cable from the soundbar rear.
  • Hold your breath for 5 seconds.
  • Plugin the power cord and click the power button on the soundbar.

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🤚Keep Your Distance From Other Wireless Devices

Keep Your Distance From Other Wireless Devices
Keep Your Distance From Other Wireless Devices

Check for other wireless gadgets in the vicinity. Some of these could cause Bluetooth pairing issues. Please keep all of these gadgets apart or try connecting by stepping a foot away from them. You might have to step away if wireless surveillance cameras are obstructing.

🔌Examine The HDMI Port

Until your Vizio soundbar is connected to a robust device through HDMI cables, you might experience Bluetooth compatibility issues. As a result, double-check that both gadgets are connected via HDMI arc.

🔩Examine Your External Audio Settings

Make sure that the soundbar and television are configured to the identical external sound quality. Help ensure both gadgets are configured to the identical setting when using external audio settings. Adjust all input buttons to the equivalent in the Vizio sound bar’s options menu.

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 🤐Common Reasons Why Is My Vizio Soundbar Not Pairing

Common Reasons Why Is My Vizio Soundbar Not Pairing
Common Reasons Why Is My Vizio Soundbar Not Pairing

  • It’s possible that the sound source or soundbar isn’t in digital connection mode. Consequently, it will not show in the Bluetooth list on your smartphone.
  • During the setup, the wires may fall loose. As a result, it won’t be able to link to the source device.
  • You might be having trouble getting electricity from your soundbar’s socket or converter. It will not link if your soundbar or input device is out when the power button is on.
  • The soundbar or gadget could be broken. As a result, collaborating becomes untenable.
  • The source device might not get all the Vizio soundbar’s networking possibilities in the one-foot range. Perhaps the gadget you’re trying to link to has a problem.
  • During the installation, the cable connections frequently get loose. Consequently, it can not establish a digital connection with the input device.
  • A defective gadget or the soundbar directly could also be the cause. As a result, no coupling takes place.
  • The source device may not always have the same connecting choices as the Vizio soundbar. In this instance, the connected device cannot link to the Vizio Soundbar.
  • Power outages frequently cause this problem. If your Vizio soundbar and input gadget were not in switch mode, it would not link up.

🤔Frequently Asked Questions


How to pair the Vizio soundbar to Bluetooth devices properly?

Follow the steps below to connect your gadget with the Vizio soundbar.
Choose “Bluetooth” from the contextual menu on the remote.
Click the OK button after selecting your device’s hostname.
The gadget will be included in the discovery list.
To add the gadget to certain other phones, follow steps 2–5.

How do I put my Vizio soundbar in WiFi mode?

Firstly, click the ‘Menu’ icon on the Vizio soundbar control. You can traverse the menu with the sliders on your remote control until you reach the ‘Wi-Fi’ Setup’ choice. Click the start button to pick it.

How can I sync my Vizio soundbar to my app?

Ensure your smartphone is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as the Vizio SmartCast application. Set your Vizio Soundbar into Wi-Fi configuration mode first. You may achieve this by tapping the Menu icon on your Vizio remote control. After hitting the Menu button, you may locate the Wi-Fi setup by tapping the buttons.

How do I update my Vizio soundbar?

You can follow the following steps:
1) Click the Power key to start on the Vizio soundbar.

2) Disconnect the soundbar’s power cable while it’s still on.

3) Connect the USB disk holding the upgrade to the rear of your device’s designated port.

4) Reconnect the soundbar’s power cable.

5) The first two LEDs on the soundbar will brighten up, indicating that it has started update mode. 

6) This indicates that the upgrade is presently being worked on.

7) You’ll realize the software upgrade is finished whenever the LED indicators switch off. The USB port on the soundbar can now be removed.

What do blinking lights on Vizio soundbars mean? 

Several factors can cause flashing LED lights on a Vizio soundbar. The most prevalent cause of system dysfunction is wrong settings. Other problems include audio supply issues or using the soundbar in the incorrect setting.

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