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Rekordbox VS Serato: What’s Better For DJs πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€!

DJ devices are rarely found, but Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ are the rarest of them all.

However, best always remains relevant; today, we will find out who wins the Rekordbox VS Serato battle!

Let’s begin the analysis of the two best DJ software packs available in the market:

πŸ€”What are the Main Differences Between Rekordbox VS Serato?

Serato DJ#1

Serato DJ

  • Best professional-grade DJM mixer
  • Brilliant In-Built Tools
  • Stable DJ Device That Works on a range of old machines
  • Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • Low Latency
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Rekordbox DJ#2

Rekordbox DJ

  • Proprietary software from Pioneer DJ.
  • Laptop-based deck controls.
  • Limited Compatibility as compared to Serato.
  • An ultra-professional design with a sleek and minimal appearance.
  • Great user interface
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Now, some basics.

A DJ controllerΒ is a gadget used to helpΒ DJsΒ blend tracks and give additional effects to the sound with the use of knobs, encoders, excellent jog wheels, faders, backlit buttons, contact strips, and different components.

You should know for certain that Rekordbox and Serato DJ are some flagship products in the market for DJing.

There are many other brands in the play as well: Pioneer, Numark, and Denon DJ, to name a few.

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We all know one thing.

Your best choice is always subjective. It depends on what your needs are and how you will use your software of choice.

The perfect choice of no two persons is the same.

But one thing is for certain.

Both of these high-end products are the best of their kind.

Feel free to choose your best DJ controller as per your need:

🀨Is Serato the best DJ device For Clubs?


Recall what we said earlier. Both DJ devices are practical and reliable options for any modern DJ.

But we are considering Serato DJ for this section. Here are some of its commendable features for Serato Intro:

  • It first launched In the Mid-2000s. It provides a pretty awesome Built-In Feature.
  • Provides one of the best professional-grade DJM mixer products in today’s market with brilliant in-built tools.
  • Quite a Friendly and Intuitive Interface is packed with an information drive and vertical waveform displays with more added features.
  • A Very Stable DJ device that works well on a range of older machines and offers a built-in sound card.

Serato DVS is one of the best available DVS in the market today and is hailed by software engineers worldwide.

The reason is pretty obvious.

It can pair with various kinds of hardware. You have the freedom to expand the functions of your system the way you like.

Before we solve all your software questions about this DJ setup, here is a quick video explainer to help with controller setup.

Hope this Serato video helps.

We have some more key features in Serato DJ Club Kit for your complete information:

πŸŽ›οΈExternal Hardware Features

Serato DJ controller layout does not use the Hardware Options manufactured by Pioneer or Native Instruments.

Thus, it provides you with a lot of choices to be perfect hardware.

Going down to the specifics:

You will find that this DJ Pro device uses 16 professional mixers, 53 high-end controllers, and 4 different interfaces.

Enthusiastic DJs will also find more interfaces available with up to 14 accessories. For example, Sound Color FX Controller.

The MIDI feature in this DJ Pro device makes it an ideal mapping controller.

πŸ‘₯User Interface Specs

Serato User Interface
What’s so special?

If you compare it with other similar options like Traktor, the Serato Interface is more serious in style and a lot darker.

Obviously, we are not software engineers.

We have only basic knowledge about musical devices and the system based on which it runs.

So, you may take a while to be used to the DJ setup, but you will eventually make your way out if you give a few hours to explore the smart features of this DJ device.

Enough is enough.

We can no longer keep the secrets of this DJ device to ourselves in this comparison.

The best feature of Serato DJ is its browser.

🎼Music Features

Leading DJ Software

Serato is one of the leading DJ software’s in the market and offers compatibility with a wider range of products.

Going through the Serato intro reveals that it aims to reduce the gap between software and hardware so that DJing on a computer feels as intuitive and simple as possible.

A connected Serato-compatible controller layout feels like a dongle and automatically activates and sets up the system.

This helps club mixers to dive right into the Djing and mix sound effects without worrying about the technical aspects.

Serato power-user can also uniquely manipulate the music library being played with the help of this DJ software’s amazing performance modes.

Thus, this DJ setup is ideal for music production.

Serato offers two versions in its DJ suite: DJ Pro, which is an up-gradation to its previous versions, and DJ Lite.

As the name suggests, Serato Pro offers a complete set of features in its club kit and delivers a full experience for digital djing.

Their advanced function includes key shifting, all Serato FX, video controls, and 8 customizable hot cues.

On the other hand, Serato Lite offers only the basic functions of a bedroom DJ. The functions offered include auto loop, sync, sampler, and 4 hot cues.

Both versions of the Serato DJ setup are subject to technological updates regularly and don’t suffer from any stability issues, as discussed below.

🎚️Deck Control

Serato Deck Control
What’s in the deck?

Two of the 4 decks in the DJ hardware have a blue border.

You will see this when you are using a 4-deck control view mode.

This means that all controls on your Serato DJ hardware and all Keyboard shortcuts will only apply to decks with the blue border.

Serato power-user can use the deck control feature to select which deck is their active deck by choosing either 1/3 or 2/4 in the right-hand or top left corners of your screen.

Using deck control to select your active deck will determine which deck is displayed when using 2-deck view mode in the case of 4 decks.

For a complete DJ tutorial on deck control and more, check out this page.

☸️ Jog Wheels

The DDJ SR2 version has jog wheels with a few yet distinct color feedback options, which can be configured for the controller in the utility settings.

The LED ring, by default, will display in RED if jog wheels are set to control decks 1/2 in Serato DJ, and if the jog wheels are set to decks 3/4, it will display AMBER.

This can be changed to indicate that the jog wheels are in a ‘vinyl’ mode state, or the LED ring will display the COLOUR tag saved to the Serato File.

For the complete step-by-step procedure to change Jog Wheels LED color ring mode on DDJ SR2, click here.

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ€Terms of Stability

Serato Stability Feature
So Stable!

Every true DJ will know one thing for sure: Stability is always crucial for DJs.

Serato DJ offers a stable mode. Also to the above, this DJ works well on older machines.

We also have some examples: You can use this DJ software with MacBook Pro 2011.

So don’t wait and upgrade your laptop with this DJ setup. I have done the same as well.

πŸ€”Is Traktor DJ better than Serato DJ?

Traktor and Serato DJ offers the same digital benefits, including loops, beat jumps, cueing, sync, and Ableton Link support.

However, it scores a point over Traktor in terms of latency.

It offers a realistic control vinyl feeling in its output, whereas Traktor offers slightly richer sounds than Serato.

🀫Do Pros use Rekordbox DJ for clubs and music collections?


Rekordbox DJ sits ably poised on the cutting edge of the industry.

The company has successfully been able to deliver high-quality audio technology for many respected bass guitar artists.

Here you get a quick overview of its list of features:

  • Proprietary software from Pioneer DJ. Rekordbox DJ was initially designed to help Disco Jockeys organize tracks through a USB drive.
  • Rekordbox DJ offers limited compatibility, which is limited to 12 hardware mixers, 22 Pioneer controllers, and 10 CDJs in its box tools.
  • This output from its base software Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX offers many expansion packs, such as Rekordbox DVS with Timecode Vinyl Setup and Timecode Control of Scratches.
  • Rekordbox is an extension of Pioneer controllers with the pioneer’s free music preparation software offering laptop-based deck control.

Rekordbox DJ from Pioneer DJ looks ultra-professional with a minimal and sleek appearance.

You will get a nice extra touch if you look at a side-by-side track view.

You can use this music software even when you are not connected to a controller layout or deck.

We have more extension features of Rekordbox DJ from Pioneer DJ in this Rekordbox VS Serato comparison to disclose.

But first, check this video explainer exclusively made for beginners.

We know this video will help you, especially if you are a beginner.

It’s high time we reveal the main features of the Rekordbox DJ device from Pioneer DJ:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»Rekordbox DJ’s Hardware Compatibility: Quick Specs

The flexibility of the Recordbox is pretty limited, but it dominates CDJ mixing.

If you will only mix on Pioneer CDJs and native instruments, Rekordbox is pretty much your option.

In the DJ industry, Pioneers are titans of hardware and have many new-gen pros.

Know for certain that Rekordbox is an extension of the free music preparation software of Pioneer.

Rekordbox has the perfect hardware to compete with other players in the DJ device segment.

πŸŽ™οΈRekordbox DJ Music: Features of Audio Interfaces

Rekordbox User Interface
Here are the details!

Rekordbox DJ User Interface is great because you can always use it when you are not connected to the controller or deck.

What this means is that you can use your base Rekordbox software to try different combos of tunes at any Pitch n Time, even when you are just hanging out on the catch.

The library management, sound quality, and Rekordbox music preparation feature are simply brilliant!

πŸ•ΊRekordbox Disco Setup: Why So Stable?

Rekordbox DJ setup is built on the Pioneer framework.

Ideal CDJ Setup

If you are looking for an ideal CDJ setup in this comparison, then Rekordbox from Pioneer DJ is the only choice.

You will find it a lot easier to tap into the solutions of Pioneer CDJ with Rekordbox

And do you know what’s the most interesting thing about it?

You can get your gigs going with nothing but a USB drive stick.

Rekordbox also offers regular updates to improve the user experience.

🎹Rekordbox DJ: Deck Control

Rekordbox Deck Control
Looks great!

You will need a Deck Control mechanism with the ability to toggle deck selection to all show 2 decks when you have 4 to show.

No MIDI or keyboard shortcut is available to change a 2-deck view from 2/4 or 1/3.

Rekordbox DJ gives a detailed tutorial on deck control, music theory effects, and more.

You can check them out here.

πŸ€”Is Traktor DJ better than Rekordbox DJ?

Traktor and Rekordbox let you playback and record sample patterns for DJs who like tone play or finger drumming.

However, Rekordbox DJ from Pioneer DJ features a more traditional eight-slot sampler than Traktor for launching loops, samples, or entire audio tracks.

Concerning performance features, Traktor can only playback audio, whereas Rekordbox DJ offers video mixing with Rekordbox video expansion packs.

😏What do you prefer, Serato DJ or Rekordbox DJ?

Rekordbox DJ or Serato DJ
Best DJ Software in 2023

We hope our list of features of the two best DJ devices for clubs and music will help all pros in 2023.

For The Quick Summary:

We can say that the Rekordbox vs Serato difference is like the difference between Apple and PC.

Rekordbox DJ from Pioneer DJ keeps the pros firmly within its own ecosystem whereas the Serato DJ is more flexible.

On a quality basis, we can easily recommend Rekordbox DJ as it’s the market leader when it comes to mixing with pioneer CDJs and native instruments.

Rekordbox, though being a mid-range DJ controller, offers many expansion packs to offer greater utility to seasoned DJs.

Traktor Pro also gives stiff competition to Serato and Rekordbox in the DJ device segment as it is more oriented with controllers and opens users to new creative possibilities (Traktor S2 and S4 MK2 are simply a beasts in the DJ device segment).

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX is the most expensive controller to buy.

Controllers like Denon DJ MC4000 are some of the low-cost ones but still have no performance issues in their name.

So you can also give these options a try.

🀩Which Piece of DJ Software is Better?

Who Wins In Serato vs Rekordbox
Let me compare!

We will stick to our comparison as software products like Denon DJ are not so good for beginners.

Both Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ offer easy-to-use interfaces as entry-level controllers.

But as for the choice of software, Rekordbox DJ from Pioneer DJ is the most widely used and most popular software for DJs on the market.

Satisfied users from dance clubs and party venues have said that Rekordbox DJ is very reliable, incorporates the “Auto Mix” feature, and is visually pleasing.

Clubs and DJs can use the Rekordbox library to store and hold music for efficient library management.

You can easily upload your DJ mix and enjoy compatibility with Beatport Link and Soundcloud.

Serato DJ Pro is also reliable, offers stable sounds, and has very low latency as a popular DJ device.

It offers an intuitive interface and has a lot of additional effects for the track organization. Using Digital Vinyl System in Serato DJ is effortless.

So Rekordbox DJ gets more star ratings from software engineers and us than its counterpart in this comparison. But the final choice is yours!

πŸ’‘FAQs On Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ Decoded!

FAQs on Serato vs Rekordbo Answered!

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈCan DJs Use Serato With Rekordbox And Vice Versa?

Love flip-overs, isn’t it?

Well, I have bad news for you.

You can use Serato software with Rekordbox DJ setup, no doubt.

But not the other way around. Now, you see, Rekordbox DJ was built to be selfish.

This piece of software can only be used with Pioneer hardware. So, yes, Serato hardware fans, you can’t have partners with that pesky Rekordbox (just kidding…Rekordbox is our winning DJ software !).

πŸ€‘ Can I Use Rekordbox For Free?

Rekordbox Free Option
Free is free or is it?

All good things command a price, but for Rekordbox, it’s a mixed bag.

The details of the latest Rekordbox 6.0 version suggest that these good old software makers have come up with three usage plans:

The Core Plan, the Creative Plan, and your favorite FREE PLAN.

Inside the FREE Plan, you get a few performance mode functions, including the frequently used export mode.

So, go and try it out!

πŸ’» I only have a laptop. Can I use Serato DJ Software?

Yes, you only need a laptop to use Serato Play which gives you a ton of features to mix those catchy raps. They include keyboard hotkeys and a cool mixer interface.

And if that isn’t enough for you, then there is something special:

The compatibility with DJ splitter cables which can get connected with a controller system any proper setup.

In short: Serato + Laptop = Awesome DJing!

πŸ“‚ I am always concerned about storage. So, how much RAM will Rekordbox and Serato actually use?

Virtual Storage illustrated
Here are the details!

For any piece of DJ software, whether Rekordbox, Serato, or anything else, the minimum RAM requirement is around 2 GB in your laptop.

Here are some more requirements:

Your hardware must have some extra GB of free space, and you must be using an Intel Core 2 processor or higher.

Here is good news for you:

You can conveniently use Rekordbox and Serato software on your Windows PC as long as the requirements are met, which I discussed just now.

This should pretty much solve all your concerns.

🎡 I love Spotify. So, can I use it with Serato and Rekordbox software?

Yes, provided you are ready to make an effort to prove your love.

You will have to convert the OGG Vorbis format of your Spotify tracks to DRM-free local files. And, mind you, this is compulsory.

Otherwise, you will not be able to take these music files to your library.

And your love for Spotify will remain unfulfilled πŸ™‚

πŸ“± I was using Serato DJ app when it started to lag. I switched over to the Rekordbox app, but the problem persisted. What to do?

Serato App Not Working
Not good!

Your solution is to DELETE.

I am not asking you to delete the Serato DJ app or Rekordbox (BTW…how can you have both apps on your laptop? Tell me in the comments below!). Keep them close to your heart and laptop.

Basically, you free some storage on your device by deleting unused files, apps, and media so there is sufficient room for the app to function.

If your device gets choked with a large music library on the app, you may also experience freezing, lagging, and crashing (in the worst cases).

So sort out your memory issues so your favorite DJ apps run as smoothly as Ferrari!

We hope you can now make a wise choice out of the two best DJ software packs available in the market from our list of features.

Now I head over to you.

Which DJ Software will you choose?

Is it the all-time favorite Rekordbox or the reliable Serato?

Share it in the comments below.

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