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SVS PB-1000 Vs SB-1000: Who Wins the Prize in 2023?

In today’s updated guide, I will walk you through all the key differences in SVS PB-1000 vs SB-1000 comparison.

As you might have known already, SVS is a popular brand for subwoofers. But which among the 2 participants wins your deal?

We have detailed them all. Here you go!

😉 SVS SB-1000 Quick Review


svs pb-1000 vs sb-1000


  • IPunchy deep bass for an exciting sound.
  • Ideal performance for music and movies.
  • Compact design.


  • Complaints about poor customer service were reported.

Meant for small room owners and music lovers who wish for a plain cabinet speaker that fits anywhere. Learn More

😏 PB-1000 Quick Review


  • Pleasing sound performance with accurate bass frequencies.
  • Effective volume controls.
  • Long-lasting build quality.
  • Worth its price.


  • Bulky design.

Ideal for home theater or big room owners who wish to enjoy the most sound quality at an affordable price range. Learn More

😎Klipsch R-112SW Review: An Alternative Product

Budget Option

svs pb-1000 vs sb-1000


  • Clean bass-filled audio output.
  • No need of frequent adjustments.
  • No sound distortions at high volumes.


  • Issues of “intermittent power loss” were reported.

The Klipsch R12SW provides powerful bass with less distortion at an affordable price. This is an attractive option as well.

⚖️Comparison Table For SVS PB-1000 Vs SB-1000

 SVS SB-1000 SVS PB-1000
 Peak Power 720 W 720 W
 RMS Power 300 W 300 W
 Max Acoustic Output 115 dB 122 dB
 Driver Size 12 inches 10 inches
 Weight 34 pounds 60 pounds
 Dimensions 13.5 x 13 x 14.6 inches 18.9 x 15 x 20 inches
 Driver Material Lightweight Treated Fiber Composite cone Lightweight Treated Fiber Composite cone
Frequency Response24-260 Hz ±3dB19-270 Hz ±3dB
 Technology ● FEA-optimized motor technology voice coil of more power
● DSP control
● Green Standby
● FEA-optimized motor technology voice coil of more power
● DSP control
● Green Standby

Pro Tip: Subwoofers are space-dependent. You can place the subwoofer in the corner of the room to make it louder [Watch Video]

Keep reading to find out who the winner is!

💇SVS SB1000 Overview

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

After testing numerous subwoofers for multiple guides, I understood one thing: Subwoofers are always huge.

But then I tested SB-1000. Its compact size simply blew my mind!

The last time this happened was when I sat for a high school math paper. I thought I knew everything until the questions came.

Anyways, back to the review, there are plenty of positives for this SVS sub which I am listing here:

  • Stylish “pro” design with sound filtering via a 2-inch layer of material.
  • Tight bass for stellar music listening.
  • Control knobs for volume, phase, and crossover are included.
  • Unique environment-friendly standby mode.
  • 12-Inch driver size

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There is a downside though:

  • This SVS sub is not for large rooms (considering its portable design, it kind of makes sense. The company made it for small rooms only).

🤠PB1000 Overview

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

When I sat for the test PB-1000 next, there was only one thing going on my mind: This sub is damn expensive. If I didn’t enjoy its output, I will straightaway write bad things about it no matter whatever the customer reviews suggest.

But as it turns out, its sound performance is pretty good. As the manufacturer claimed, this unit does give an immersive cinematic experience and music lovers will have a good time playing it.

Here are the key positive features I came across:

  • Its port box design improves sound quality and volume control.
  • Action movies become more enjoyable due to their powerful sound performance.
  • Its elite “oak vinyl finish” design steals all the attention.
  • It offers simple pairing options.
  • 10-Inch driver size

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The downsides?

  • Unlike SB-1000, it doesn’t offer tight bass for your songs.
  • It’s heavy and bulky because of the larger drivers so not good for small rooms.

It looks as if SVS made PBs the exact opposite of SBs. The heavy price tag for a large room with minor improvements. Sounds good to you?

Pro Tip: You can add two or more subs to enhance sound quality and deep bass.

🧐Factors To Consider During SVS PB-1000 Vs SB-1000 Comparison

SVS PB-1000 vs SB-1000
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

First things first: SB-1000 is more expensive than PB-1000. So should we go with the expensive “premium” option or the budget choice?

I don’t know what other reviewers will tell you but for me, consider your needs to decide your choice. This breakdown of key differences will help:

🎵Sound Quality

Who offers the best sound quality? Well, it depends on why you looked for a sub in the first place.

  • Want to listen to music in the sweetest way possible? Go for SB-1000. Its tight bass (which I told you off earlier) is best for audiophile usage.
  • Action movie lover? PB1000 for movies is a great option as it has louder bass thanks to its transplanted box design for cinema effects.

Now, it can happen that you are looking for a sub that’s good for both music listening and movie theater experience. In that case, you have to choose sides. If you are more of an audiophile, go for SBs or vice versa.

🎨Design Differences


In my quick reviews, I have already given a hint about this. Anyway, here is the takeaway:

  • The SB-1000 is built for small rooms, whereas the PB-1000 offers bass-filled sound for large rooms.
  • They have digital actuators, which are actually control knobs for precise adjustment of playback level.

📶Accurate Frequency Response

If you have been reading reviews, you may come across this term. But what does it mean?

(Don’t worry, I hate Physics more than you do. So, I won’t bore you with useless jargon)

As a thumb rule, know for sure that the lower the “low-frequency range” of the sub, the better the bass. And you know the rest.

Sealed cabinet subwoofers with a front-facing driver usually offer better frequency response and dynamic output than other competitive subwoofers.

Coming to our comparison test, here are the results:

The PB-1000 is better than the SB-1000 because of its low-frequency response. Meaning more room-filling sound, more excitement when you are into music.

But the low-frequency response isn’t the only thing that affects bass. Put your hands together for “cabinet design”.

Want to know more about SVS Speaker comparison? Here's an insightful reddit thread!

I told you about this earlier, SB-1000 has a sealed design which is better for 2000 cubic feet less space. The PB-1000 has a ported case design which is, you guessed it, more than 2000 cubic feet of space.

🏋️Size And Weight

Size differences are pretty simple to understand. SB-1000 is much smaller than its competitor but due to its compact design, it cannot produce loud volumes.

So choose Sb-1000 if you have to frequently move your sub and PB-1000 if you have a large room and more appetite for exciting action-based sound.

🔊Amplifiers: Things You Need to Consider

Before we dive deep into the results for this factor, let’s clear the basics.

There are 2 types of subwoofers: good and bad. Good subs get a lot of positive ratings and bad subs? Everyone writes shit about them.

Just kidding.

There is active or powered subwoofer with a built-in amp and passive subs for which you have to buy an external amp.

Passive subs are lightweight, suited for tight places but it doesn’t produce a punchy sound. The Active or peak power subwoofer produces powerful sounds and it’s more popular.

There is no rocket science here, active subs don’t need any additional component drawing people’s attention.

Coming back to our comparison, both SB-1000 and PB-1000 are active subs. This means both provide powerful audio output to please their users.

Both SVS SB-1000 Pro and PB-1000 Pro come with a Sledge STA 300 D Class-D amplifier delivering 700 watts peak power and 300 watts of RMS (Root Mean Square) continuous power.

  • RMS represents the power that a bass-reflex subwoofer can continuously process.

So does that mean there is a tie here? Wrong. The PB 1000 has better output than the SB-1000.

🏆Winner Of The Battle

The Winner
The Winner

This is my favorite part, but more than what my winner is, what really matters is whether you, my readers, will get the sub for their needs.

We have already discussed which sub wins on different parameters but for an overall winner, I am biased towards PB-1000.

It’s awesome for a home theater experience but of course, you can’t move it frequently, and it can’t soothe an audiophile’s heart.

Here’s the most interesting part. None of the SVS subs are wireless or portable Bluetooth speakers. If you are looking for one, consider our alternative competitive subwoofers: Klipsch.

💡SVS PB-1000 Vs SB-1000: FAQs

How to clean the SVS Subwoofer?


Answer: Follow these guidelines to clean the sub and make it last longer.

Use a “dry microfiber cloth” to scrape the dust off the sub. Moisten the microfiber cloth with a small amount of water. Rub lightly to remove fingerprints and other stains.

Then, as a final step, “wipe,” but instead of constantly rubbing, wipe only once.

How to connect an A/V receiver with the SVS subwoofer


Answer: It’s very easy to connect the A / V receiver to the subwoofer. Use a high-quality “shielded RCA” cable to connect the AVR output to the line-level R or LFE input. Set the low pass filter on the back of the subwoofer to LFE.

Then set the phase regulator to 0 degrees. It also adjusts the gain between 10 am and 12 pm. Press the hard power switch to turn it on. The setup is complete, and the AVR runs successfully.

What is the SVS matching tool?

Answer: The SVS Subwoofer Matching Tool is provided by SVS and will guide you if you don’t know which subwoofer to pair with your speaker set. For example, I was looking for the best subwoofer for the Klipsch shelf speaker K15 Icon, and the SVS recommended SB 1000, PB-1000 Pro, or SB-1000 Pro.

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svs pb-1000 vs sb-1000

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