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Best In Ear Monitors For Singers: Your Awesome Purchase

In this updated guide, I will walk you through the 7 best in ear monitors for singers that fit well, sound great, and come within your budget.

I’m not a review geek, but I understand singers need to wear IEMs for on-stage awareness, so I have shortlisted popular in-ears built for music performers.

Let’s begin!

👌 Best In Ear Monitors For Singers [Killer Choices]


<strong><strong>KZ ZS10 Pro, Linsoul</strong></strong>


KZ ZS10 Pro, Linsoul

  • In every way, the audio is transient, vibrant, and intense.
  • The separable gold-plated 2-pin connection is fully upgradeable, and the restriction slot protective design significantly reduces the chance of the pin shattering.
  • The ZS10 Pro offers a brilliant resolution and punchy low frequency.
  • It’s been scientifically shaped to fit your ear like a pair of personalized earphones.
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<strong><strong>LINSOUL TIN Audio T2 HiFi</strong></strong>#2


  • The metalworking & sandblasting on those earbuds are excellent.
  • Tin HiFi includes one pair of black foam ear tips, a lovely touch. The grey pads, with their soft edges, are especially appealing.
  • They are comfortable to wear, have a good grip on their ear cushions, and are big enough and protrude out of the ear to make a withdrawal and insertion simple.
  • They’re a strong performer with a sonic profile in many earbuds that you won’t find.
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<strong><strong>MEE audio M6 PRO</strong></strong>#3

MEE audio M6 PRO

  • With the apparent distinction of instruments performing from left to right, this in-ear can maintain the pace.
  • One thing to note regarding the treble and bass is that they merge beautifully with the mids, which are pushed forward.
  • There’s no reason to worry about it slipping out because it’s an over-the-ear style that stays on your ear.
  • It includes a set of Comply ear pointers that act as external sound isolators and protect your ear against noise, allowing you to enjoy your audio even more.
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<strong><strong>Easy KZ Yinyoo ZST</strong></strong>#4

Easy KZ Yinyoo ZST

  • They additionally come with a variety of tip alternatives to assist you in achieving a better fitting and airtight closure.
  • The KZ ZST, as with most in-ear earbuds, does not trap significant heat inside the customer’s ears.
  • The KZ ZST earbuds are extremely portable, fitting easily into most pockets or bags.
  • The KZ ZST, like other ear-hook earbuds, are sturdy, and you’ll be comfortable running with them without issue.
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<strong><strong>BASN Professional in Ear Monitor Headphones</strong></strong>#5

BASN Professional in Ear Monitor Headphones

  • These earbuds are capable of meeting the requirements of all musical devices.
  • The premium cable has been built and tested for optimum endurance. 
  • It is ideal for artists and music industry fans who need to connect to various devices.
  • Dominate your audio area with our noise-isolating technology, which removes noise and ensures flawless performance.
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<strong><strong>Erjigo KZ ZSN Pro</strong></strong>#6

Erjigo KZ ZSN Pro

  • The entire appearance is fashionable, thanks to the precise metal craftsmanship and the vibrant hues of resin.
  • The sound is transmitted smoothly and without loss, thanks to this sturdy wire.
  • The groove shielding design prevents pin deformation and extends the life of the buds.
  • The earpiece allows us to perceive the sound’s nuance.
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<strong><strong>CCA C12 in-Ear Monitors </strong></strong>#7

CCA C12 in-Ear Monitors 

  • Excellent tuning with a lively, warm tone and a light, detailed projection.
  • For the budget range, resolution and instrument isolation are above standard.
  • Here on C12, the mid is stronger, with vocalists coming into play and instrumentation sounding more forward.
  • Also, with stock, the separation is quite good. 
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⚖ Best In-Ear Monitors For Singers: Comparison Table

Name of productBassSound QualityBuild QualityComfort
KZ ZS10 Pro, Linsoul9/108/109/109/10
LINSOUL TIN Audio T2 HiFi9/109/109/108/10
MEE audio M6 PRO8/108/109/109/10
Easy KZ Yinyoo ZST8/109/108/109/10
BASN Professional in Ear Monitor Headphones9/109/108/109/10
Erjigo KZ ZSN Pro8/109/109/109/10
CCA C12 in-Ear Monitors9/109/109/108/10

👉 Why Are In-Ear Monitors Essential For Singers?

  • Superior in-ear monitors have a significant advantage over wedge monitors in audio mixing quality.
  • There is no audio firing zone with expert in-ear monitors because the audio mix is supplied straight to the earpieces.
  • Good in-ear monitors with a great design can exclude background noise/stage or external sound by up to 30 decibels.
  • Another benefit of utilizing IEMs is that they are secure, while floor monitors can cause eardrum injury in touring musicians.
  • Artists using IEMs can now go all around the arena without concern since the advent of wireless IEMs.

📚 The Expert IEM Buying Guide For Musicians

best in ear monitors for singers
IEM Buying Guide

Now you know why IEMs are necessary for your stellar music shows, let’s find out the different factors you need to look for to get your perfect in-ears: 

1️⃣ Is It Better to Wear It Straight or Over-Ear?

In-ear monitors are available in two basic styles: inserted into the ear and have wires that hang directly down and those that loop over the back of the ear. It’s all a question of choice at the entry-level range. 

Some people find over-ear versions uncomfortable at first, so it is better to choose the high-quality standard in-ear variants available in the market. Professional performers almost universally favor the over-ear arrangement. 

An over-ear setup locks your IEMs to your ears while concealing the cords, making them difficult to see. Straight is no longer an option when it comes to professional-grade as well as custom-molded IEMs.

2️⃣ Which Eartips Are the Most Effective?

Cushion or silicone ear tips are available on the majority of in-ear monitors.


But which one is superior, and for what purpose?

The reality is that it comes down to personal preference, as foamy and silicone ear tips react differently. Both do an excellent job of remaining in position, filtering out balanced sound, and sealing in the audio experience of your mixture, providing spacious sound for the most part.

Silicone ear tips remain in place thanks to the vacuum, making them ideal for energetic performers. Many are slightly less insulating than a pair of black foam ear tips, but many people find that the extra sturdiness is worth the trade-off, plus they like the lighter feeling.

On the other side, Styrofoam is thicker and more insulating, but the strain it puts on the inner ear can be painful, and they don’t deal well with sweat.

3️⃣ Detachable Cables: What’s the Big Deal?

You may have observed that in-ear monitors with a specific price tag arrive with detachable wires. There are a couple of interesting aspects to this.

First and foremost, if you’ve ever had to throw out a nice/expensive pair of in-ears since the cable broke, you’ll enjoy being able to fix the problem by swapping out a wire. That is a clear advantage. 

It’s worth mentioning that the most recent removable cables feature MMCX connections, which allow them to be interchanged.

  • Do you require a longer cable?
  • Is there a way to make it shorter?
  • Would you like to add an in-line control for your iPhone or use a Bluetooth transmitter to eradicate the cable?

When choosing a pair of IEMs with a detachable cord, you have these possibilities.

4️⃣ Is It Possible to Have Too Many Drivers?

best in ear monitors for singers

Looking at the many in-ear monitors offered, you’ve probably observed that the number of balanced armature drivers crammed into each earpiece increases as the cost increases.

High-end IEMs can have up to 8 micro-dynamic drivers packed into one earpiece! Isn’t it true that more is better?

Let’s start with why you would like more than one driver in the first place. The number of balanced armature drivers in the IEMs is comparable to the number of loudspeakers in a set of studio monitors. 

  • Although some genuinely great single-driver designs are out there, the truth remains that one driver can only go so far, leading to a limited frequency range, which is usually evident in low-end regions.

  • The in-ear monitors look like studio monitors when using dual drivers for each ear. These dual drivers are separated by a passive transition, similar to monitor loudspeakers, enabling one driver’s full effectiveness to replicate low frequencies while another is reserved for high frequencies with a balanced armature. 

  • A 3-way in-ear tracking device with dedicated loudspeakers for upper, mid, and lower frequencies is created by adding a triple driver and a 3-way filter to the mix, resulting in stronger bass and more clarity from across the frequencies dynamic range as a balanced armature driver. 

So, why do you need more than three? Without going into too many technicalities, the solution still comes down to each balanced armature driver’s overall efficiency.

Even though they all span the same frequency spectrum, each extra dynamic driver spreads the strain out more evenly, enabling each to perform at its best.

5️⃣ Is It Better to Have a Universal Fit or a Custom-Molded Fit?

Let’s begin by looking at the process of receiving a set of custom-molded IEMs. Booking a consultation with an audiologist to have imprints of your ear canals taken is the first step. At the same time, the cost will vary based on your insurer.  

Our online customizer guides you through selecting your specific configuration and then gives you ready-to-use paperwork that you can bring to your audiologist immediately. It doesn’t get any easier than this. There’s also the issue of external sound isolation to consider. 

The bulk of seclusion in universal and customized in-ear monitors comes from the ear tips’ fitting. Still, as any acoustical expert will tell you, privacy is only as good as the weakest link.

Custom-molded earphones fit firmly into the outer ear, enabling the enclosure to secrete in ways universal-fit IEMs cannot.

📃 Best In-Ear Monitors For Singers: Full Reviews

#1 KZ ZS10 Pro, Linsoul

KZ ZS10 Pro
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

I recently purchased a KZ ZSN Pro Xs set, primarily because DankPods raves about them. I was blown away by their performance and durable construction, especially considering the affordable price.

I can attest that now the ZS10 Pros are well worth the extra money. Of course, they won’t sound “twice as fantastic” as the ZSNs; however, several simple details made them value the extra cash.

Build Quality

To begin with, there’s the build integrity. The ZSNs aren’t cheap-feeling, but the chrome steel case of the ZS10 Pros is stunning, and they just have a strong feeling about them. They provide their consumers with spacious sound.



I wouldn’t call it a “V curve,” but the bass line and treble are more dominant than the midfielders. Overall, the curve is still relatively flat and organic, and all of it is very obvious and crisp.

Sound Quality

Shure SE846 Sound Quality
Elite Sound Quality

The sound profile differs slightly from that of the ZSNs. The resonant frequency of the ZSNs is surprisingly flat. The ZS10s add a little extra color to the audio, though not in a negative way.


The bass is strong but not overpowering. The ZS10s aren’t going to wow individuals who only want stuttering bass, but they do deliver for all of us who desire a GOOD SPACIOUS SOUND IN GENERAL. The bass is strong without overpowering the mids, thanks to a balanced armature driver.


These earbuds are pretty comfortable. Eartips are a waste of money; instead, invest in some Comply* ear tips, precisely the kind that resembles a sphere, or perhaps some Dekone* Bulletz.

These significantly improve the convenience of these IEMs and provide a better seal, resulting in a better audio experience. They are, nevertheless, still comfortable without them, leading to no ear fatigue.


  • The design is both comfortable and functional.
  • A spacious soundstage with some detail.
  • A well-balanced signature with a dash of whimsy.


  • A bass resolution could be improved.
  • The cable quality isn’t all that great.

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#2 LINSOUL TIN Audio T2 HiFi

TIN Audio T2 HiFi
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

You won’t discover a more delicate pair of music-only, balanced in-ear earphones for under USD 50. Please remember that you may have to pay a little extra for extra memory foam tips.

It comes with a detachable cable, so you’d want to change it to something more comfortable to wear around your neck. The Linsoul TIN HiFi T2 is a must-have addition to any audiophile’s collection.

Build Quality

The TIN Audio T2 earphones are well-made. The solid metal earphones give them a luxury feel and aren’t harmed if dropped accidentally.

They also include a tremendously braided and removable wire that you can change if it gets broken, which increases its durability.


These earphones are standard in-ear monitoring devices that go into the ear canal and aren’t the comfiest. Furthermore, the nozzles on the earbuds appear to be a little larger than typical, which may irritate tiny ears and lead to ear fatigue.



On the plus side, they include a variety of tip alternatives, including an excellent memory foam ear tip, which some people may prefer.


best in ear monitors for singers

The resonant frequency is exceptionally consistent, and it delivers a spacious sound. If the customer can acquire a good fit and airtight sealing with the included tips, they ought to be capable of getting constant bass and treble each time they use the earbuds.

Sound Quality

The TIN T2 has excellent and accurate sound representation that discerning listeners will appreciate, and it is pleasant to hear for long periods, thanks to several tip settings.

They isolate a good amount of ambient noise and scarcely leak, making them a good commuting option. Because they’re robust and breathable, they’re particularly suitable for sports.


  • They fit well and are securely fastened to their ear pads.
  • Both earphones shield your music from a significant amount of ambient noise.
  • These are fairly low-cost earphones.


  • Unpolished finish
  • Not at all comfortable.
  • Some case applications are restricted due to the lack of a microphone.

#3 MEE audio M6 PRO 

MEE audio M6-PRO
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

I bought them as a replacement for the Shure SE 215 and was quite pleased.

  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • When using the silicone tips, the highs are too crisp but not harsh, which helps in delivering a spacious sound.

This is entirely resolved and tightens up the bottom end to the extent that I honestly think they were almost spot on, especially for the affordable price range, when utilized with the Compliant foam tips (included).

It isn’t as bass-heavy as most options, but it’s still enough three and well-controlled, which is precisely what I’m looking for.


Personal Experience

I found MEE M6’s bass profile very attentive and thorough, faithfully reproducing all frequencies. If I had to choose a flaw, JB’s assessment is spot-on; the bass has a slight “boom” to it.

Sound Quality

The MEE audio M6 Premium in-ear monitoring devices are reasonably adaptable. Although some consumers may find them a little too sharp, they have a relatively well-balanced sonic response.

They’re lightweight and portable, with a solid and sturdy construction suitable for sports. The MEE audio M6 Pro has a reasonably stable design.


Mackie MP-220 Comfort

Perhaps the only in-ear monitors I’ve used for long periods without ear fatigue or discomfort. The extensive accessory box contains various silicone tips, making finding the correct fit in the ear a breeze.

Nothing else comes close to becoming this tight and comfy when combined with the tiny but soft memory chain that secures it in place over your unique ear shape.



Personal Experience!


There isn’t much to it; you can turn it off. These aren’t going to smash your head with bass, but it does produce a spacious sound.

Build Quality

The build quality is good, and there are a lot of extras, including a sturdy travel bag, two cords, a lot of silicone tips (including large and tiny triple flanges), and one pair of black foam ear tips. That extra cable with the microphone is helpful if one of the cables breaks, not affecting the audio quality.

On the other hand, the microphone quality is terrible and muffled, so I’d only use it for brief calls because you’re not in a noisy setting.


  • Design that is portable and steady.
  • The design is sturdy, and it arrives with two cables.
  • Water-resistant enough for strenuous exercise.


  • Audio procreation is slightly brighter.
  • Without EQ, it could use a little more bass

#4 Easy KZ Yinyoo ZST

Easy KZ Yinyoo ZST
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

First things first: Easy KZ is adequate for a casual listening experience. In addition to a superb mid-range, they boast a strong, powerful, and steady bass. However, their treble is inconsistent, and their mid-range is sunken, pushing the vocalists and leading instrumentation to the rear of the mix.

Overall, these ear models are better suited to music with many basses with a good spacious sound. On the other hand, the in-ear fitting may not be optimal for extended listening periods.


Best For Instruments?

With all these, you can appreciate some bass guitars because you can touch the strings. Mids, such as guitar and other instruments, is OK, albeit a touch quiet unless they are the focal point of the loud music.


The ZST has the same level of comfort as the previous KZ variants. They are incredibly light, and their slanted form fits comfortably within the ear without exerting excessive pressure. They’re a little bigger than typical in-ears, but they’re smaller than other KZ earphones.


Enjoy Music with Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

The emphasis of these IEMs appears to be on bass. The bass is excellent, but there is still a bunch of it. It’s not an excessive quantity that muddles things up, but it’s the initial thing you’ll notice when you hear these. 

Build Quality

The backplate of the earphone and the earphone frame are separated, whereas other versions feel like one continuous unit. The plastic additionally seems thinner than the different versions and doesn’t appear capable of withstanding the same level of force before shattering.

Sound Quality

The ZST, as with most in-ears, has a consistent frequency range and delivers a spacious sound. If the customer can get a good seal with the various tips, they should be capable of getting highly accurate bass and treble output each time they use the earbuds.


  • Outstanding level of clarification and detail crispness.
  • The cable is detachable, which increases the life expectancy of these earphones.


  • At higher volumes, it becomes uncomfortably loud.
  • Overall, the quality of construction is very basic.

#5 BASN Professional in Ear Monitor Headphones

BASN Bsinger BC100
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

For an IEM, I utilize earbuds because I’m an artist. One issue I’ve had was not getting a good low end for that “rich”  balanced sound.

They had a lot of Highs and Mids almost all of the time. I had no illusions that they might be any superior to my current IEMs, but boy, was I mistaken! 

  • First and foremost, they fit perfectly once I located the right ear tip and inserted it. It’s pretty comfy and doesn’t irritate or harm my ear, plus it delivers a spacious sound. For a bit of a moment, I forgot they were there until my child began to speak, and all I noticed were moving lips. 

  • Second, I hooked them into my smartphone and turned on “Mind Blown.” These ear bands sounded just about as great as those I use in the studios.

Sound Quality

These were just delivered today. They came in attractive packaging and appeared to be of excellent quality. I got the blue pair, and they’re extremely friendly. The actual test, however, is the quality of sound. The sound is sharp, powerful, and of excellent quality. 

I can hear everything because I’ve listened to the song fifty times, but the quality of sound is excellent with these, and also it gives a spacious sound. They also filter out other sounds, as my wife contacted me several times, and I could not listen to her.

I couldn’t understand what she was saying even though she was standing just before me. These are excellent in-ear monitoring devices, and for the cost, they are unbeatable.


The fit in and over the ear is excellent and comfy. And don’t wiggle over in my ears. They arrive with extra earpieces if the pair on the device doesn’t fit well, but they’re fine for me. The cord seems tough and long-lasting, and you may effortlessly separate the earbuds with an authentic cable divider. 

The earbud cable splitter also makes it easy to alter the cable to your preferences. Earbuds with flexible ear hooks ensure a secure and pleasant fit in your ears and come with a memory foam ear tip.

Even if you execute with a lot of movement, it will not come out quickly. That’s the ear monitor ear band of choice for many musicians, singers, and guitarists.



Excellent full-range audio!

There’s something for everyone, from bass and guitarists to vocalists and keyboards. Exceptionally well-balanced across the entire sound range, and the high-end frequencies are pleasant to listen to and do not seem harsh. 

They have a pleasant, smooth audio reproduction, in my opinion. I loved them so much that I ordered six more sets for my church’s audio engineer and musicians, as it is among the biggest names in audio.

They were excellent value for money as in-ear monitors for singers. I’ve bought and used other kinds, but these are extreme.

Build quality

As a musician, bass and ambient sound cancellation are critical, so the BASN Pro Singer is, in my opinion, the most excellent and most economical choice for a beginner. A pull-resistant cable of higher quality offers a longer service life. 

By minimizing auscultation, the silky hand-woven cable may effectively reduce unwanted noise. Cable maintenance and upgrade are simple with a removable cable and MMCX connector sets. As a result, it has a lengthier lifespan than standard ear bands.


  • Well-balanced.
  • Treble is well-managed.
  • The bass performance is excellent.


  • Fine detail and texture are subdued.
  • Mids are a little thin; there’s a lack of air and shimmer.

#6 Erjigo KZ ZSN Pro 

zsn final
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

Due to the large number of live artists that use these KZ ZSN PRO” budget/value IEMs, I became curious about their sound advantages. After weeks of experimenting with various ear tips and growing annoyed with their mid and high-range bias. 

I put my FOAM suggestions to the test. What a transformation! They created these KZ IEMs entirely impartial and, more crucially, a permanent component of a massive headphone+earbuds assortment, both wired as well as wireless. Now it’s time for me to start collecting IEMs.

This bud, I think, offers the best audio quality as it is among the biggest names in audio. There is a clear distinction and detailed sound representation, whether very clean or balanced.

This is your product if you’re fussy or want an exact, balanced sound. It would be best to consider purchasing a $5-$10 ear tip package. Luckily, they can assist you with any of your earbuds.

Build Quality

Lavender, grey, and turquoise are the three colors offered for the ZSN Pro version. The purple version is my test unit, and I can say it is beautiful. Except for a few minor differences, the housings are nearly identical to the originals.

For instance, the metal faceplates appear identical at first sight, but closer inspection reveals that the zig-zag ergonomic design is now elevated rather than recessed.

In addition, while the initial had three screws and vents, only one now exists. Furthermore, the mass has increased somewhat from 23 to 29 grams.


LD MEI100 G2 Perfect Monitoring

The KZ ZSN in-ear headphones are reasonably comfy. For a great match, the headphones are tilted to fit the shape of your ear. They’re a little hefty, which might not suit everyone, especially those with tiny ears, but they’re slimmer than the identical KZ ZS10 and KZ AS10, so they’d be comfier for some.


Additional Feature:

On the plus side, they arrive with various tip alternatives to assist you in achieving a better fitting and seal.


The KZ ZSN has excellent frequency response constancy. If the user can acquire a good fit and a watertight seal with the included tips, they ought to enjoy continuous bass delivery each time they use the earbuds.

These headphones have the perfect amount of thud and rumble, characteristic of bass-heavy songs and audio effects. 

The mid-range is excellent. Overall, the answer is quite fair and well-balanced. The ZSN Pro’s bass is unquestionably the focal point and show-stopper, and it’s big, powerful, and bangin’.

The level of ferocity in the low end would gratify anyone who enjoys a good lick of bass, or even seasoned bassheads will likely enjoy it.

Sound Quality

The KZ ZSN Pro has a similar overall signature as the classic, powerful bass with a somewhat depressed midrange and a bump in the high midrange. On the other hand, the improved version has some minor acoustic enhancements; it’s not so much a new tuning as it is an option. 

The ZSN Pro requires no additional amplification and can be used with any source, even cell phones. The Pro has a vibrant treble, which is necessary to balance the intense bass.

Although I believe the crash cymbals’ timbre is a touch off-kilter, it stays clean enough not to be unpleasant.


  • The same excellent build quality.
  • Musicality is tuned in.
  • Excellent value for cash.


  • There it is again, that brown cord.
  • For some, the bass will be intense.

#7 CCA C12 in-Ear Monitors 

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

The new CCA ear band is worth considering, especially if you’re looking for an active and lively tuning without sacrificing the accuracy and precision of a classical signature. Treble tuning is worth mentioning, and the pricing is reasonable for what they provide.

Compared to the C12, the C10 is noticeably warmer, with a less balanced approach, a more enhanced bass end, a somewhat recessed mid, and worse treble adjustment and efficiency. 


C10 and C12: Differences

The C10 has an accurate midrange but struggles with detail retention and external noise isolation.
While the C10 has a larger soundstage, the C12 has a considerably more polished soundstage with superior instrument isolation and clarity.

Sound Quality

Guys, I always had a passion for drumming. I’ve tried to play drums in college fests and cherish the performances of renowned drummers like Travis Barker.

Anyways, I have an idea of what top-rated IEMs sound like. Simply put, CCA C12 sounds INCREDIBLE as it is among the biggest names in audio. These communicate incredibly, with a thump as well as a punch. 

It’s not as murky and subby as most of the music I’ve listened to. The mid-range is pleasant, with slight harshness and relatively soft peaks. Now, if you’re searching for some high-quality in-ears, these aren’t them. 

In a nutshell, if you’re a professional musician seeking a cheaper alternative to in-ear bands, these are ideal. They are just as loud and crisp as they possibly can be.


Mackie MP-220 Sleek Design

I wish the cable were a few inches longer. When I don’t use an extension cable and plug directly into the Behringer, I need to be very careful where I set the mixer so that my elbow will not get trapped in the cords when I’m performing.

Comfort is now a bit hit or miss: for some, it’s enjoyable, while for some, it’s irritating.

I can utilize them; however, I become irritated after 1-2 hours. Even with standard Starline points, the separation is good, but I like to use other things when I go out.

The only drawback is that the included tips irritate my ears for a little while. I recently purchased some memory foam ear tips and am confident they will be great afterward.

Build Quality

  • The settings were tweaked multiple times depending on the auricle’s massive data in order to provide better-wearing pleasure.
  • The lower cavity should be made of skin-friendly resin, providing long-lasting comfort. The build quality is excellent, from the metal forehead to the plastic component of the casing. 


The CCA C12 cord has been modified to include a slot protection feature. It can efficiently safeguard the pins and increase their service life by preventing breakage.

Superior OFC Oxygen-free Copper cord has numerous features, including:

  • Resilience to tugging
  • Bending
  • High flexibility
  • Anti-sound leaking
  • Soft and pleasant
  • Corrosion resistance

The peaks on these are fantastic. The treble adjustment is among the best in the budget range. The highs are vivid and airy, yet they might sometimes be excessively bright and tiring. You may experience some slight sibilance.


  • Good detail and higher-than-expected mids.
  • The treble range is more linear.


  • The shell is less comfortable.
  • The soundstage is only average.

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💡 Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are earbuds better than IEMs?

Earbuds are more comfortable than IEMs in general comfort because they must be worn beyond the ear canal.

Q2. How long does it take to get used to in-ear monitors?

If someone is hesitant, it typically takes one performance in front of a full house to make them comfortable.

Q3. What are the five top IEM brands in 2023?

The 5 respected brands are:
1. Sennheiser
2. Fender
3. Shure
4. Audio-Technica
5. Linsoul

Q4. Do you need to burn in your IEMs?

Burn-in isn’t required, and it won’t significantly enhance the SQ of any IEMs.

Q5. How often should you clean your In-ear monitors?

Simply wipe it down with a moderately damp rag and avoid getting excess water into the canals.

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