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How To Hack Bluetooth Speakers in 2023: 5 Little-Known Methods With Preventive Techniques

Bluetooth is a cordless method that enables people to use their portable devices for playback, navigation, and other purposes while remaining hands-free. It is challenging to hack or remotely control a Bluetooth speaker if it is not accessible.

If discovered, a Bluetooth speaker can be breached or hijacked. Although it is not a simple process, a skilled hacker can quickly take control of a Bluetooth speaker. Are you aware of numerous methods on how to hack Bluetooth speakers?

Here we explain 5 effective methods to hijack any Bluetooth speaker solely for education and awareness. We will also show various ways to make your Bluetooth music device hack-proof.

Are you ready? Here we go:

🎯The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet To Hack Any Bluetooth Speaker In 2023

HacksApplicationDifficulty?Software Need?Steps
With Kali Linux
[method is called Bluesnarfing]
When the Bluetooth is turned onRequires you to follow a step-by-step processKali Linux Software with/without BlueZ protocol stackDownload the software, search for the speaker you intend to hijack and enter commands to gain unauthorized access.
With MetasploitWhen a device is easily accessible and connected to the Internet.You just need to follow a few steps.Bluetooth Hcidump tool and Btscanner software.Just get the software and track the accessible devices; you will have full control over the device.
Using android, iPhone, or laptop (called KNOB attack)When any two devices are paired upTwo steps are to be followed, and you will be done.Be in less distance with both the devices.After the strike hits the device, you can control the device by staying close to access points.
Using Bluebugging (exploiting vulnerabilities)When the Bluetooth is turned onEnables you to follow a step-by-step process.You just need an accessible device where you can download the backdoor.First, you will get attached to the device, then all you have to do is access the backdoor, due to which the user will see you as a safeguarded server, and then you can control their device accordingly.
Using TermuxBluetooth accessibility is needed.It has similar steps to Kali Linux, so it’s easy.The base system and additional packages from the APT management console.Install the application, look for the device you want to access, and you can hack it there.

🧐How to Hack Bluetooth Speaker: Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Kali Linux (a method called bluesnarfing) can pinpoint weak Bluetooth (BT) speakers. This penetration-checking software includes several tools that you can utilize to split into and target Bluetooth devices.

  • Utilizing Kali Linux, the “Bluetooth-hcidump” tool can be employed to identify vulnerable Bluetooth speakers.
  • You can use this tool to capture and investigate Bluetooth packets. It also can identify high-risk devices.
  • The “Btscanner” tool in Kali Linux may also recognize undefended BT devices vulnerable to attack.

This invasion takes place without the actual user’s understanding and will only function properly if the gadget has Bluetooth enabled. Bluesnarfing enables hackers to obtain information that could lead to a more damaging cyberattack.

🙉With Metasploit

Metasploit refers to a penetration testing framework that is the basis for penetration experimentation that enables you to develop exploits for security breaches. It also includes the “Bluetooth hcidump” subsystem that can be utilized to leverage BT devices.

To infiltrate a BT speaker with Metasploit, take the following steps:

  • Locate a BT device that is “vulnerable” and linked to the web.
  • Use the “Bluetooth hcidump” loophole to gain control of the gadget. Bluetooth transmissions can be captured and analyzed using this loophole.
  • To discover BT devices accessible and susceptible to threats, use the “btscanner” software.

📱Using Android, iPhone, And Laptops (KNOB Attack)

KNOB Attack

A KNOB attack against BT speakers has been demonstrated in recent studies. A KNOB attack enables you to compel two paired gadgets to link up without verification. This implies that the assailant has complete control of the gadget and can do whatever he wants.

A KNOB is a kind of man-in-the-middle invasion against BT devices. It enables an intruder to impose two synced mobile devices to attach without authentication or with deficient encryption.

You will be required to do 2 things to achieve this:

  • Allow the KNOB strike to decipher or destabilize the Bluetooth visitors between the two or more devices. This provides you with the opportunity to take control of the session.
  • Configure a Man-in-the-Middle attack: You must be physically close to the 2 access points in this case. Begin gathering data packets by placing your invasion device among them.

The strike will then reduce the entropy of the Bluetooth connection to one byte. Entropy, a critical ingredient in Bluetooth security, determines how significantly the Bluetooth-encrypted data will alter over time.

🐜Using Bluebugging (Exploiting Vulnerabilities)

Bluebugging is a form of cyber invasion carried out on BT-enabled gadgets. The hacker can use the strike to access cell instructions, invade phone conversations, and recite and send SMS.

The strike enables any hacker to reconfigure the contact list, access the Internet, and listen in on and capture any talk on the handset. If you want to use blue bugging, here are the steps to follow:

  • The most important criterion for this strike is that the survivor cell’s Bluetooth is turned on and in a readily accessible mode.
  • The attacker will first attach to the targeted device if these requirements are met.
  • If the link has been established, the hacker will use it to download the backdoor on the targeted computer.
  • The loophole then leverages many security vulnerabilities, such as distant code implementation, local authorization escalation, etc., granting the hacker unauthorized access to the targeted device.
  • Because of the backdoor, the hacktivist device is still listed as a secure server in the survivor cell.
  • The attacker could then use this strike to regulate the actual user’s cell phone by entering AT instructions and even regulate the user’s BT headset to undertake suspicious attacks.

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💻How to Hack Bluetooth Speaker: Termux

The termux

Termux is an Android port piece of software and Linux surroundings app that requires no barracking or setup. A limited base system is already installed, and you can obtain additional packages through the APT management console. To hack through termux, follow the same steps as Kali Linux. Some steps to consider while using termux:

  • When following a guide, ensure you fully comprehend each instruction’s objective. Recognize what instructions you’re typing and what they are doing.
  • Use only root authorizations when necessary. Don’t ever run anything as root, including the current shell.
  • Only attempt to install from reputable sources. It is important to remember that accessible source software can encompass trojan functionality.
  • If a third-party script requests credentials, it is probably a scam. Third-party scripts that have been concealed are also likely to be fraudulent.

Bonus Hack: Pair With BT Speaker Before Everyone Else

The gadget is available when nobody else has matched it with the tailored BT speaker. By connecting your mobile to the loudspeaker, you can rapidly and effortlessly hack it.

Keep these points in mind before using this bonus hack:

  • Bluetooth operates by sending a digital sound wave from one device to another.
  • As a result, the cyber-attack process becomes difficult after the user has linked to the Bluetooth speaker.
  • When there is no fallback PIN, connecting is simple.
  • If the loudspeaker has a standard PIN, try entering prevalent PINs such as 0000, 1111, or 1234. Other common PINs are 2222, 3333, and 0123.

Try other techniques mentioned above if you cannot breach the PIN and pair it to the speaker system.

How To Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Bluetooth Speaker?

Preventing unauthorized access

📴When Not In Use, Turn Off Bluetooth

This is the most basic method of protecting your BT speaker from unauthorized access. Keeping your Bluetooth on at all times allows hackers to explore your speaker and other gadgets previously matched with it.

After obtaining your login information, these attackers can easily access your sensitive information. Turning off Bluetooth helps keep unwanted people away from your portable speaker.

Regrettably, even though your BT speaker is turned off, some skilled hackers can gain access to it. Establishing the loudspeaker to be undiscoverable is the next best alternative in this scenario.

🚫Safeguard The Device With A Security Code

This is one of the simplest methods for preventing your Bluetooth speaker from being breached or hijacked. Make sure you are using a powerful, difficult-to-guess PIN.

To link with the gadget, many new speakers on the market necessitate a security password. This is great. A safety code implies that anybody who desires to connect must know it, so safeguard it.

Remember that the codes must collaborate with gadgets that do not include a display. A basic subwoofer, for example, does not have a display and won’t receive a code. Some devices will receive a code through audio, whereas others will enable a simple correlation with no safety.

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🔈Make The Sound Systems Undiscoverable

Undiscoverable sound system

Have you ever wondered why it takes so much time to link your BT device even after repeatedly using it? This may be partly related to other gadgets with which your Bluetooth may be paired.

Setting your gadget undiscoverable is yet another way to prevent Bluetooth cyberattacks or kick somebody off Bluetooth. This way, you can only attach to previously paired gadgets.

So, verify your device’s settings and make certain that it’s set to undetectable to nearby devices. This means that even if the gadget is turned on, no one else in the BT range can see it. Also, drop any requests to link up with your gadget.

👂Assemble An Audio Jack

This is an additional simple action you can take to maintain attackers at the harbour that doesn’t require much effort. This is efficient in speaker systems that prioritize wired connections over wireless connections.

So, before going this path, ensure your gadget prioritizes wired interconnection by testing it with your friend. You can also experiment with two other gadgets. Find an old headset that is no longer being used and snip the sound jack. A microphone separator may also suffice. Insert the jack into the speaker to disable wireless networking.

🔐Make Use Of A Bluetooth Security App

Bluetooth security apps

You could utilize numerous Bluetooth security apps to assist in safeguarding your device. You can use these apps to set a robust cybersecurity code, upgrade your firmware, and make your device untraceable.

⛔Unpair Other Devices

This is a straightforward step: if you pair with a gadget that is not yours, possibilities are your Bluetooth has a history of them even if they seem to be not within such a connection scope.

Completely forget or unpair the originally synced device, and all of its information will be resolved, enabling a new connection. When you connect your BT headset to a public device, it becomes susceptible to attacks. As a result, only associate your Bluetooth speaker with gadgets you confide in.

🔥Use A Firewall To Safeguard Your Device

Using a firewall

If you use a BT speaker with only a smartphone (Android device or iPhone gadget), ensure a firewall protects your gadget. This one will assist in preventing anyone from extracting any Bluetooth linkage vulnerabilities.

🅿Pair Up Privately

When in active mode, loudspeakers are quite susceptible to being hacked. When your gadget is pairing, it looks for enabled devices, and it is precisely at this point that strangers take advantage of the possibility to gain access if they are in the BT range.

Avoid linking up your gadget in crowded areas such as coffee houses or city parks to stay out of trouble. Furthermore, reject unforeseen requests to keep your gadget safe from hackers and unknown devices. This automatically kicks out undesired users from your BT speaker.

How To Hack Bluetooth Speaker: FAQs

Can a Bluetooth speaker be hacked?

Bluetooth speakers can be hacked. This technology has provided many conveniences but also exposed people to cyber intrusions.

Bluetooth is built into almost every gadget, from mobile phones to automobiles. Every day, individuals are encircled by technology. However, many people are unaware that utilizing a Bluetooth connection poses numerous levels of security and privacy concerns.

Though Bluetooth devices come with robust systems that help to prevent re-pairing attacks, Bluetooth devices can still be attacked by hackers.

How do you interfere with someone’s Bluetooth?

You can search for Bluetooth and pair your device with it if you are within the BT range.

Bluetooth software sends signals seamlessly from one gadget to another using radio frequencies or RFs. The wave can be obstructed whenever a BT device communicates with another wireless gadget operating on the same frequency band.

Metallic objects and electronic devices that transmit strong RFs can also interact with or completely block Bluetooth.

Are Bluetooth jammers illegal?

Most people wonder whether they can utilize jammers wherever they want. BT jammers utilize any part of the spectrum, and it is best to pursue government permission before using any jamming devices. Compared to its use, constructing a BT jammer may not place you in trouble with the law.

A jammer is a wideband transmitter intended to stop the interaction. While using high-power transceivers over low-power transceivers, such transmission occurs with Bluetooth jamming attacks.

Are Bluetooth speakers secure?

Regrettably, the quick answer would be no. BT speakers are not safe to use. They are intended to be simple to arrange and use, so people do not activate many of its security features.

Most of the BT speakers don’t have the facility of screens to show pairing devices. You’ll have to put in some effort if you wish to ensure that no one else can hear the audio from your Portable speaker.

How do I knock someone off my Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are gadgets linked to your portable gadget and enable you to listen to music while your smartphone is nearby. You can use these steps to ensure that there are no other connected devices to listen to your music:

1) Navigate to your device’s Bluetooth configurations.
2) Select the Blocking option.
3) Select the Add a connection option.
4) Press and hold the Bluetooth device toggle.
5) Select the Block this gadget option.

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