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How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles: Simple Guide [2022]

Say goodbye to all your troubles as we will offer a step-by-step guide on how to fix a car speaker that crackles in the simplest way possible.

Think of this scenario: You are out on a drive in your car, bumping to your favorite tracks, and suddenly the speakers start giving a crackling sound. It happens a lot with us too. 

The car audio crackle or distortion is usually the result of a bad connection between the audio system and the amplifier. But, it can also be many other things, such as the oxidation of wire terminals. We will discuss them in this article and help you eliminate all your car speaker audio crackling issues.

How do you Fix a Crackling Speaker? [In Record-Time!]

Fix crackling speaker

Everybody knows that taking a relaxing drive while playing your favorite music is one of the best feelings. But a distorted sound from the audio source, otherwise known as crackling, can ruin the mood.

The good part is that sometimes it may not be a big issue, and some quick troubleshooting may fix it. 

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that the receiver is switched off.
  • Make sure there are stable wire connections between the subwoofer and the amplifier.
  • Make sure any electronic gadgets near the speaker are turned off, as they can cause interference in the audio signal.
  • Make sure the subwoofer wires are not anywhere near any electrical cords, as they can cause a crackling sound.
  • Make sure that the “auto on” setting is not enabled. Instead, enable the “always-on” setting. It works for many people.
  • If none of the above steps works, try resetting the stereo receiver settings to factory default.

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I had my car audio system output distorted sound, and it turned out it was just a loose connection between the amplifier and subwoofer. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes the problem may not be resolved so easily.

However, you are advised to always go through these steps before anything else. Now we will move towards other possible fixes:

Replace The Subwoofer

Try testing a different subwoofer; if that fixes the problem, it indicates a faulty subwoofer. So, replace it with a quality subwoofer to fix it.

Check The Cables

Fix Damaged Cables

Look for any damage in the cable connector, such as corrosion or torn-out cables. If there are any such cables, you need to replace them immediately.

Adjust Bass As Per Volume

You need to increase the bass when you are playing music on a low volume and decrease it when you’re playing it on a higher volume to get a richer experience from your speaker driver. Keeping both the bass and the volume high is known to cause audio crackling issues.

Make Use Of High Pass Filters

Filters properly configured will prevent excessive bass from reaching the door speakers, which might cause distortion. Most vehicle audio setups are not designed for deep and strong bass; introducing low-frequency signals into them can damage and eventually destroy them.

If you desire bass, the easiest solution is to build a subwoofer and isolate sounds over 80 Hz to the door speakers.

The Speaker’s Voice Coil is Incorrectly Positioned    

Align the voice coil

The magnet contains the voice coil. A small gap occurs between the voice coil and a magnet, and when the voice coil is oriented off-centre, a crackling noise is produced.

This contact creates a current shortcut. Although shortcuts last only a fraction of a second, they cause the audio system to crackle and generate noise.

To resolve the issue, disassemble and accurately position the voice coil.

Avoid Playing Bass-Boosted Loud Music

Excessive bass is bad for sound quality and must be avoided unless you’re contesting. Too much bass stresses the sound system at any sound level, regardless of how good it is. Bass-heavy music creates irreparable speaker damage if played over a lengthy period.

Use a Ground Loop Isolator

A ground loop might be to blame for a whining noise from your car’s sound system. It’s tough to determine for certain without inspecting your exact automobile audio setup; however, your audio system might suffer from a common ground loop issue.

Ground loops arise when two components are grounded at distinct ground potential locations. This can result in an undesired current, which causes interference, which is sometimes described as a hum or a whine.

You need to buy a ground loop isolator here. It is a device that adds to the single path, is quite simple to operate, and is reasonably priced. It will disrupt the DC circuit route for the audio shield ground circuit, allowing the connection to flow and avoid interference.

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How to Fix Crackling Sound in Car Speakers?

Removing wireless interface

The most straightforward way is to connect the devices directly; however, if WiFi is required, try the following:

  • Other electronic devices such as mobile phones, appliances, and even exterior electrical equipment are all possible sources of audio signal interference that might disrupt your wireless connection.
  • Identify any prevalent sources of pollution in your surroundings and take action to eliminate or reduce them by changing their position or disabling them.
  • If you cannot determine the sources of interference, you may need expert assistance. A competent expert can evaluate your surroundings for potential sources of interference and assist you in addressing them using technical equipment.

But Wait…Why is my Car Speaker Making a Crackling Sound in the First Place?

As discussed above, a car audio system can distort or crackling sounds for many reasons. We are going to list them down below:

  • The unstable connection between the subwoofer and the amplifier.
  • Torn or damaged speaker wire connector due to oxidation or corrosion.
  • Wireless interference due to electronic gadgets.
  • Faulty or damaged subwoofer products.
  • The bass is not set according to volume.
  • High-pass filters are not being used.
  • Incorrectly aligned speaker voice coil.
  • Too much heavy-bass music is being played.
  • A ground loop is being created.

Does Crackling Sound Mean my Car Speakers are Damaged?

Are my speakers damaged?

Cracking can harm automobile sound systems, although this depends on several circumstances, including the loudness of the crackling and the type of speaker.

Speakers are built up of numerous little components, and if any of them is broken, the entire sound quality of the speaker will suffer.

A little crackling may not be harmful in some instances, but if the crackling becomes excessively loud, it may damage or even destroy the sound system.

For example, when my car speakers were crackling, they were crackling loudly, and I tried everything to fix them, but nothing helped. In the end, I had to replace them.

In summary, if the cracking is loud enough, it might harm the automobile sound system. So it is advised that you fix the speakers even if you hear a little crackling, or it will not be good in the long run.

How to Fix a Car Speaker that Crackles FAQs

Q. What does a blown speaker sound like?

The most typical audio symptom of a blown sound system is an unpleasant noise issue, like a scraping or rattling sound. You might hear a static or popping noise or even no sound.

Q. Can you damage speakers by playing them too loud?

Yes, overheating the sound system may cause it to fail. The audio system cone can be broken or pushed in, resulting in a crackling or popping sound from the audio source. In addition, if played too loudly for too long, the voice coil might overheat and melt.

Q. How much does it cost to fix a blown car speaker?

A blown audio system will cost between $300 and $500 to repair with original speaker parts. The entire audio setup may need to be replaced if the damage is significant, such as a broken voice coil.

Q. How long will your car speakers last?

Speakers are one of the most important, but also one of the most delicate, parts of any audio system. A well-built audio setup can endure for 40-50 years, but a poorly manufactured one may only last a few years.

Q. Do car speakers wear out?

Yes, speakers may and do fail. A blown sound system will frequently produce crackling sound, distortion, static, or no sound at all. 

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