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How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One [Fast & Easy Method]

The Xbox One is among the most popular gaming consoles in the industry. Whether you’re gaming for leisure or a competitive advantage, a USB headphone is what you need for Xbox One.

The most significant advantage of this setup is that you can link as many friends as possible (yes, even the most irritating ones!) to your Xbox via headphones and share the same voice. This is important for multiplayer gaming or allowing multiple people to communicate with the controller. 

However, leading to a shortage of specific information, many are unable to use it. What if we told you there are a few unique options? Find it all here!

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🤔 How to Use USB Headset on Xbox One? (Hold On, There’s More!)

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

Yes, you may attach the stereo headphone connector to the headgear of your choice and enjoy it without changing anything else. Your regular headphone has now been upgraded to Xbox game headphone.

The Xbox One enables gaming headphones, but only those designed specifically for the Xbox One, which comprises gaming headphones manufactured by firms that have expressly designed Xbox One headsets.

To connect headphones to Xbox One, simply pair them with Xbox’s headset socket. You can also use the headset settings. 

Here’s the truth:

This is the simplest trick (which no YouTuber will tell you 😉) to connect gaming headphones with, you guessed it, Xbox One! 

You can attach numerous devices if you have a USB hub. Anyone (other than your old school principal, of course!) can link their headsets to any Xbox One after connecting them to their hub. If you don’t want to stop here, you can also attach the headsets to the hub using the headset port on your Xbox One.

I prefer the Astro A40 version for this Xbox setup (but Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2 model is impressive too). It’s a power that should last twice as much time as a standard battery. It is also quite pleasant for prolonged gaming due to its delicate, flexible nature!

Pss, Astro a40 is my all-time favorite, and I don’t need their sponsorship to say this 😤

🎯 Ways to Connect and Use USB Gaming Headsets on Xbox One Console (It’s Damn Easy!)

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

When purchasing a USB headphone, ensure it is functional with the Xbox One. Following that, you must take the given steps:

  • The Xbox One could be operated using USB headphones. We only require an additional stereo headphone dongle to plug the USB headset into the adapter.
  • After that, adjust the sound input to transform your existing wireless headphones into Xbox game headphones.
  • As you’ve verified, plug the stereo headphone dongle into the device’s USB port. That’s easy. Have a good time!

Or you can also:

  • Grab the stereo headset adapter and plug it into the Xbox One device’s expansion slot. 
  • Attach the stereo headset converter to your chosen type of headset, and you’re ready to play. 
  • Your standard headgear is now an Xbox gameplay headphone.

So, while one uses these headphones with the USB dongle, one cannot access the USB interface to enjoy video games from a Computer. To enjoy video games on a computer, you must first separate your headphone from the dongle, and then you can operate your headphone with a computer.

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💭 I Don’t Have Xbox-Compatible USB Headsets. What Should I Do?

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

Break your head!

Lol, I was just kidding 😂

If you come across this issue, you could also purchase a USB gameplay headset or utilize a cordless USB headset. You can do any of these:

  • You need to purchase a converter to link your headphones to the Xbox One gamepad if you desire to enjoy them while running electronic gaming.
  • You can either use a USB headphone or connect your headset straight to the Xbox, but both require the purchase of headset adapters.
  • This converter will improve your game experience by allowing you to change the interaction volume without moving your fingers.
  • The gap in cost between Xbox gameplay headphones and a standard headset is substantial.
  • You must select the one you believe will provide you with the best long-term worth while still fitting within your existing budget.

👉 So, Is Wireless Better Than Wired Headsets?

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

To begin with, there is no right or wrong choice; it is a subject of individual preference and what we think will perform effectively for specific gaming needs. Some people utilize non-gaming headsets with their Xbox devices, whereas others utilize Xbox series headsets.

Interestingly, specific wireless gameplay headphones labeled “Made for Xbox” can attach to the system via Xbox Wireless without an adapter or gateway node.

Assuming your cordless headset has an audio jack, go through the settings and modify the audio cable signal so that HDMI sound is turned off and Optical sound is switched to bitstream out.

The primary reason is that standard headphones have a transmission delay of more than 100ms. Understand that latency is detrimental to gameplay. If you possess a headset, you should test it to ensure there is no delay.

Microsoft only permits the installation of these headphones designed mainly for Xbox One operation. Other headphones are not permitted to be deployed on the Xbox One.

⚡ How To Find “Made For Xbox” Gaming Headsets Like A Pro? (Examples Included!)

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

I know these details are crucial for you, so let’s get to the essential features right away:

Interoperability and Compatibility

First and foremost, you must verify that the headphone you are searching for is compatible. For instance, headphones that rely solely on Bluetooth are not permitted by Xbox.

Instead, check for headphones with wireless connectivity with Xbox or headphones with 3.5mm ports.


Audio output is complex since everyone has a varied perception of hearing sensitivity. Numerous environmental variables, such as head size, age, auditory damage, and many others, can influence how individuals interpret sound from any source node.

However, you may follow a few general guidelines when selecting the best Xbox headphones.

Resonant Frequency

 This influences the band of frequencies that the headphone’s loudspeakers can produce. Most headphones provide a conventional frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, while some models of headsets may go further than this for different reasons.

Generally, lower frequencies are connected with a bassline, while higher frequencies are correlated with elevated sounds.

Additional Features

Some headphones include onboard functions that allow you to change the intensity, tweak the mix of gaming audio, and do other things. Some headphones may be wireless, using charging ports or USB wires for charging. 

In some cases, you might want to contemplate battery capacity. Typically, the more functions a headphone has, the higher the price. But, quite often, you receive what you paid for.

Some of the most popular Xbox One headsets are:

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2 model 
  • Astro A40 (My personal favorite!)
  • SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox

📃 Xbox One Gaming Headset Not Working [The Smart Troubleshooting!]

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

Xbox headset not working is a real problem, but that’s what this guide is for (how about sharing this among your gaming peers!).

Here are the specific weaknesses of the Xbox one headset only true gamers know: 

  • The biggest weakness is latency. If too much time is delayed between what you listen to and how your game reacts, the playing experience will be ruined.
  • Another critical concern is incompatibility with USB headphones. There are USB headphones that function with the Xbox One & USB headsets that do not.
  • Plug-and-play USB headphones are not always compatible with Xbox One. In that situation, you must upgrade the software on your system.

Don’t stress if you’re experiencing difficulties linking your headphone to the gamepad and you understand it’s functional with the Xbox One; there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Remove the headphone or remove the headphone wire from the console, then securely reattach it to the control system.
  • Examine the mute option on the headphone controls to ensure that the headphone is not silenced.
  • To alter audio settings, navigate to Settings>Device & Accessories, then pick your device.
  • Test for hardware malfunctions with an alternative controller or headphones.
  • To obtain the most recent software, upgrade your controller.
  • Make sure you’re just connecting the Xbox One headphone with the Xbox One controller; it’s not meant to be used with external devices, and the console will not send game audio or music over the headphone.
  • Inspect the headset, wire, and adapter for any flaws before cleaning your Xbox components. Make sure the headphone connector is clean and free of debris.
  • Verify the controller’s cells; if they are low, they will not charge the headphones, so recharge them before operating them.
  • Restart your Xbox by disconnecting it for 15 seconds.

If you’ve tried everything and your conversation headset still doesn’t function, it may require to be replaced. You may order a substitute from the Xbox website’s Device Support. Are any other techniques successful in restoring your Xbox One headset’s functionality?

If not, which headset would be a better replacement? Continue reading to find out.

👍 What’s the Best Xbox One Gaming Headset In 2022? (Not Sponsored!)

How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

You might have seen it coming. I’ve evaluated seven of the most advanced headphone options from large and small vendors and have got here with one of the best buying choices.

Xbox console gameplay is frequently about unwinding in front of the TV, but selecting an excellent headset may improve your absorption or even give you a tactical advantage. It all relies on your goals and objectives, as each headset has advantages and disadvantages. 

And in my opinion, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 (it’s not my personal favorite, but that’s the point. For me, your needs matter more than my bias!) is the optimum for Xbox play.

Let’s know why!


The headpiece is pleasant and has clear, customizable, and immersive sound. All changes when you modify it in the Xbox preferences and indicate that you want surround sound. It’s incredible. 

The audio is crystal clear, & the loudness is excellent! One issue I encountered with previous sets was that the audio was too weak. 

That is not the case with this one. It incorporates volume controls mainly on the headphone side for gaming and social conversation. Outstanding because I wouldn’t say I like having to get into the Xbox audio settings to change it. 


How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One

The ear cushions are incredibly comfortable and easy. Most headphones force my spectacles on my forehead, which is unpleasant.

This headphone is quite comfy and does not press on my spectacles. They’re featherweight, including a well-padded headband and ear cushions.


It operates excellently as a wireless headset. Except in a setting with multiple wireless links that could potentially conflict, the wireless connectivity remained reliable and didn’t cause any noticeable slowdown during long playtimes.

Turtle Beach Stealth promises that you may use the headphone for close to 15 hours on one charge. Anecdotally, I discovered that I was required to recharge every 3-4 days, which corresponds to that figure.

🔰 Turtle Beach Stealth: Pros and Cons


  • The ear cushions are detachable and composed of fabric, while the headband is wrapped in imitation leather for a much more pleasant fit.
  • These headphones provide a balanced, High-Quality sound quality appropriate for various audio sources.
  • These headgears perform well in terms of peaks and troughs.
  • When conversing with pals, you won’t notice the minor sound level nuances, but they create a significant impact when you devote focus, particularly in story-focused encounters.


  • The control systems on these headsets are inadequate. There are about 4 buttons, although they are simple to use.
  • They aren’t as portable as most over-ear gaming session headphones. Their large form may prevent them from fitting comfortably into your backpack.
  • There is no carrying case embraced with these headsets.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 wireless gaming headset improves the headset’s appearance in minor but significant ways. It is unquestionably superior to the original.

Having said this, it is nevertheless, at its root, a basic cordless headset targeting Xbox players who would like to optimize ease and comfort while settling for not excellent but great audio quality.

💡 How To Connect USB Headset To Xbox One FAQs 

Q1. Does Xbox support USB audio?

Yes, current Xbox systems, like modern PlayStation ones, enable USB sound. Nevertheless, the music or audio setup inside the console’s audio driver must be correct. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eNo technical constraints prevent Microsoft from enabling USB audio sound with Xbox; instead, it is a development and security decision made by Microsoft to urge gamers to purchase Xbox-licensed items with special transmission chips.u003cbru003e

Q2. How to Connect USB Headset to Xbox One S?

Bluetooth headsets equipped with a suitable USB adapter will continue to function normally with the console and can be used by just connecting them to the system.

Q3. Which Is Better For Xbox One: Wired Or Wireless Headphones?

They have a wired USB headset because one of several key benefits to going wired rather than wireless would be that wired headphones provide better, clear chat audio quality than wireless gaming headset options.

Q4. What If Your USB Headphones Are Not Supported?

This may be because USB devices are built for desktops and need drivers to be loaded before being utilized with a game controller. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eApart from immediately inserting it into the system, there is another option to utilize it: operate the USB to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, then connect it straight into your Xbox console via the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter if you do have the normal Xbox One.

Q5. Does Xbox One accept USB headsets?

Yes, you can use USB headphones with the Xbox One. You require an extra stereo headphone converter (USB adapter) that enables you to insert your USB headset connector into that Headset adapter and make correct basic audio controller modifications to convert your previous wireless headsets to Xbox game headsets.

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