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7 Best Headphones for Hip Hop And Rap [#3 Is GOLD!]

Wondering what the best headphones for hip-hop and music production are?

We have selected the 7 top pairs of headphones on the basis of sound quality, comfort, and more so that you truly get the best value for your money.

Let’s dive right in:

🕺What are the best headphones for hip-hop and rap music on the market in 2023?

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X #1

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Best For Hip Hop

  • Offer excellent sound isolation.
  • Delivers exceptional sound clarity and accurate bass response.
  • Comfortable headphones for long hours of music listening.
  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity.
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Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Over Ear #2

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Over Ear Superb Audiophile Headphones

  • They are best suited for indoors as they don’t block any ambient noise.
  • It delivers a neutral soundtrack that does not bump over the bass.
  • It is very comfortable for long hours of usage, with earpads placed over your ears to prevent ear sweat.
  • No in-built control buttons.
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V-MODA Crossfade Wireless #3

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Award-winning M-class sound

  • Your go-to choice for DJing due to its immersive 3-D soundstage.
  • Its bass is deep and booming, with crystal clear vocals for an immersive audio experience.
  • It offers impressive comfort with super soft foam ear cushions.
  • Excellent wireless connectivity
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Sony WH-CH700N Wireless #4

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Amazing Bluetooth Feature

  • It is best for dedicated music listeners and sound engineers due to its AI-powered noise-canceling feature.
  • Equipped with an in-built microphone and in-line controls.
  • It offers up to 35 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • Fit for travel usage due to its lightweight design.
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HIFIMAN HE-400I Open Back  (Wired)#5

HIFIMAN HE-400I Open Back (Wired)Natural Sound

  • Punchy bass and powerful output with euphoric mids.
  • Offers no sound distortion with a maximum frequency of 35kHz.
  • Strong and sturdy overall construction.
  • Improved headband and “hybrid” ear pads to increase comfort
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Pioneer HDJ-X7-K (Wired)#6

Pioneer HDJ-X7-K (Wired)Quality Headphones For DJs

  • It offers precise sound monitoring.
  • Equipped with swiveling ear cups for adjusting headphone size as per your preference.
  • It comprises 50 mm closed dynamic drivers (dome-type).
  • Superior noise isolation and well-balanced audio quality for beat-matching music and live mixing.
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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless #7

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless ANC Rapper Headphones

  • Powerful digital noise-canceling technology.
  • Excellent battery life lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge.
  • Equipped with in-line controls on the left earcup.
  • The Skullcandy app allows you to customize your sound profile by taking a hearing test, which is very useful for hearing loss patients.
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Table Of Contents

🤘Rapper Headphones: The Definitive Guide For Beginners

Rapper Headphone Buying Guide

As promised, we will discuss the key factors to look for to pick your best studio headphones for mixing.

The work of a rap artist, a music producer, or a DJ requires careful listening for long hours, so quality headgear is a must. One mistake during purchase and your entire work goes to waste.

With that being said, let’s check out the most important factors here:

🚫Noise Cancellation Feature

Noise Cancellation in Hip Hop Headphones

Who likes disturbing background noise?

But for recording artists, noise isolation is not a luxury but a necessity. They must focus on every sound beat note and carefully mix diverse tunes to produce that amazing output their fans love.

Hence, look for those pairs of headphones that offer complete noise isolation with excellent sound leakage so that you can focus on hip-hop beats for the best performance.

This works true for dedicated music listeners (like me) as well. Background sound simply messes up the entire music experience. All our choices offer good to excellent noise cancellation capabilities.

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🎼Sound Signature and Frequencies

Sound Signature In Rapper Headphones

Sound Signature describes and emphasizes the volume setting of your headphones from low to high-frequency ranges. There are many types of sound signatures. For example, flat signatures will mean your headphones will not enhance the frequency.

Choosing a sound signature depends on your definition of “good” music and experience. So, there are no good or bad choices. The matter is more subjective for any music artist, just like the music itself.

But again, the “v-shaped” sound signature is best for hip-hop music and rap songs. They work great for rock music loaded with soaring vocals and screeching guitars. V-shaped sound signature produces unique “in-your-face” music enhancing the lows and highs.

Here is the bottom line:

If you prefer a thumping sound, choose “extra-bass” filled headphones. They are best for DJs and rock music fans. If your favorite music is those sweet tones with little tweaks, choose “balanced” headphones.

Ok, now that we have dealt with the sound signature part, let’s come to the frequency range. They are critical for any type of listener, whether professional or otherwise.

For Hip Hop music and rap, you need to choose headphones with low frequencies. The baseline range for your ideal headphones is between 10Hz to 25kHz. Otherwise, your output will have excessive bass leaving the soundtracks weaker than normal.

Again, your headphones should be able to soar up the frequency range. The wider the ranger, the richer the sound. And this will also ensure that the sound quality is versatile to suit music listening across genres.

🔋Battery Life

Most of us are looking for wireless hip-hop headphones that don’t mess up with wireless and have an advanced Bluetooth feature.

But you are missing the most important part.

Many wireless headphones have low battery life. And for recording vocals and mixing tracks, you need to use your device for hours every day. The same goes for dedicated hip-hop listeners. So you cannot compromise on battery life as you choose your perfect pick.

What’s the solution?

Select headphones that provide 18 to 40 hours of battery life on a single charge. This will ensure you can listen to your favorite tunes without battery lag. Also, check whether your headphone provides a quick charging feature to steal some additional play time for your sound production.

📻Sound Quality

This factor goes with the sound signature and frequency range of your headphones. As you may have guessed, this is the single most important aspect when you’re choosing your best headphones for hip-hop music.

Whether you are a professional music artist like a rapper or DJ, or an avid music listener, you need headphones that give you an HD-quality immersive sound that allows you to listen to every bit with all the detail available.

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Go for “stereo headphones” that offer a neutral sound profile with ample bass and balanced mids and highs. Check the description provided by the manufacturer or read quality product reviews (you are currently doing that) to get an idea of the sound quality you will get in a given headphone.

And then choose accordingly.

🐥Comfort and Durability

Comfort and Durability in Rapper Headphones

I am sure you know about this factor already. This is a determining factor in choosing any type of headphone: whether for hip-hop or streaming. You will spend hours wearing this device as a dedicated rap listener or sound producer.

Hence, choose a headphone with breathable ear cups and comfortable ear pads. This reduces ear sweat and ensures ample comfort for all types of listeners.

Again, no one buys a headphone to use only for 1 day. You are making a medium to a big investment in a device. Hence you will like to use it for 3+ years.

Hence, choose a device with a strong build and robust design to withstand long usage for years. Refer to product reviews (you are already doing it) and information provided by the manufacturer to get a sense of the comfort and durability the headgear promises to provide to its buyers.

🆚 Open Back versus Closed Back Headphones

Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones

This factor depends on how you listen to your favorite music through headphones. Closed-back headphones are best for day-to-day listening in public places and workplaces.

The reason?

It blocks out external noise and has excellent sound leakage. This means other people cannot listen to your rap music, and you don’t get the external noise from the outer world.

But again, it is not good for indoor usage (not the best option). They cause an annoying echo due to their thick construction, which can hinder dedicated audiophiles from enjoying their favorite tunes.

Hence, choose open-back headphones if you plan to use your headphones only in indoor spaces. They have perforations in ear cups to “vent” out the music. This way, avid listeners can enjoy the powerful bass-filled sound without disruption.

🤔What Hip Hop Headphones Do Rappers Use? [And Music Producers]

What Headphones do sound artists use
What Headphones do rappers use

Let’s review our Top 7 rapper headphone picks with detailed pros and cons. Keep the deciding factors (given above) in your mind and make your final choice:

🏆#1: Audio-Technica Ath-M50X: Best Hip-Hop Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X (1) (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

📦What’s in the box?

  • A pair of Ath-M50X Headphones
  • Audio Cables (x3)
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ Adapter

🙂Bottom Line: To whom it best suited?

They are best for neutral hip-hop listening and sound mixing. They are not good for travel as they offer inadequate sound isolation in noisy environments. Plus, they’re a bit bulky to carry. Again, they are below average for sports and outdoor usage. They offer mediocre performance for office use.

Hence, if you plan to enjoy rap music indoors, then Ath-M50X is the best option. Avid listeners will love this popular and critically acclaimed device for its well-balanced sound profile.

🔊Sound Profile: Details Explained

This pair of closed-back headphones offer quality bass output and well-balanced audio reproduction. They can efficiently reproduce vocals and instruments, all thanks to their decently balanced mid-range. Its treble doesn’t sound recessed or too sharp.

Their frequency response is consistently above-average across different re-seats and users. The response is fairly flat and neutral resulting in output with the right punch, thump, and rumble. Hence, every music lover chooses Ath-M50x.

Its sound imaging is great, with well-matched L/R drivers for accurate placement of voice, instruments, and footsteps in the stereo image.

However, these headphones score poorly in passive soundstage (no virtual soundstage) and noise isolation. Leakage performance is above average. Leakage sound is not as full-bodied as open-back headphones but definitely better than earbuds and in-ears.

There is no microphone.

🚨Design and added features

The headphone design looks good but does not stand out in the crowd. Ear cups are large, allowing more space for large ears and big heads. Breathability in ear cups is pretty decent for casual listening but may get warm during long sessions.

The design is pretty durable and stable, with slight weak points in joints. But overall, they are well-built for long years of usage.

As said earlier, Ath-M50X is neither portable nor a sport design. But for casual movement, they are sufficiently stable and come with a detachable cable.

These headphones come with 3 10ft. long analog audio cables with no-line remote. So, you can hear the sound when connected to Xbox One Controller or PS4, but you will not be able to do voice chat as there is no microphone.

🤨Ath-M50X Pros And Cons


  • The fairly balanced audio quality for critical listening.
  • The over-ear design allows long listening sessions with ease.
  • Equipped with a detachable cable that increases the longevity of the headphones.
  • Amazing leakage performance even at high volumes due to its closed-back design.
  • Build Quality is solid for durable use.


  • Tight Fit on your head (replacing earpads can help)
  • Not portable. Large size can be a problem
  • Bit Expensive.

🎺#2: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro: Best For Music and Streaming

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (1) (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

📦What’s in the box?

  • The pair of DT 990 Pro Headphones
  • Manual
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ Adapter

😯Bottom Line: To whom it best suited?

They are best for critical hip-hop and rap music listening though they are not ideal for everyday casual use due to their open-back design. They don’t block any ambient noise and leak sound a lot, thus becoming unfit for outdoor listening or during sports. They are not designed for office use either unless you work in an isolated environment.

They are also tight on the head and may not fit all head sizes.

🧑‍🏫Sound Profile: Details Explained

DT 990 Pro is a pair of sturdy critical listening headphones. They have a spacious soundstage, reproduce much detail in high-resolution tracks, and offer clear and crisp sound quality for all avid listeners. Vocals, instruments, and bass are well-balanced, along with high-fidelity reproduction for a complete immersive musical experience.

However, the treble range is slightly overemphasized, as a result of which the sound may be a bit sharp at times.

It has excellent sound imaging for the accurate placement of instruments, along with an average passive soundstage. It has no virtual soundstage.

🚥Design and added features

This pair of Beyerdynamic headphones are decent-looking with a relatively compact design. The high-quality materials in the build give them a high-end appeal with more flare.

The ear cups are super-comfortable and covered in a suede-like fabric. They are large in size and fit in most ear sizes. The metal headband is well-padded and stylish but is a little too rigid, making it slightly uncomfortable during long listening sessions.

Are you a bit careless and drop items during usage?

Then, these pair of headphones may be a good fit for you. They are solid and sturdy, and their headband has a rugged metal frame to handle a decent amount of stress. Plus, its ear cups are dense and can withstand a few accidental drops.

They are moderately stable on your head during casual listening sessions but are not fit for sports usage. You get a soft pouch to store these headphones nicely, but they are not portable at all. They have a 3.77 ft. long analog audio cable for wired connectivity.

They do not have a microphone.

😣 DT 990 Pro Pros And Cons


  • High-Quality Audio Reproduction is best for music studios and professional DJs for mixing and vocal recording.
  • It offers a super-lightweight diaphragm that offers premium audio performance.
  • High comfort level during extended use for hours thanks to its extra padding on the steel headband and highly adjustable fitting.
  • Durable Build and design with rigid plastic and replaceable parts.


  • Slightly Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Bass-Heavy Headphones.

🤾‍♂️#3: V-MODA Crossfade Wireless: Fit For Sports Usage

V-MODA Crossfade (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

🎁What’s in the box?

  • The pair of V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphones
  • Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • 1/4″ to 1/8″ Adapter
  • Carrying Case

🎙️Sound Profile: Details Explained

They offer an overall flat response with decent bass accuracy. The output is bass-heavy by 4dB, which may not be optimal for critical usages like sound production or mixing. Their treble performance is very poor and results in sharp and sibilant output. However, they are virtually flawless in the mid-range with flat, consistent performance.

Their sound imaging is decent for object localization, but their soundstage performance is poor.

These headphones also fare poorly in active noise-canceling, and their passive isolation does not work well in noisy environments. Their leakage performance is decent.

Overall, their sound performance is satisfactory for casual listeners but may not serve the purpose of dedicated music artists.

🧑Design and added features

V-Moda wireless has a unique and sleek design with a couple of different color schemes to stand out in the crowd. They have sufficient padding on the ear cups for more comfort during extended usage. But thick padding narrows the opening, making it unsuitable for head sizes. Their ear pads are decently breathable to prevent ear sweat during long usage.

These headphones offer decent tactile controls to skip tracks or control volume on the right ear cup.

They come in a foldable design and are decently portable in a bag. Crossfade provides you with a tough hard case to withstand drops and damage. Hence, you get good protection during travel and usage as well.

This wireless headphone is built with premium materials, a Flexi-strong metal frame, and dense ear cups for a great built quality that will last for years. They are more stable than the previous two options in the list, but they may sway a little during intense workouts.

Finally, they have a decent battery life that lasts up to 11.2 hours on a single charge and has excellent Bluetooth and wired support.

They do have a microphone for voice chats.

😥V-MODA Pros And Cons


  • Delivers powerful sound that keeps the details for dedicated listening.
  • Superb Built Quality to last for years.
  • Great wireless connection
  • Offers customizable options for passive wired listening.


  • It does not support aptX codec
  • Excessive boost in sound signature (may not be good for critical listeners)
  • Expensive

📶#4: Sony WH-CH700N Wireless: Excellent Bluetooth and Sound Profile

Sony WH-CH700N (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

📦What’s in the box?

  • The pair of Sony WH-CH700N Headphones
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Manual
  • Audio Cable

🤗Bottom Line: To whom it best suited?

They work decently for neutral rap listening. The sound profile is V-shaped (remember the definitive guide?) and offers a good choice for listening across music genres with no excessive bass. They are good for commuting and outdoor usage and are better off got sports usage. They are okay office headphones and allow phone calls with ease.

But they are not suitable for wired gaming. Again, their noise isolation and ANC are not very good and hence are unsuitable for noisy environments.

They offer decent mixed usage with a balanced sound profile to meet your diverse music needs.

🎷Sound Profile: Details Explained

As said earlier, these Sony headphones offer a V-shaped sound profile that is fairly balanced for versatile music listening. The bass is thumpy, balanced, and deep for instrumental sounds and hip-hop. The mids are flat and excellent in quality, but the treble accuracy is mediocre, resulting in a slightly pumped-up bass sound.

The sound imaging is great with well-matched L/R drivers for accurate placement of objects (like voice and instruments).

However, the passive soundstage is mediocre despite a relatively large soundstage inside the listener’s head. Again, the frequency response is only sub-par.

Are you a glasses wearer?

You may notice a decreased bass response as you don’t get a proper seal. You must also adjust the device on your head for a decent treble reproduction.

🤝Design and added features

These Sony Headphones have a sturdy build quality with more soft and comfortable earpads. They come in blue or matte-grey color options. They are not very tight on the head and are lightweight for extended listening. They have a simple yet efficient control scheme to skip tracks or control volume across the two ear cups. Their earcups offer decent breathability for causal listening but are not very good for intense workouts.

They are mostly portable and fit inside your bag easily. Their dense cups and metal frame reinforced headband can withstand accidental damage and extended use for years. They are aptly stable but don’t use them during intense gym sessions.

These pair of Sony Headphones offer an excellent battery life that lasts up to 34.1 hours on a single charge. They come with intuitive Sony App support for easy control and customizable support.

You also get the 4.1 Bluetooth version and a 4.1ft. long Analog Audio Cable for connectivity. And yes, Sony WH-CH700N comes with a noise-canceling microphone for voice chats.

😶‍🌫️Sony WH-CH700N Pros And Cons


  • Powerful Battery Capacity that lasts for up to 34 hours on a single charge.
  • It offers graphic EQ and a versatile sound profile.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, designed to meet the needs of rap artists.
  • Offers an efficient control scheme for customizable options.


  • Bad noise cancellation
  • Average durability

👩‍🎤#5: HIFIMAN HE-400I: Best For Rap Vocal Recording

Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

📦What’s in the box?

  • The pair of HiFiMan HE-400i Headphones
  • Manual
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter
  • Audio Cable

🤩Bottom Line: To whom it best suited?

These headphones are best for critical music recording and rap recording. They are comfortable for long hours of listening with a sufficiently balanced sound profile. So, better use them in indoor settings and isolation.

They perform poorly in outdoor commuting or sports due to their poor isolation feature. They are not good for office use either as they leak sound a lot.

Overall they do not offer versatile listening options. But avid listeners and sound producers will definitely be delighted with the output.

🎶Sound Profile: Details Explained

HE-400i Headphones simply excel in the sound department. They offer a great frequency response consistency, enabling the delicate reproduction of vocal sounds. The bass accuracy is good, too, but bass-filled music lovers may be disheartened with the output.

Its mid-accuracy is simply outstanding, with balanced reproduction of vocals and lead instruments. Its treble accuracy is simply amazing as well, leading to bright and piercing sounds, best for hip-hop.

The sound imaging of these headphones is great, with well-placed L/R drivers for accurate placement of objects (footsteps or vocals) in the stereo image. Again, its soundstage is relatively natural and large, but it is located inside the listener’s head.

In short, the output is perfect for critical listening by all sound artists.

However, the open design of these HiFiMan headphones leads to poor noise isolation and leakage performance. So, don’t use them in public places or noisy environments.

🧝‍♂️Design and added features

As said earlier, these headphones are not designed for outdoor usage. Its ear cups are large and open and have a metallic finish for a premium look and feel in indoor settings. These cups are well-padded with soft suede-like material for extended use for hours without harm. The material is also skin-friendly.

However, they can be a bit tight on the head sometimes. They are not very breathable either, like most other planar magnetic HifiMan headphones.

Again, they are big in size and are not very portable.

Some users have experienced a build quality defect in these headphones resulting in mild stress. Otherwise, HE-400i has a decent build, and it’s made of premium materials. They remain stable during critical listening sessions but are not designed for use during physical activity.

They come with a 10ft. long Analog Audio cable for connectivity but have no Bluetooth feature. There is no rechargeable battery or built-in microphone either.

😬HIFIMAN HE-400I Pros And Cons


  • Durable and sturdy build for long headphone life.
  • Offers wide sound distribution with detailed high-end frequencies.
  • Mid-range is perfect for vocals and instrumental sounds.
  • Equipped with a removable cable and an adapter.


  • Little hard clamping pressure
  • Bulky Design

👨‍🎤#6: Pioneer HDJ-X7-K: Best For DJs and Rappers

Pioneer HDJ-X7-K (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

📦What’s in the box?

  • The pair of Pioneer HDJ-X7-K Headphones
  • Lightweight Carry Pouch
  • 2 Cables
  • 3.5mm-to-1/4 inch screw-on adapter

🤭Bottom Line: To whom it best suited?

They are best for dedicated DJs and bass lovers. The sound can get really loud, and the bass-rich output makes party songs and raps makes you feel amazing. You can mix song tracks and record vocals very well.

Having set this, they are not good for versatile usage. They are not good for outdoor usage, office, or gym use. Sound isolation is poor, and hence, better use it in indoor settings only.

👨‍🏫Sound Profile: Details Explained

These mid-level DJ headphones have 50mm dome-type closed dynamic drivers to produce clear, loud sound with dedicated monitoring. The audio has ample bass and treble, but the noise isolation is poor.

Again, the vocal separation in sound is great with fizzing high-end output. The frequency range can go up to 5Hz to 30kHz with efficient sound filters to keep the sound clean.

Sound imaging is decent for the accurate placement of objects. However, don’t expect to play games or use them for neutral listening.

💥Design and added features

These DJ headphones are well-built with US Military standard metal frame construction. It’s not very comfortable for long hours of listening with a rigid headband and tight fit, but they are durable.

Their earcups can be flipped and swiveled as per your need allowing easy storage and safekeeping.

Overall they are a decent pair of headphones for all rock music lovers but don’t consider this for any other type of usage.

🤓Pioneer HDJ-X7-K Pros And Cons


  • Build Quality is durable to last for years
  • Professionally-rated flexible design with swivel ear cups.
  • Perfect fit for every dedicated DJ
  • Clear and loud output for rap and rock music


  • Not very comfortable (compared to standards)

🤯#7: Skullcandy Crusher Wireless: Best Rapper Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher (1)
Dev Thakkar/ Swing Vertigo

📦What’s in the box?

  • The pair of Skullcandy Crusher Headphones
  • One Aux Cable
  • USB-C charging wire
  • Carrying Case of a dark gray color.

✨Bottom Line: To whom it best suited?

They are best for critical hip-hop listening in indoor and outdoor settings. Its Active Noise Cancelling feature allows it to use even in commuting or noisy environments. So, use it office and outdoors to cut off external noise for a completely immersive experience.

However, they are not good for sports or heavy physical activity.

🔉Sound Profile: Details Explained

These pair of Skullcandy Headphones deliver adjustable base levels with serious enhancements and haptic feedback. The frequency response is consistent and decent with low-frequency rumble for audiophile sounds.

There is a nice balance in mids and highs however, they suffer from an irritating hiss sound. It does not disturb your listening, but it is noticeable.

Users also get an ambient microphone with intelligent features for an amazing musical experience. Bass sliders are customizable and suit various genres of song tracks. You can distinguish bass from song tracks, so they perform well in most listening aspects.

🕯️Design and added features

These Skullcandy headphones are circumaural in design and come with an eggshell-like finish. They are comfortable for extended listening with extensive memory cushion in earpads. You also get an in-line control option to skip tracks or control volume in the right earcup. Bass adjustment sliders are available in the left earcup.

You also get a connected Skullcandy app for more customizable sound profile options. However, there is no option to control EQ or ANC.

The battery life of this wireless headphone is good, with 24 hours of playtime on a simple charge. You also get a cable for wired use with in-line remote control for performance management and a zip-up hard shell case for protected storage.

😵Skullcandy Crusher Pros And Cons


  • Comfortable for long hours of hip-hop listening
  • Offers good passive noise isolation
  • Detailed and clean sound with adjustable bass
  • Offers aptX HD codec support


  • Not a great design

🙋‍♂️Final Words

You will surely find your best headphone pick from the Top 7 choices above.

Now, I head over to you. Which headphones will you choose?

Will you select the professionally acclaimed ATH-M50X or planar magnetic HiFiman headphones?

Tell me in the comments below.

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