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Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones: The Truth in 2023

Here’s the question for today: why do podcasters wear headphones? And what impact do headphones have on the recording and editing of the show?

In 2021 alone, 120 million Americans were listening to; you guessed it right, podcasts!

You can educate yourself, listen to a fantastic story or immerse yourself while doing your daily “boring” tasks.

But if you have seen any podcaster on the screen, you will notice a device always around their head.

So are headphones the must-have tool in your podcasting kit or do pros wear them just for show? This is what we will know in this updated guide.

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Our updated guide begins here:

🤔Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones: Does it Really Help?

Most Popular Podcast Show
Most Popular Podcast Show as per Newsweek

There are many benefits of wearing the over-ear device while conducting and editing a successful podcast. Some of them include:

  • Brilliant audio output in final production
  • Detecting audio glitches during live recording

And more! I have arranged the various benefits of wearing headphones for any podcaster here:

😎(Pro Tip: Read this table in desktop mode)

How Do They HelpImportanceWhat If Headphones Are SkippedAdvantagesAny Prerequisite
Aids In Audio Monitoring5/5Low quality audio experienceSaves post-production time, makes editing easyAdjustable headband in headphones is needed
Better Presentation4/5You can never know how do you sound to othersBlocks excessive noise, smooth podcast sessionsChoosing a design which is comfortable
Guests Are Dealt Efficiently4/5More hindrances in conversationsGuests can self-adjust making it for a smooth conversationGuests will need to know self-monitoring
Editing Becomes Easy4/5A lot of time will be wasted in post-production phaseSaves time in editingStudio headphones with noise cancellation works the best
Prevents Sound Leakage3/5Extra noises and unclarity of soundHigh-quality clear soundChoosing a headset with suitable features of blocking extra noise

⏺️#1: Crystal-Clear Podcast Recording

Headphones can bring clarity in podcast recordings graphic

As a podcaster, you have to achieve the best possible audio quality so that you can stand out among the sea of 2,000,000 podcasts.

The only way to determine if a podcaster has the best audio experience is to monitor it throughout the recording process using interchangeable headbands.

An adjustable headband in a professional headphone blocks external noise effectively works like magic to help you live record engaging podcasting sessions. And guess what, they are not that expensive!

Also, high-quality audio record saves time in the post-production phase. The more attention you pay to the recording phase, the less headache you will have in editing.

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🎙️#2: Present Your Podcasts Like Never Before!

Gretchen Rubin presenting a podcast
Gretchen Rubin presenting a podcast

One of the many problems of a newbie podcaster is: they have never heard their voice in a group discussion.

If you can’t hear yourself, you will never know if you are too quiet or loud.

Result? Your idea of hosting a warm podcasting discussion turns into a disaster! Well, worry not as headphones can come to your rescue.

They give you great control when adjusting audio during conversations to change your presentation styles as per the tempo of the discussion.

🎧#3: Better Engage With Your Podcast Guests!

Podcast setup before guest sessions
Podcast setup before guest sessions

Imagine this:

You have finally caught hold of a prominent entrepreneur for your newly set-up business podcast. The Q&A has just started when you realize his voice can’t be heard or recorded from your end.

It’s the last thing you didn’t want for your first show. That’s why you should keep quality headphones in your podcasting kit to maintain an excellent first impression.

If your guests wear a headset during a phone conversation, they are more likely to self-regulate using their over-ear device, so you can focus attentively on what they say.

😏#4: You Will Be Able To Edit Podcasts Like A Pro!

Podcasting Software graphic

It’s high time you realize that meticulous editing determines the success of any form of digital content, let alone podcasts.

Now, what’s meticulous editing, I hear you ask?

Step #1

  • Remember what I told you earlier: more the effort you give in recording the show, less the pain you need to take while editing.

Step #2

  • Listen to your recorded piece carefully to remove glitches, make corrections and add slides and music as per the theme of your podcast.

A gentle breeze, the humming of the vending machine or coiled cables, the air conditioner; it’s all on tape, and you must hear it while recording so you can make any necessary adjustments.

And there is no better way to achieve all this feat without a pair of recording headphones.

🩸#5: Prevent Audio Bleeding, What’s That?

Disruption in podcast due to audio bleed
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“Bleeding? So we have to commit murder and crimes and make an amazing podcast. That’s the secret I was looking for, thanks!”

If your reaction is like my other friends running this blog, then hold on, I am not that foolish!

Audio bleed is the leakage between the output and input of the audio’s source. It’s a problem of audio transmission and can happen both on-stage and live recording.

It’s a genuine concern and can be prevented with a few precautions and a proper pair of headsets with an acoustic seal, preventing the inaccurate frequency representation.

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🔥Headphone Vs. Microphone: Which Is Better For Podcasting?

Headphone vs Microphone for podcasting

Studio headphones and microphones are essential for podcasters to have an excellent audio response. It is always the responsibility of the podcaster to use the microphone to ensure good sound isolation and quality.

I Am Not Going To Lie to You But:

Microphones are far more essential for a podcaster as compared to headphones. But you know what, the combo of podcasting studio headphones with a mic can insanely improve your production quality, giving you crystal-clear highs and minimal compromise of audio experience.

Then, there is a headphone amplifier.

Coming to the type of microphones you should use, know this:

When it comes to high-quality sound isolation, there is no competition. Dedicated USB microphones outperform headset microphones on any day of the week in terms of flat frequency response. USB microphones include great internal features for recording narration, podcasts, and more.

😍Some Benefits of USB Mics Include:

  • Precise voice record
  • Efficient elimination of background noise
  • High-resolution voice recording

Long story short: If audio quality is a priority, a USB microphone is a perfect choice.

If you want to record narration, create podcasts, or do anything else that requires high-quality audio and a good design, a cable microphone is a better option.

You have already known that USB mics are great because they strike a balance between audio quality and comfort. Headset mics are great for communication and gaming, but if you want to take your voice to a new level, it’s worth investigating studio mics.

😢When Should You Not Wear Headphones As A Podcaster?

There are many wide range situations where podcasting headbands are not required. A few scenarios are listed below:

  • When you are interviewing guests outdoors.
  • Headphones are disrupting the flow of your conversation.

😮Podcasting Headphones Used by Experienced Podcasters!

Joe Regan presenting a podcast show
Fun Fact: Joe has more than 1700 episodes.

Here are three top choices, handpicked after due research:

#1 Choice

why do podcasters wear headphones


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Comfortable Fit.
  • Remarkable noise cancellation.


  • The cord can be a hassle, obstructing usage.

Aha! Whenever I hear “Audio-TECHNICA Ath…” the only thing that comes to my mind is brilliant noise isolation at an affordable price. They are insanely comfortable, so your long hours of tedious editing work can get a lot easier!

#2 Choice

why do podcasters wear headphones


  • Noise cancellation
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Pocket friendly


  • No added bass

Reddit trolls can hate Sennheiser, but it’s Joe Regan’s all-time favorite. The HD 280 Pros are comfortable, too, but I appreciate their flat frequency response. You will get an ambient sound response at a price tag that in no way breaks your bank.


  • Remarkable audio performance.
  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Comfortably rests on the head.


  • Quite expensive

If you have a big budget (I always wanted to say this!), the Shure SRH1540 has everything that a podcaster can ask for. Brilliant build quality, comfort delights, and…. (click on the yellow box link to find more customer reviews!)

🤐Why Do Podcasters Wear Headphones: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Youtubers always wear headphones?

youtube logo

Ans- You may have seen hosts of gaming youtube channels wearing headphones. The reason is simple: you can stream your voice without creating a feedback loop with headphones.

Are you supposed to hear yourself when recording?

recording visual

Ans- Even though one might think that it’s good to understand how well you sound, it’s not a requirement at all. If you hear back your voice with minor tweaks, that will create feedback, a loop where you hear your voice coming back at you, as an echo which is not good when recording.

Are earbuds good for podcasting?


Ans- They are not the first choice, but if you find your guests using earbuds rather than the headphones you just offered, it’s OK!

Why do streamers wear earbuds under podcast headphones?

stream visual

Ans- Earbuds are small with negligible weight so that streamers can wear them for hours. Also, they can eliminate leakage of sound to a reasonable extent.

Are podcasts popular in 2022?

popular visual

Ans- It is predicted that every 1 out of 3 Americans will listen to podcasts in 2022. It’s difficult for a beginner to have a sizeable audience for a podcast. Still, one can upload their videos on mediums like YouTube, which runs on SEO-based algorithms to drive referral traffic to your Spotify show. It can be tricky, but worth the effort!

[Quick Update: Linkedin will debut its own podcasting network, reports Engadget on 23rd February 2022. This can be quite a motivation for any budding podcaster!]

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