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How To Turn On Amp Without Remote Wire [5 Tested Ways]

I am not much of a review geek, but I know a hell of a lot about how essential car amplifiers are.

But installing a car amplifier can be tricky. This guide will walk you through 5 steps on how to turn on amp without remote wire in the most interesting way possible!

Let’s get started:

💁5 + 1 Ways To Turn The Amp On: A Brief Overview

Six Ways to Turn an Amplifier ON Without a Remote

For your convenience, we’ve ranked all the recommended methods based on their difficulty to implement.

Method 1Method 2Method 3Method 4Method 5
Solution provided.Taking out the Turn-On Signal from your vehicle’s fuse keyUsing Remote Turn on Module/TriggerUsing a Trigger in conjunction with a High/Low AdapterSource to turn the ignition key on/offConnect the switch to the Remote control
Time neededApprox. 15 minutesDepends on stock availabilityApprox. 20 minutesAround 30 minutesApprox. 15 minutes
Prior KnowledgeKnowledge of connections multimeter is a mustThe ability to turn on the moduleKnowledge of Junctions and connecting adapters are a mustKnowledge of tapping & proper source detection is a mustKnowledge of various flip switches & grounding is a must.
Comparing Different Methods

(Wondering where is method #6? It’s the simplest way to check the remote turn-on wire)

🤝Here’s What Your Expert Friends At Quora Are Suggesting!

“If you just want to put a switch in place then yeh just join the remote to the power in and the amp will power but will not shut off automatically however if your amp doesn't have a remote connection then the best option would be either to stick with the switch idea or wire in a relay that will automatically switch it off with ignition”

🤠Here’s What Reddit “Lords” Are Suggesting!

“The power antenna wire usually only works with the tuner. Try selecting a tuner on the radio. if that works, you will then need to use the remote on the unit, or use the ignition wire to tune the amp. the amp needs a signal of 12v on the remote wire to turn on.”

(For more references, check out my final words now!)

👨‍🏫Different Ways To Turn Amp On Without Remote Wire: Procedures Explained In Detail

Now, we shall expand the solutions presented in the table above to help you achieve excellent amp sound in no time!

Want a video guide instead? Here's your short clip to get you going!

🚥Method #1: The Turn-on Signal!

It’s the simplest solution, and we have indicated the same in our overview table.

Before connecting the wire to the fuse, remember to use a multimeter to make sure that the signal coming from the fuse receives electricity only while the ignition is switched on.

This connection will be much easier to establish if you use a fuse connector and a 2A to 10A fuse.

📲Method #2: Use The Turn-On Trigger!

Utilize a Remote Turn-on Module Trigger

As the name implies, a turn-on module is a small device that provides a switch-on signal to your amplifier. You can trigger it using any speaker or low-level lead.

When installed, a turn-on module detects the constant voltage on the head unit’s speaker and sends a +12-volt signal to the remote.

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🔌Method #3: Trigger + High/Low Adapter

Another wonderful approach to turning on your amp without a remote wire is to use a high-low adapter with a trigger (also known as a line output converter or LOC for short).

🔥Method #4: You Have The Ignition Key!

Use a source that can be turned on and off using the ignition key.

During a school examination, we always turn to our friends for help if we don’t know the answer to an important question.

Aha! That good old school exams!

Back to our amp problem, it’s better than you know that most radios lack a crucial component, the remote turn-on wire.

So, you should turn to the electrical system of your car to turn on the voltage signal.

Here are a few quick steps to follow, and you will do well:

  • Detect a voltage source that turns on as soon as the ignition is in position.
  • Tap the voltage source.
  • Connect the turn-on wire


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📺Method #5: Pair Remote Control With The Switch

Connect a Switch to a Remote Control

Confused with the name of my method? Here’s what it means:

You have to connect a constant power and ground to a switch and then connect the switch’s output to the amplifier’s remote turn-on.

This allows you to regulate when the amplifier goes on and off manually with the flip of a switch.

But this method has its own cons:

  • You run at a risk of draining your amp’s battery to zero.

This is because the vehicle’s electrical system continues to work as you use this method until you turn off the switch.

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😉How to Check the Remote Turn On Wire [It’s Damn Easy!]

How to Check the Remote Turn On Wire graphic

Here are the steps and key points to ensure the proper functioning of a remote turn-on wire:

  • Start by connecting the positive lead of the multimeter with the positive lead to the end of the wire and the negative lead to a grounding point.
  • There should be no electricity with the ignition turned off.
  • Turn “ON” the ignition and repeat the test. The remote turn-on wire should have 12+ volts.
  • If the multimeter reads 12+ volts on the remote switch on the wire while the ignition is turned off, it’s very certainly linked to steady power.
  • If the remote turn-on wire does not have voltage while the ignition is turned on, there are good chances that it has a bad connection. Not linking to a wire that receives voltage while the ignition is turned on can also cause this issue.

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🙋‍♀️My Final Words on Amp Without Wire Fix!

Finals Words on Amp Fix Graphic

First things first: I’ll keep my promise and share my references for this tutorial here:

Let’s revise the basics again:

A remote wire is a signal wire that is used to switch on and off the automobile amplifier when the stereo is turned on and off. This is a fantastic feature because it would be inconvenient to have to manually turn on your amplifier every time you turned on your car radio.

Most current amplifiers include a remote wire remote connection point, and these must be linked for the amplifier to function properly.

Anyway, I hope this post helps to clear up any misconceptions about remote cable for your car music system. Hopefully, you have succeeded in installing it yourself. 🙂

You fixed your amp and your favorite movie welcomed you again in your couch. But what if you use vizio soundbar which (again) turned off. My troubleshooting cheatsheet is here to the rescue!

Is it necessary to connect the remote wire?


The remote turn-on wire must be linked to a section of the vehicle’s electrical system that is only enabled when the ignition is turned to ON position.

What can I do with the remote wire?

You can do this with a speaker wire. Simply run the remote wire from your other amplifier. Any copper wire will do, regardless of how old or new it is. Simply find some old copper wire and make use of it.

Can I use a speaker wire to switch on the remote?

The remote cable can be made from speaker wires. There’s no biasing of any particular wire to be used for a remote. When utilized as a remote, any copper wire will suffice. Because most speaker cables are comprised of copper metal, they can be used for remote wiring.

How can I turn off the remote control on my amplifier?

remote control

Simply put, the remote wire detects whether the ignition or an accessory is turned on. You can avoid this by just connecting the remote to the main incoming 12V supply. This will turn the unit on indefinitely. If you don’t have another way to isolate it, you’ll have a dead battery.

How can I switch on my amplifier?

The amp requires power from both the remote and power wires, as well as a strong ground, to turn it on. Your amp will not turn on if the remote turn-on wire is not powered.

The remote functions similarly to your finger flipping a switch, with your finger representing battery power and the switch representing a mechanism inside the amplifier.

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