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swing vertigo got awarded by Feedspot

We Are in the Top 20 Headset Blogs On the Web [Awarded by Feedspot]

Now, this came as a form of surprise.

There is no doubt that we were putting day in and day out providing excellent reviews on gaming headsets, Bluetooth headphones, speakers and in-ears, and lots more.

Our motive has always been to help buyers on the web with complete information on the most popular products.

We do it through detailed comparisons, list posts, and single product reviews incorporating customer feedback and expert comments so that no human bias can creep in between.

It has been over 8 months since Swing Vertigo came into being.

And finally, we are in the most respected Feedspot list of Top 20 Headset Blogs In 2021.

The Feedspot founder Anuj personally emailed us congratulating our success:

Swing Vertigo in Feedspot Top 20 Headset Blogs
Swing Vertigo in Feedspot’s Top 20 Headset Blogs

This greatly humbles us.

But the journey to this achievement hasn’t been easy.

The idea of running a blog is not very common in India. And mostly, you get ‘zero’ support from your family and relatives.

(Medical ya Engineering nahi padha toh kya padha!)

Then, there is the challenge of collecting funds to keep the website up and running. And remember, none of the members of the Swing Vertigo Team were working professionals in the beginning.

The idea of blogging struck me as a wild dream.

Back then, we didn’t even know how to write reviews that were helpful to the users. Not even the basic skills of writing.

We all came from traditional English medium backgrounds and are accustomed to writing long generic essays for our curriculum.

Something which falls flat in the real world of blogging.

Myths about SEO crippled our performance in the beginning, and even though to quit.

But with the right mentors, teamwork, and support, we steadily crossed 50 quality review articles on audio devices.

And we are not stopping anytime near.

Thanks, Feedspot, again for acknowledging our work. We have plans for more detailed reviews on sound devices and informative articles for your health, safety, and utility.

Stay Tuned.

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