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13 Things To Do While Listening To Music [#5 Is Lovely😍!]

Music can lower your everyday stress and keep you happy. And that’s why today, we will show you the 13 amazing things to do while listening to music.

And believe it or not, the benefits of music on your body and mind are huge.

Your brain will send happy chemicals, and your everyday boring job will come to life. Let’s begin straightaway with the list:

🤔What To Do While Listening To Music At Home?

Charity begins at home, and so should your musical journey. We spend most of our time behind closed walls nowadays, so how about changing the environment so it doesn’t feel like closed doors again?

I know what you will be thinking next. What household work can be done while listening to your favorite songs?

Well, a lot of them. Here is a quick cheat sheet:

Do you know what Michael Phelps was doing seconds before he dived in for his Rio Olympic medal? The answer will shock you!

🧹#1: Clean Up Your Stress and Dirty Stuff

clean clothes while listening to music
Let music spark your life!

I know many of you pile up your dirty clothes for the weekend. There is nothing shameful about that.

I do that too.

So, every weekend it’s my first job after waking up, switching on the music with some energetic vibes, and then the game is on.

Music with high energy fills me with such immense enthusiasm that I finish my piled-up work in record time.

People like me who are too lazy to do their laundry should always follow the above trick.

This is because:

Upbeat music with your favorite beats lets you forget the type of work you’re doing.

Sometimes, it makes you like the work and fastens the speed with the flowing variations in the song, just like EDM.

Cleaning your messy room or washing dishes and then your favorite Taylor Swift playlist in the background will undoubtedly hype up your mood.

This will help you clean up your mess even faster and prevent you from your mother’s scolding. Before she comes to your room, you’re done with the cleaning.

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Good songs can turn a dull moment into a memorable one while doing household chores.

It is also counted as an enjoyable activity if you do it with your whole family. Everyone has the same taste in music, busy doing dusting, but when their favorite lyrics pop up, they sing it together through their lungs out. This is fun.

What is a better weekend than the one spent with your family doing household chores while listening to your favorite lyrics together?

🍳#2: Cook A Music Feast!

cook tasty dishes while listening to favorite songs
Tasty dish and music, a perfect combo!

And there is a reason for that.

It’s the main job I find at home.

Oh! You know it well, too; otherwise, how could you survive without food?

So, you have your recipe in one hand and your phone in the other. Go on with your favorite Jeremy Zucker playlist on Spotify.

A good cook knows well that good food needs a good amount of time. A bit of music will let you dance your way to a delicious feast!

And if you’re a  lover of slow and classical composing music like me, you can release many burdens.

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It helps get rid of stress hormones. Apart from this, your work is also done simultaneously. You’ll surely enjoy it.

Happy Cooking.

And if your meal is ready, I have my favorite activity lining up to enjoy it for hours:

📔#3: Get Immersed In Your Studies With Lyrics

study smart with lyrics
Let’s concentrate!

Since childhood, I’m had the habit of doing mathematics while listening to my favorite songs. It was my favorite pastime activity at night during high school.

There are a lot of people who enjoy listening to their playlists while studying. It just boosts the energy level and increases the time limit too.

Some people listen to inspirational songs before studying for their competitive exams. It fills them up with an immense amount of enthusiasm.

Here Is A Helpful Advice:

To study, you need to maintain a good amount of concentration too. So, I recommend you try on a light instrumental background, which doesn’t have too many variations.

Do not try any specific songs or change songs frequently. This will distract you from the topic you’re studying. Also, it will remind you of some specific pleasant and unpleasant memories in the flashback. This might also be one of the factors of distraction.

If you love reading books out of passion, switching to novels on your lawn in the evenings with calm music will be nothing short of amazing.

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🎰#4: Play Games The Music Lover Way!

My brother plays FIFA, with high bass music in the background. He enjoys the whole session.

Now, I know what you will say next:

My favorite games don’t have this feature. Only a handful of video games come with background music.

Here is a quick checklist:

Game with best background music google search screenshot
Games with Music!

Here is my advice:

The type of music that will help you tackle the game’s challenges should be energetic and exciting. It gives you the whole vibe to ace your game throughout.

😪#5: Have A Sweet Sleep!

get sound sleep with relaxing music
Get Set, Sleep!

Some people find it disturbing, but it’s not a paradox either. It’s great for the relaxation of the mind and heart during a daytime nap, especially.

It rejuvenates your soul, slows down your heart rate, and lowers your blood pressure.

You can try music with a soft tone that induces sleep rather than one with heavy tracks. It even makes your muscles relax.

But I can listen to white noise too. That also helps, right?

If you think the same, I have a surprise for you. Music listening has far more health benefits than white noise.

Napping is known to be the best part of daytime activity. It helps you to refresh and get back to your ongoing work. And studies have shown this too:

health benefits of napping google search screenshot
Sleeping Benefits!

So, to make it even more refreshing, let’s grab some amazing slow-motion music that goes with it.

Happy Napping.

🎯#6: Weekends, Board Games, And Your Favorite Lyrics On The Way!

Sundays spent with family and friends sound so loving. There are several ways to spend time with your family.

I recommend you try board games, this time with your parent’s favorite classical music in the background.

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Music is the best companion to have fun with. Take, for example, monopoly, Ludo, chess, or scrabble.

I always loved to play Ludo with my mother; she is so good at it that nobody wins in front of her.

When I was small, she used to listen to Munni Begum’s ghazal on the radio, which usually played between 10-12 pm. That used to be her best time throughout her day’s commitments.

I always wonder:

How to listen to classical music the way my mother does.

What is there to be mesmerized about in ghazals or instrumental music like she used to be?

The way she smiles while cutting veggies for lunch felt like she remembers her favorite pastime moments listening to Munni begum, Farida Khanum, and many more.

Words are the best to play with, I have started with the board games and family times, and here I am discussing my mother’s favorite playlist.

⛹️‍♂️#7: Home Workouts With Energy-Filled Music!

exercise at home with upbeat songs
Let’s exercise in full swing!

This pandemic has made us more and more self-reliant in some way or another. Apart from having a bad impact throughout, it leaves a good impact too.

Gym freaks found ways to work out at home instead. This is how we get to adjust to ongoing situations.

But, to be consistent with the daily workout might be exhausting, especially if you aren’t following a normal day’s routine.

This is quite difficult to maintain at home, but it is the best choice with music that hypes you well. It strengthens you and motivates you to work harder for a longer period.

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Music increases your stamina and mood and inspires you to exercise longer. It can unlock your inner gym potential as you had before the pandemic.

Most people do Zumba while listening to their favorite high-beat energetic songs. It is a requirement for Zumba, though.

 The power of good jazz songs turns Zumba from a tiring dancing activity into a memorable one.

My advice would be:

Always use wireless headphones for music listening while working out at home. This will avoid uncertain accidents and inconveniences.

🌆Outdoor Activities To Do While Listening To Music!

what outdoor activities can be done best with music
Make music your outdoor partner!

Everyday outdoor activities can be more refreshing than ever with the power of music!

But what to do while listening to music despite all the restrictions?

Here is the complete list:

🧑‍🌾#8: Water The Plants And Quench Your Music-Thirsty Soul!

Plants with soulful music, a perfect combination.

Old classical songs soothe differently and are best suited for an environment like this.

Beautiful Sunday mornings, cool breeze flowing sideways, making your hair strands twirl up with each other.

Mix this environment with the type of your favorite music that gets you with the sounds of nature. It will take you to another world as if you’re living in the countryside.

Excellent ingredients to boost your mental health like anything.

Spending time with such greenery around and the soulful sound in the background has immense health benefits and is an ultimate form of stress-releasing factor from your day-to-day busy schedules.

Here is the proof:

can gardening reduce stress google search screenshot
Forget Stress!

🏢#9: Time For A Musical Office!

reduce work related stress with your favorite lyrics
Work on Lyrics!

Every time I sit to write the review, my fingers first itch over to my favorite playlist as I open my laptop.

It is like an involuntary response in my body whenever I’m busy doing anything. It makes me enjoy my work as well as increases my productivity consecutively.

Furthermore, it positively influences your work environment, combining pleasure with duty and giving you pure satisfaction.

Let me share my personal experience here:

This usually happens when I miss the deadline and haven’t completed half of my content. So, I take a deep breath, play my classical Ghazals (a traditional form of poetry in Urdu or Persian, usually set in the form of music) from Farida Khanum on Spotify, and the game is on.

Listening to your favorite podcasts while in the middle of a stressed-out office, work has many psychological benefits.

I complete my content within a few hours.

Maybe I am in the middle of this situation right now!!!!…..

You can find several playlists on YouTube to listen to at work.

🏃‍♂️#10: Make Music Your Walking Partner!

Researchers have found that listening to music while walking increases your pace by about 28% than usual.

Walking is the most basic form of activity you can do every morning in terms of exercise. You can also take your dogs to maintain physical activity for both of you.

So, mix walking with music in your daily life to be a better pet owner!

Music has been a boon for runners and athletes too. It improves their mood and motivates them to work hard. Athletes practicing in different sports and looking forward to the Olympics also use music as a source of inspiration.

Washington Post on Olympians with music love
Olympians with Music!

Pro Tip: Music with a high beat, like Jazz or EDM, might help you to increase your pace, length, speed, and stride as well.

🚘#11: Long Drive With The Lyrics On!

listen to playlists on your next long drive
Long Musical Drive!

A long drive with your close friends and family can set the mood in this monsoon season.

Listening to Bollywood songs while your loved one sits beside you with clouds all over the sky adds a reminiscing moment to capture forever.

The choice of music depends upon your taste, so;

Here Is My Free Device:

Do not listen to music at too high volumes, because this way, you cannot concentrate on the road and might fall into accidents.

So, keep in mind “prevention is better than cure.” However, you can listen to slow and relaxing music.

📻#12: Cut The Wait With Songs In The Air!

You might have faced this situation before when you had to wait for a while or sometimes for hours.

It usually happens when waiting for a train, subway, bus, or doctor’s appointment.

Standing in a bank queue might be exhausting, but you forgot you have your best friend:

Yes, I am talking about music. Situations like this always create stress and tension, but appropriate music can make a slight difference.

Music is that loyal friend who will stand by you step by step, no matter what. You can’t be betrayed by it at any cost. A chill-out background is a perfect solution to upgrade your mood.

🕺#13: Dance On The Beats!

dance on upbeat tunes
Let’s get dancing!

What could be a better duo than music and dance together?

Dance and music will surely lift your mood no matter what happens: ups or downs.

Here, I would like to quote Cristina Yang:

“I can’t go. We have to dance it out. That’s how we finish.”

Although, a person with mood swings should always try this. Moving your body following the rhythm of music makes you feel alive.

😏Here Are Some Bonus Things To Do While Listening To Music!

Well, you stuck with me for so long, so I have 3 bonus activities to enjoy with your favorite playlist.

Here you go:

🖼️Bonus #1: Flaunt Your Art With The Melody Magic!

Blasting your favorite playlist during art sessions is not a bad idea at all. Instead, it refreshes your brain; the more relaxed the brain is, the faster it works.

Creativity is a brainy activity, though. It is a kind of bread and butter for an artist. They always have to develop new ideas to perform their art piece.

does music improve art google search screenshot
Art Loves Music!

For that, surely, they need their mind and heart to be calm and serene from worldly delusions.

I think an artist should always prefer a happy kind of music as science has found that happy notes tend to produce more innovative ideas, ones for that matter.

🧘‍♀️Bonus #2: Meditate With Music!

Music is the best companion while doing Yoga and meditation. You need to choose the best type of background that improves your physiological balance.

While meditation improves your quality of life, the music in the background is the plus point. Always use a smooth and gentle musical background while meditating; it doesn’t distract you.

Most people practice it by listening to a Hindu mantra so serene that it purifies your mind and soul comparatively.

You can also try aesthetic music but avoid using western pop or DJ songs with high beats. This will irritate you instead of making you calm.

🧑‍💻Bonus #3: Surf The Net On Lyrical Wave!

Browsing the internet is one of the most widely practiced activities. We spend much of our time surfing it:

time spent on internet google search screenshot
Internet Usage Stats

Researchers have added it as an addiction too. But mind you, addictions can be good or bad, depending on your sense of using them.

Putting on your headphones, scrolling through your Instagram feeds, and listening to your favorite album from Spotify is the best bedtime activity teenagers follow these days.

You can use the Kindle and listen to music as well.

Many music-addicted people surf the internet to discover the best type of music while listening to another type already on their headphones. They call themselves “Musicholics“ which is an informal word in our dictionary.

Being a music freak is quite good.

👍It’s Your Turn

final take on things to do with music listening
what’s your take?

Here ends my list of 13 amazing things to do when listening to indoor and outdoor music.

Now, I will head over to you.

Which activity will you choose first? Is it cooking while listening to your fav playlists, or yoga on calming songs will be your new routine?

Tell me in the comments below right now.

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