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Bengoo G9000 Review: Best Headset For Starters [2023]

In today’s post, I will reveal all the relevant specs in Bengoo G9000 Review to get the best value for your money.

This is because a decent gaming headset is needed to win at competitive gaming but finding your ideal choice within your budget is never easy.

So without any further ado, let’s look at the key features of the Bengoo G9000 headsets:

🚀In A Rush? Here Is A Quick Overview of The Bengoo G9000 Review In 2023!

Top Pick

BENGOO G9000 Review

Bengoo G9000 Wired PC Gaming Headset

  • You get an amazing isolated sound for your dedicated gameplay and also for your favorite videos and party voice channels.
  • You can easily adjust the headband so that it fits into your head size easily while being comfortable and durable at the same time.
  • Play on multiple gaming platforms, including PC, Nintendo, New Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PSP, iPad, Tablet, Computer, and even smartphones with one single headset.
  • You get a precise Omnidirectional noise-isolating microphone to hear your voices clearly in team games.
  • The clear audio which you get can also be used for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and other programs for effective online meetings.
  • But if you are looking for more subdued bass in in-game audio, this wired Bengoo headset is not for you.

Bengoo offers an affordable wired headset below $50 with amazing punchy bass and smart inline volume controls. It well serves your purpose during online meetings and while you take up calls through its noise-canceling mic, which is also a cause of concern as it echoes your sound.

🥷🏻Where Does G9000 Bengoo Stand In Competition?

Bengoo Headphones Compared
Bengoo Headphones Compared

FeaturesBengoo G9000Bengoo V4Bengoo G9200Bengoo G9600Bengoo 9500 Pro
Special FeatureMicrophone FeatureMicrophone FeatureNoise CancellationLightweightSound Isolation
Driver(s)40mm50mm30mm+40mm per earmuff40mm50mm
Surround Sound3D Surround3D Surround(4 drivers) 3D Surround3D Surround3D Surround
Adjustable HeadbandYesYesCylindrical HeadbandYesYes
Adjustable Microphone120°120°/soft mic720° /soft mic120°720°/soft mic
Audio Jack3.5mm3.5mm3.5mm3.5mm3.5mm
CompatibilityPS4, PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Mac, Nintendo SwitchPS4, PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Mac, Nintendo SwitchPS4, PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Mac, Nintendo SwitchPS4, PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Mac, Nintendo SwitchPS4, PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Mac, Nintendo Switch
LED LightYesYesFlowing RGB LightYesYes
Price DetailsCheck PriceCheck Price Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Just To Remind You…

This is just a brief overview of the Bengoo wired headset for those who don’t have time or want a bird’s eye view of our review first up. For a detailed guide covering all features, pros, and cons, continue reading below…

This wired gaming headset (Bengoo G9000 ) is specially made for PS4, Xbox, and PC and provides everything a gamer needs in a gaming headphone for incessant gaming.

This perplexing headset is the perfect headphone for buying for various reasons.

So without any further wasting any more time, let’s see the key features mentioned below:

🤩What Makes Bengoo G9000 The Best Affordable Stereo Headset?


Here are the features you need to consider:

😳Intriguing Design To Leave You Speechless!

Apart from all the mechanized interior, which makes it already go-to-buy worth it.

Its astounding print and the vibrant LED lights are just like the icing on the cake, making it charismatic looking and keeping all the people’s eyes on that fancy-looking headset.

The variety of colors and prints is very vast in terms of design. This headphone provides you with a great collection of colors: blue, purple, goldish–yellow, red, and purple.

As far as the prints are concerned, the variety is quite limited but doesn’t fail to impress anyone. There are only two prints available for now; the two prints are :

  • The soldier-printed ones have a kind of rustic and have a muddy light brown background with a green-colored pattern on them, but the color of the LED is dark blue, which is the perfect color combination for us. This print would be perfect for boys ( not being racist ).

  • The other one has a girly touch to it. It has a matte-looking purple–pinkish color to it. The headset is of purple – pinkish color and has a glossy–matte effect to it. This headphone has shiny purple LED lights that also glow in the dark, which adds to the favor of this headset. Seeing all the points mentioned above, this headset is more suitable for girls ( again, not being a racist ).

  • These might look expensive with such a well-built interior and exterior, but they are both cheap and affordable. These have all the functions and even an in-built LED system at a very affordable price. The costs change depending on the color of the headset, but the maximum cost of this headphone is 30 dollars.

(Don’t Know How To Turn On LED Lights IN Bengoo G9000? Continue Reading Below!)

🎶Amazing Sound Output and Volume Control

G9000 Sound Quality
G9000 Sound Quality

Apart from all the features mentioned above, this is the feature that sounds out the most in this Bengoo G9000 headset.

It offers a top-notch and shocking sound when you are gaming, this helps you to find the enemy before they find you; you can also hear the gunshots and the footfall of the footsteps very precisely and clearly.

This headset comes with a control box that includes a one-key mute and a volume wheel that prudently adjusts the volume and the mic while playing video games. This headset as mentioned, is perfect for all platforms like :

Call of duty, World of Warcraft Legion, Halo5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Overwatch, etc.

(Everything In This World Is Not Perfect, Including THIS Bengoo G9000. Want To Know The Pros And Cons? Keep Reading This Article To Get The True Picture Soon!)

😌Best Comfort For Long Gaming Sessions!

G9000 Comfort
G9000 Comfort

Most gamers out there know how addicting a game can be and can last for hours, but sometimes it may cause damage to the ears when not choose the right headset, but this is what this bengoo headset provides.

It has really cozy and comfortable ear pads, which are as soft as feathers and lightweight; it also provides excellent air permeability in other words, your earpads are breathable.

This feature accords you with a skin-friendly leather medium so that you can use this without hesitation. Bengoo G9000 was made with engineering specifications that prevent hearing impairment and heat sweat.

😪More On The Comfort Aspect:

The main plan of attack while making this headphone was to make it comfortable so that it can be convenient for the users to use for long hours without any aches and pains.

The adjustable headband feature is the first feature that makes it suitable for all head sizes. You can adjust the headband according to your convenience and head size.

It has a lightweight material and will fit completely on your head. what’s more is the metal frame which is strong and durable enough to last for several sessions, which may help you to save some income.

The second comfy feature of this headphone is the soft padded head beam which permits you to enjoy your favorite games or shows without even noticing that you are wearing a headset.

💯Say No To Noise and Yes To Your High Scores!

G9000 Noise Cancellation
G9000 Noise Cancellation

This headset is concatenated with an Omnidirectional microphone that can transmit high-quality sound, making your game more riveting. Thereby, you can fully experience the feeling of virtual gaming.

For the best game experience, noise cancellation is an important feature which is exactly what this headset provides.

Due to its noise isolation feature, you’ll be able to pick up even the most sensitive sounds.

The plus point of this headset is that it allows you to pick up or deliver any message while you are in a game.

The microphone is long and adjustable so that you can adjust the angle of your mic. The microphone is so flexible that you can adjust it to 120 degrees.

🎮Play At Multiple Gaming Platforms As And When You Like!

G9000 Compatibility
G9000 Compatibility

This bony-looking headset provides you with a wide range of compatibility.

That means that this headset supports, Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad, PC, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, Laptops, and PSP.

 As a result of which, you can use these headsets anytime, anywhere, and on any platform within your comfort zone without any hassle.

This humanized headset is an excellent value for money, as it has great built-in mechanized interior features and an alluring-looking design. Which makes it worth it for the price.

♟️Bengoo G9000 Review: Why Bengoo G9000 Has An Edge Over Its Competitors?

🌟Bengoo G9000 Review X-Factors🌟

  • Wide Compatibility:

    It has high compatibility as it can work with 64 –bit and 32 –bit XP/Win 10/Win 8.1/Win 8/Win 7.
  • Designed With Care:

    It is practically designed with a breathable cushion head beam for a lightweight feel. It is practically strong yet keeps you comfortable
  • Assemble With Ease:

    It is easy to assemble as all you have to do is plug and play. Plug and play system ensures more stability of the sound
  • Great Comfort For Hours:

    It has a delicate and comfy touch with a soft feathery texture that has an elegant appearance.

    The materials used to make the ear muffs are totally skin friendly and made with new second-generation materials, which are suitable for longer wear.

  • Get Dazzled With Lights:

    Luminous LED lights add to this headset’s beautification and highlight your game (you can use USB confederate for power supply to LED lights).

🟢Here Are The Pros And Cons OF Bengoo G9000 Stereo Headsets!

G9000 Pros and Cons
G9000 Pros and Cons

Do we know that G9000 is affordable but are its features and specs worth it?

Bengoo G9000 Wired Headset

BENGOO G9000 Review


  • Super comfortable, can we wore for long hours without the uncomfortable sensation.
  • Noise isolated headphone, which has shocking bass sound for precise playing in your game.
  • It has a flexible microphone that can be adjusted up to 120 degrees.
  • It has a great quality material cable that is 6’ long.
  • It comes in various colors and patterns, making it look exceptional apart from all the other gaming headphones.
  • It’s cheap and affordable. It’s cheap, but it has all the qualities which the 100-dollar ones would have.


  • Sometimes the USB plug for lights dangles when using Xbox or mobile devices.
  • Things like a Microsoft adapter and 1- 2.5 mm jack splitter cable will not be included with the Bengoo G9000 set.
  • It is not wireless and is wired. Wired headphones are not uncommon, but they can create a little mess, as wires get tangled up easily.
  • The mic is not detachable.

🧑🏻‍🏫Some Points To Note While Using Bengoo Wired Headsets

Points To Note To Use Bengoo Headsets
Points To Note To Use Bengoo Headsets

  • You’ll need an extra Microsoft adapter when you need to connect with your older version of the Xbox One controller. This Microsoft adapter will not be included with the headset.  You will need to buy it separately.
  • ·When you want to connect the headphones to a PC and want to use headphones and a microphone at the same time, a 1- 2.5mm jack splitter cable will be needed, which will not be included with the headphone. This means that you will need to buy it separately.
  • The USB confederate is only used to supply power to the LED lights that highlight the game’s atmosphere.

Great Sound Within Your Budget!

You get an amazing audio output with stellar noise isolation, all under $50. Its cool design and lighting features set it apart from the rest.

👇🏻All Questions Relating Bengoo G9000 Review Answered!

G9000 FAQs
G9000 FAQs

The entire body falls when there is confusion between the left and right leg.

Knowing the answers to the questions is better than not knowing the answers at all; that is why we have our FAQs section, where we answer the most asked question by people to clarify their doubts and help them understand in a better way.

So without confusing you anymore, here are our FAQs section with genuine answers :

Is Bengoo Headset good?

Is G9000 Good

These headphones are exceptionally good and comfortable.

For people who want a durable and affordable headset, we would recommend this headset for them.

How to turn on the lights of the Bengoo G9000 headset?

G9000 Lights Up

It’s easy:

All you need to do is you have to connect the USB plug to the USB port of your device, and you are done.

Why The Microphone Of Bengoo G9000 Is Not Working?

G9000 Mic Not Working

There can be various reasons for the microphone not to work.

Before doing anything, you must first read the manual given with the headsets you might see at the end of the manual about troubleshooting, where it is explained what you must do to keep your microphone working.

Does Bengoo’s headset light Up?

G9000 Lights

Yes, they do light up.

Is Bengoo Headset Costly?

G9000 Costly

Well, the Bengoo headset is not at all costly it’s, in fact, cheap and affordable.

The cost depends on the color you choose; the maximum cost of the orange-colored one is 42 dollars, so they are not expensive.

Here ends our review of the Bengoo wired headset.

Now, I head over to you.

Did you like the affordable G9000 with great sound and comfort?

Or you prefer some other headset within the same price range?

Do Tell Me In The Comments Below.

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