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Can You Bring Speakers on A Plane? [Expert Answer in 2023!]

Can you bring speakers on a plane? The whole of Twitter is enraged with this, let alone the numerous searches.

Well, for my readers, here’s the truth:

If you want to catch a plane and carry a Bluetooth speaker, you should check the guidelines to ensure you don’t have to face any trouble while going through a security check. But with the guidelines by TSA regarding speakers being a little complicated, one can be quickly confused about whether the model you want to carry will be allowed or not.

So, to know if the Bluetooth speaker you wish to carry on your flight is allowed by the TSA or not, read on because we have prepared this guide just for you to clear your doubts.

🤔Are All Bluetooth Speakers Allowed on Airplanes? [There’s a Confusion!] 

Airplane guidelines for speakers

As per the rules of TSA, portable speakers are allowed on both carry-on and checked luggage as long as they are not too big.

However, the restrictions differ for speakers with removable batteries. Removable lithium-ion batteries must be carried on rather than checked. Additionally, airline certification is required for units larger than 100 Wh. Only two bigger ones are permitted per person and must be for personal use.

There are hazards associated with carrying lithium-ion electronics during air travel, mainly related to fire safety. Why? There have been instances where lithium-ion-powered electronics have burst into flames. 


The Federal Aviation Administration recorded at least 18 accidents involving lithium-ion battery packs on flights and in airports in 2017, up from 31 in 2016. In comparison, there were 16 instances in 2015, nine in 2014, and eight in 2013.

Airline safety was in the spotlight in 2016 after the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone was recalled due to fire danger concerns. Following that, the FAA prohibited phones from being used on commercial airplanes.

Though the chances of any one item igniting are tiny, such incidents are currently occurring on a flight somewhere in the United States once every 10 or 11 days. The distinct features of airplane fires provide significant issues for flight attendants and air travel in general.

Lithium fires are hazardous because they can release poisonous by-products when ignited and tend to flare again long after they appear to be extinguished.

Can We Carry Bluetooth Speakers on International Flights? [The Truth!]

Speakers on International flights?

For portable Bluetooth speakers and other electronics with non-removable and rechargeable batteries, the TSA has strong guidelines advising against placing such electronics with check-in luggage.

For electronics with a removable lithium-ion battery, if you’re carrying a spare battery, you absolutely must not place that spare battery in your check-in luggage. Rather carry it as a part of your carry-on luggage.

Below is a comparison of a few popular airlines in terms of their battery-carrying capacity per person:

AirlineCarry-On allowed?Check-In allowed?Battery Capacity LimitNumber of batteries allowed
Alaska AirYesYes, but only those installed in the equipment100 WhUp to 20
Air Canada

YesNo160 WhUp to 15 for 100 Wh batteries, maximum 2 for batteries above 100 Wh 
Southwest AirlinesYesNo160 WhUp to 15 for 100 Wh batteries, maximum 2 for batteries above 100 Wh 
British AirwaysYesNo160 WhUp to 15 for 100 Wh batteries, maximum 2 for batteries above 100 Wh 
Emirates AirlinesYesNo160 WhUp to 15 for 100 Wh batteries, maximum 2 for batteries above 100 Wh 

💼Can I Carry Speakers in Check-In Luggage? [Here’s Why You Shouldn’t!] 

Speaks in luggage

As we stated earlier, airlines are never enthusiastic about passengers wanting to bring lithium-ion-powered electronic devices in check-in luggage. Since lithium-ion batteries power most speakers, the TSA would prefer if you bought it as a carry-on.

Since most airlines completely restrict keeping lithium-ion-based equipment in check-in luggage, we recommend that you carry a smaller one to travel with as a carry-on item easily. 

Twitter users have noted a concerning trend surrounding the disappearance of Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers appear missing from checked luggage while traveling on all major airlines in the United States.

Passenger belongings are valuable and can be stolen from your suitcase by dishonest baggage handlers.

Airlines are not liable to compensate customers for missing items, so it is highly advised not to pack expensive speakers and other expensive personal items in your check-in luggage and keep such items in your carry-on baggage.

🔋I Want to Carry Big Speakers/Large-Sized Spare Batteries. What Should I Do?

Big speakers on an plane

However, suppose for any reason you must bring large speakers, power banks, or lithium-ion batteries bigger than 100 Wh on the flight. In that case, you must ensure that the size of the item that you want to carry meets the dimension requirements of the particular airline you’re traveling with.

You should then be able to place your items under the seat in front of you or the overhead luggage bin once you’re seated. You should not use the speakers throughout the flight as it will interfere with the pilot’s communications!

As for batteries, batteries larger than 100 Wh come under large batteries. Most airlines allow a maximum of 160 Wh batteries to be carried as a part of your carry-on luggage, with two usually being the maximum number of batteries an individual can carry.

The Ultimate Checklist on Carrying Bluetooth Speakers on an Airplane [As per Officials!]

Ultimate speaker checklist

So far, from this article, you have gathered the following:

  • Airport security allows Bluetooth speakers on planes, but they must be kept with carry-on luggage as there is a risk of explosion with lithium-ion batteries installed in these speakers.
  • If, for any reason, a Bluetooth speaker or any other electronic device with a lithium-ion battery installed has to be kept in check-in luggage and not carry-on bags, you must turn it off. Cell phones and tablets are examples.
  • It would be best if you did not store spare lithium-ion batteries in the check-in luggage and kept such items with carry-on baggage.
  • A maximum of 160 Wh battery capacity limit is allowed by most flights, with two usually being the maximum number of batteries allowed to be carried by an individual as a part of their carry-on luggage.
  • If a passenger wants to carry large speakers, they must check with the dimension regulations of the specific airline and shall only be allowed to keep the speaker in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of them. 

My Advice

So basically, if I were to carry a set of large wireless speakers on a plane, I’ll make sure to check the policy and regulations of the airline that I board. Next, I will ensure that the speaker’s battery capacity and dimensions meet the rules and regulations.

It will probably be the best choice not to carry a spare Lithium battery, but if I have to, I will board an airline that allows it and ensure that the number of spare batteries I carry is under the limit. That’s all you need to know and do to have a problem-free experience while traveling with speakers.

💡Can You Bring Speakers On A Plane FAQs 

Can I play portable speakers on the plane?

Passengers are not allowed to play speakers on the plane, as they may interfere with the pilot’s communications and cause inconvenience to the other passengers in general.

Can I charge my Bluetooth speaker during the flight?

Again, Bluetooth signals interfere with the radio communications of the flight, so you are not allowed to charge your Bluetooth speaker during the flight. However, your particular flight may offer a specialized electronic charging facility. You can ask the staff for assistance regarding this during the flight.

Can you take a subwoofer on a plane?

Yes, subwoofers are allowed on planes. Just make sure to check with your airline’s dimension requirements.

Are soundbars allowed on flights?

Like subwoofers, soundbars do not pose any risk and are therefore approved by the TSA. You can carry them in luggage as long as they meet the dimension requirements of the airline.

Will airlines compensate me if my speakers get damaged during the flight?

Airlines usually do not compensate the passengers in any way, shape, or form for damage to Bluetooth speakers, as they do not come under insured items. 

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